Low Thia Khiang the new Zhuge Liang 诸葛亮

The Palmer Affair has slowly subsided with no politicians being ended up on the wrong side of the stick. Nobody got sued. When it blew up, there was a lot of temptation for the opposition parties to strike while the iron is hot and went on a lashing exercise to extract the same damage from the PAP as it demanded of WP during the Yaw Shin Leong Affair. The temptation was great and it took great of restraint for any opposition politician not to push the dagger a bit deeper and give it a little twist.

What happened was like a non event. The party that was expected to be up in arms, the WP, took a very low profile. There was a kind of discipline imposed. Other Low Thia Khiang, the rest was as mum as the PAP side. And Low’s comment, which could be eagerly awaited and could drag him into a heated tit for tat open war on who was dirtier, was greeted with great relief, perhaps a little disappointment for those who have sharpened their knives for full combat.

Instead of more dirt being dug out for display, instead of more heated accusations and defending, nothing of that sort happened. There was a little praise coming from Low which gave no one any chance to rebut or to tear him and his party down. The WP did not go down as another unforgiving and vicious party. It was like a gentleman party, like Low Thia Khiang. Hey, everyone is nodding that that was a coup de grace, putting himself and his party above the mud. Great strategic thinking at work.

And the rest of the opposition parties took the cue and all refrained from stirring up more shit to embarrass and to draw flakes to themselves. Our political temperature and climate seem to have improved, with great humility, graciousness and generosity. Hope this will be reciprocated in the by election and the next GE, as the new norm of decency. It bodes well for all. Low Thia Khiang and his party deserve a praise. I think it must be hard on him for now bowing to pressure from his members to do the fifteen when others did the first. 人作初一我作十五。


oldhorse42 said...

The teochew ah hia did behave in a decent and commendable manner and have some nice words to say about the former speaker being fair and balanced.His speech on this sorry episode must have shamed those wearing whites but behave with black hearts.
But that did not make him a Zhuge Liang who was known to be a tactician and military stategist.
I recommend that you watch the movie Red Cliff to see Zhuge Liang in action.

Anonymous said...

I think it is to make way to showcase Lee grandson in the near future. They are probably thinking of merging the SMC into one of PAP GRCs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh seen it. That was one of the high points of Zhuge Liang's exploits, tying Cao Cao's ships together to be burnt by borrowing the east wind.

Anonymous said...

It is true that most of us want to see action from opposition. But on hind sight, perhaps it is the correct way to mention the case as it happened without the need to push blame on any party. This will make PAP look very bad over how they handled the WP case. The difference in graciousness in apparent. PAP - 0 WP - 1. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Who knows next time WP may merge into PAP and become the Dream Party.

SG Girl said...

万事具倍,只欠东风。那就借东风! Correct?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The PAP always make the mistake of thinking that they will win by striking first when commenting on the Yaw affair. Little did they know that those comments will come back to haunt them. Where is holy cow now? The Chinese have this saying: 'big dick gagging one's mouth', for those who talk too early and too much.

Anonymous said...

It's 诸葛亮 not 朱葛亮

SG Girl said...

我是从tvb drama 学的。:) 不晓得历史是否真有此事。那些看过三国演议 的能否在此解释?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi SG Girl, you are good. Can remember every word in the movie.

And anon 6:04, thanks for the correction.

agongkia said...

No one here stay with Zhuge Liang in those days so no one can actually compare himself to those in history.I will have no objection if you compare one to the present Zhu Ge Laing(Tee Ko Liang)of Tsoying Taiwan.

Many reason to stay mum.As for me,it doesn't paint a good picture of myself to condemn others even I may say that those committing adultery should be put in a pig cage and drown.
And I may even praise the pair.....becos,shh....it had or could happen to me one day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Low Thia Khiang kuai. The noble one. Not only he is noble, he is darn smart. He is also very kind and care for the poor. We also same dialect.

He don't anyhow talk. Dont need talk anything better.

Just wait for your time and people will choose you.

Wait till Kingdom come.

Anonymous said...

Tide brings forth the waves,
they have reached our shore.
The Easterly wind will kiss us all.
Living will change when regime falls.


Dongfeng(Easterly Gale) is on the way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

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