How safe are our women folks?

The horrific rape and the death of a medical student in India must be an eye opener to the people here, and also the authority for the risk it is taking with our women folks. Foreign workers, not only from India, but from other third world countries are simply country folks that are basically hungry and a bit wild with their basic instinct.

We have half a million of them here or there about. Many are living in very close proximity with our women folks, our oldies and children. While our men folks are away, working, many of these shift workers are hanging around in the void decks and corridors of HDB and even condos, with too much time in hand and nothing to do.

Like it or not, these are hungry men, and their basic instinct and sexual desire are often unsatisfied. Their roving hearts, roving eyes can easily be aroused and who knows what they could do. When the men folks are not around, the women folks are easy victims to such hungry men.

How safe are our women folks in the midst of these foreign workers? Are we playing with fire, taking for granted that nothing will go wrong, that in our home ground, we are safe. The foreign maids and Geylang could take off some pressure for the moment. But it would never be able to remove all the built up pressure and lust that need to be released. And all it needs is a moment of folly, a moment of animal lust and some people’s life will be in ruin.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..... Please do consider the caste of the attacker.

Anonymous said...

Very safe, for the moment.

But if you vote in more nutheads who will clamour for abolition of the Death Penalty, what can you expect ?

agongkia said...

Rape cases are common everywhere. Its whether the case is reported or not.
This oversea medical student case should not cause alarm as it is brought up to tell Sinkies that staying here is safer than anywhere else and also to distract the attention of our talent sinkie habitual sleeping with others wife.
Do not think that those from our so think 3rd world countrymen are bad.
I am not so worry about local woman being molested or rape.
I am more concern on our many lonely house wife and tai tais ,going dancing classes,karaoke,mahjong..looking for fun and betray their husband.
They do not use force but hinting and wear revealing clothes..
I am a potential victim and have difficulty resisting any temptation.Very stressful being with them sometimes.

Anonymous said...


Very observant as well as accurate.

Veritas said...

Dear RB

The below is by Professor Juan Cole, among the top 10 public intellect in Middle-East South Asia affair. His conclusion is same as mine, except that he issue harsher words. Remove all those fxxx here, fxxx there from my comments, my allege against Hindic culture is milder.

Professor Juan Cole in my opinion is sympathetic towards all the colored people. I often disagree with him portraying Islam especially Sunni Islam as a peaceful religion. But his points is often honest and accurate. I have to admit. He is just naive about Islamic civilization.

His is also over critical about White Man's conduct in colonization. But even professor Juan Cole is sick about Hindic civilization as shown below. Professor Juan Cole studied Hindi and is expert in India, and is proficient in Urdu.

Rape is always about power, not sex. India is a highly patriarchal society. In some parts of India, women’s literacy is half that of men. Marriages are for the most part arranged, and a majority of young men has never been on a date with a woman or have a framework for interacting with strangers of the opposite sex. Because of the high value placed on a bride’s virginity (especially in traditional milieus) and the dangers to a girl’s future if there is a taint on her honor, rape is often not reported, and the men who rape are counting on this reticence to go public.

Sometimes caste hierarchies are at play – low-caste women are at greater risk of being raped. (Classical Hinduism recognizes 4 castes, though there are many sub-castes; members high-ranking castes such as Brahmins and Kshatriyas often can mistreat Shudras and Dalits with impunity. In short, the problem of rape is in part the problem of a highly unequal society where women are low status and often somewhat segregated and disadvantaged. Economist Amartya Sen estimated that because girls are less valued and less well taken care of when ill, there are millions of missing girls in India – girls who died from relative neglect compared to what their brothers got. There is also a growing problem of families aborting daughters once the sex of the embryo is known via ultrasound. In India, typically the bride’s family must provide the groom with many expensive gifts, so that marrying off the girls of the family is extremely expensive and poor fathers and mothers would like to have high-value sons instead.

There is little doubt, as well, that poor police work and unsympathetic police are part of the problem. When I lived in India, I heard horror stories of police actually themselves raping young women who went to them for help. That is something that can be reformed.

Anonymous said...

Our women are not safe until you vote for Opposition.

Vote Opposition 2016 !!

Veritas said...

The risk that Singaporean woman got rape by FT Indian is very high, and often under-estimated. I has happened on large scale on many occasions. Kuan Yew wanted us to forget them, thats y the younger generations are not aware of this fact.

Kuan Yew wrote in his own memoir of WW2.

"新加坡警察部队里的西克教徒, 共有650人......他们是英国人从旁遮普招募来的......他们在森路平民集中营担任守卫时凶神恶煞,仗势欺人的恶行无人不知,市面上传说被拘留的英国妇女也遭他们凌辱。殴打起平民来,他们是警察当中最凶狠的。战后这批警察全被解雇,送回印度,过后再也不从旁遮普招募警察。"

I do not have English version of his memoir. I translate the excerpt as below.

The Sikh police contingent of 650 men are recruited by Brits from Punjab. Their atrocities including viciousness and bullying are well-known when they were guards in Slime road concentration camp. There were rumors they have raped British female detainees. They were the most violent in beatings of civilian (even worse than Japanese Kempeitai). After the war, they were fired and kicked back to India. Henceforth no police are recruited from Punjab.

Not even Kuan Yew, the Johor Sultan fxxx the FT Indian mercenary as well. The Malay and Chinese in Malaya both hated the Sikh police.


Young generations have already forgotten that these fucking FT Indian anyhow rape when given an opportunity. To the Sikh who is the high caste Indian, they have no compunction is raping woman. They tribe have been raping people all over India with impunity. To them raping is as if helping the lower caste to cleanse away their sin so that they can reincarnate into better life.

Anonymous said...

Not only our woman, out nation also at risk. Very high risk.

Seah Chiang Nee wrote:

"I remember in my earlier reporting days, the late former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee warned against the danger to security posed by too many foreigners working in important services here.

He was concerned about foreign governments turning their workers into tools to extract advantages from Singapore in a way that missiles and jet fighters could not fight against."


PAP mismanaged the country.

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore is one of. the safest places for women to be.

Also prostitution is LEGAL which means sexual gratification is readily and easily available. This is vital if you have a huge imported work force of fit young men.

Then of course there's the zero tolerance for violent crime, the rotan and the death penalty

There is no way to completely remove the risk of being raped for a woman. And no matter how good law enforcement is or how "developed" the society is, there are going to be theft, murder, assault, fraud aand rape.

Anonymous said...

No, Opposition can solve All your problems.

Vote opposition and trains will run smoothly, you will be able to own a car, own a HDB, medical cost will drop but standards will not, govt will not fleece you no more, citizens will feel empowered, service at restaurants improved, roads cleaned, FTs kicked out, defence spending will drop, govt money will become your money, your MP will be your friendly guy who listens to your problems. Economy will power up, income will shoot up, Gini will narrow, rich become poor, poor become rich !

Vote for more opposition 2016. See you there !

Anonymous said...

funny of goh keng swee to say that, he being born in malacca

Anonymous said...

Not to worry because we have a first world police force and security system.

Highly commended, tried, tested, but failing on critical occassions like Mas Selamat escaping and prisoner walking out of court security cell. Probably good only for protecting white elephants and taking care of opposition politicians.

But, hor, those failings are always isolated cases. Nevertheless, I think it is better for ordinary Sinkies to take their own precautions rather than depend confidently on the upholders of the law.

Veritas said...

I think all Indians now perceive Veritas as anti Indian racist. I assure you all I am not a racist. I am a racial realist. I am also a socialist. I am a Christian, but I always say Christian must repent their own sin and return back to Jesus. Jesus has strong socialist tendencies. People twisted the Bible in favor of rich after the so call "Constantinian Shift". Henceforth Christianity has become reactionary, especially today. Christianity was bail out by the strong personal sacrifices of lower level cleric like those guys of Jesuits. The Cardinals and Archbishop of Vatican as well as idiots of City Harvest Church all corrupt big time.

If Indians give up their shit ways, Veritas will be the first to embrace them and write sycophantic exaltation. When I was younger days, I backpack places like Syria, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India...etc. I traveled purposefully like a begger. I beg for food. I beg for people to take in their house. I hitchhike thousands and thousands of km. I get to know these countries. Its is not what MSM want us to know.

I do not hate Iranian just because the USA say they are bad. People in this world must respect the honorable Persians. I like Syrian. They have very high moral values. Even if the Jews and Israeli do not like Syria, I stand by Syrians, although I do not like the Assad family.

I do not like Sunni Islamic Institution. But we must differentiate Sunni Islamic Institution and Sunni Islam. They are 2 different things. Just like many Catholic are good but Vatican is criminal.

Indians are clearly a shit head different league. There are so many evils in their society. They bring all these evils wherever they go. They take advantage of kind and hospitable host.

That is not to say there are not a single good Indians. I like Indian Christians who help me out in YMCA in Himachal Pradesh. I believe many Indian Christian are trying to do away with caste system. (not easy, they are still caste-ist). I have generally no problem with local Indians especially if they are mix blood and and settle here for many generations. The older generation of SG Indians, especially those who have disembark from India could be quite repelling. Local Indians are mostly lower caste. The Chinese shown them kindness by giving them our daughters. In India, they got to reincarnate to marry Brahmins.

I have met Indian Muslim. They are generally nicer than those in Pakistan. I dont mean everyone are good.

But shit head Brahmin and Kshatrias that PAP imported are really fxxking bastard. We import the worst shit elements from India, the Brahmins and Kshastrias. These people or their family are rapist, caste-ist, gangsters and criminals. When a high concentration of such maggot people was import in a short period of time, I smell problems. These high caste Indians have been terrorizing the whole population in India for too long time. These bastard want to carry on their dirty tricks in SG. Do not be fooled just because they hold high appointments in banks in CDB or they have degree from fancy fancy university. They are downright racist, and their sworn aim is to make Singaporeans dalits, to do the job of hereditary shit collector and hereditary prostitute. Shit Collecting and prostitution is the institution and job they created for, people not their own kind.

PAP support them. I can do nothing. I just want to warn my fellow Singaporeans and inform them what is going on in the mind of these people.

Anonymous said...

We already sold out to foreigners. What is there to fear foreigners? This island belongs to foreigners in many ways and will be gone forever.

Anonymous said...

What is there to rape?
If it's true that our family jewels are being sold to $2 companies?
That means we already have been raped.
And no FTs were involved in our rape.
60% of us may in fact have been asking to be raped?

Ron aka RDB said...

In smallish Sg of only about 700 Sq Km so densely populated a city sate, such gang rape will be near impossible without the pepetrators being caught to go under the the Hangman's Noose!

That said didn't our lawful Law Minister & FM too.. just exclaimed at his blog reproduce by TRE that women must be respected! Tell rapes to respect?.. Robbers to respect home owners they wanna rob?.. Intent murderers to respect those they wanna kill? DO WE not have a NATO Minister in both fronts chosen by PM LHL.. both in local law.. and in the froeign arena too?.. LOLL! Or LHL you may wish to!

patriot said...


Maybe the Best Wish Sinkies can compliment our Rulers is that they
down size their remunerations by
50% and confine their bonuses to
the 13 Month and no more.

Sinkies want to be convinced that
the Rulers are as dedicated to look
after the Citizenry as they claimed.
That they are not in politics for
enriching them and to ride rough
shots over the people.


patriot said...

My apology for a mistake in my comment above.

The Word them in the Last Paragraph should had been themselves.


Anonymous said...

Women, girls and any animal female are all safe in Sin.

Even when one paraded naked with an unclothed man at Holland Village, heard most onlookers flushed and men turned their sights away from them.

Singaporeans are indeed modest and shy such that when the females are in heat, the males remain lustless.

Anonymous said...

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