Low corruption rate doesn’t mean no corruption

Just like Wong Kan Seng said about low crime rate doesn’t mean no crime, low corruption rate does not mean there is no corruption. According to the stats, of all the cases investigated by CPIB, only 7.5% involved civil servants. And of the 135 cases charged last year, only 6 were from the public service. The numbers look quite healthy for a city that is famed for being corruption free. The few high profile cases recently do not tarnish the good reputation of the public service.

The problem of corruption is prevalent in many other countries and how to deal with them is first to recognize the problem. Countries that don’t recognize that there is a problem will have no corruption problem to deal with in the first place. Some are true and some are fiction, or corruption being disguised in various forms.

China is getting very serious in this business, recognizing that it is a serious problem and has to be dealt with urgently and with the full might of the state machinery. Vice Premier Wang Qishan has been tasked to clean up corruption, the most senior minister in the new leadership appointed for the task. Many cases were revealed publicly. The most startling change is to allow the media/blogs to publish cases of corruption that have not been proven. Luo Changping, the deputy MD of a news magazine Caijing, famed for publishing corruption in high places, received a call by the police that they will protect him. His publication of such cases used to be censored immediately and be visited by the security officers. Now his publication could remain untouched for months.

Wang Qishan also urged other officials to read the French Revolution written by Alexis de Tocqueville. The 19th Century French Revolution led many aristocrats to the guillotine, not much different from the Communist Revolution in China in 1949. Wang Qishan’s message was clear, ‘The biggest failing of the old regime was the corruption of the rulers.’ Said Dr Gao Yi, a history professor at Peking University.

The corruption problem in China is huge and pervasive and would take more than one man and a few years to eradicate. They know they have a serious problem that could lead to regime change.


Anonymous said...

s'pore's worst corruption is the big big corruption right at the top where they make it legal.

Anonymous said...

More asset sales!
Six floors in AA Centre for sale.


Anonymous said...

Hhmm..wearing white clothing might help...what say you?

Anonymous said...

Eradication of corruption?

Possible only whence Earth is devoid of human species.

Corruption is part and norm of human traits, question is how bad and wide it is prevailing.
Corrupt Regimes normally do not last long in history, most were removed within one or less than one generation.

Any corrupt regime that survive any longer is not a miracle, it only means corruption is rampant and well practised by most people, hence it becomes acceptable and treated as norm in living.

Corruption must not be understood as misdeeds committed within the territorial boundaries. Like immigration, corruption is an international enterprise; money laundering, providing safe havens for foregn culprits and their loots. Allowing corrupted political leaders and ex political leaders and their family members to domicile and be protected from legal action from the authority of their homelands are big time corruptions. This may not necessarily hurt the interests ot the localsin the short term. However, ultimately it will.

There is no doubt that corrupted regime will never last more than two generations in the present and future era. Most ended up overthrown and killed except the lucky Marcos, Estrada and Suharto.

Anonymous said...

Where got corruption in paradise? It is all legal and transparent. If it were not legalised, would upgrading of HDB flats for votes not be corruption? Would making use of residents' money by Town Councils for investments not breach of trust? Would the sale of software system developed by Town Councils using resident's money to a $2 company set up by ex-PAP membes not breach of trust, cronyism and corruption?

Anonymous said...

THey can just change the constitution to make the corruption legal affairs. What can people say or do? They have the mandate.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Corruption" is a result of absolute power, within a specific sphere of influence. "Accountability" or "transparency" are no panacea either. Corruption goes on despite transparency and accountability being in place.

Trying to rid the world of corruption is impossible, as it is trying to rid the state and its government of corruption. Any agency with absolute power can do anything it pleases, including, but not limited to DESTRUCTION, CONFISCATION, EXTORTION, MURDER, and social engineering.

oldbread said...

I see what you did there lol

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see some dumb articles depicting that Singapore has low corruption, it always sounded so silly. If you have the father, husband, wife, family members etc controlling the country reserves, one does not call that LOW corruption. One should call that Unidentified form of corruption.

Anonymous said...

"Trying to rid the world of corruption is impossible" - I agree but having more alternative parties to form the mandate will help to reduce the extent of corruption.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 949

>> but having more alternative parties to form the mandate will help to reduce the extent of corruption.

You love to believe in your own bullshit, don't you?

OTOH, Who can blame you?

'Tis the season to believe in nonsense..i.e. Christ-Myth. (The fable about the baby jesus popping out of his virgin mum's cunt...and people actually believe this shit to the point they declared holidays to celebrate).

Add to that the "existence" of a fat prick dressed in red, flying all over the place in a reindeer sleigh, giving kids presents by climbing his fat arse up and down chimneys in the middle of the night...

...and then you tell me that voting in more politicians, albeit from "alternative parties" (whatever the fuck that means) is going to REDUCE corruption?

I think you just made baby jesus shit his diaper ;-)

Anonymous said...

Where got corruption in Sinkieland? It's all in th familee!

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