Hillary Clinton the evil American demon politician

Hilary Clinton is a vicious wicked aggressive warmongering woman and a trouble maker in the traditional satanic line of evil American supremacist exceptionalism. She is also  very extremely anti-China and anti-Chinese. She has told much lies about China and adopted endless evil confrontational policies geared to stop Chinese peaceful development with the intention to split and weaken China and thus eventually hoping to destroy China and the Chinese people. Her wicked policies include supporting the terrorists brigands of the demon Dalai Lama and the Uighur separatists as well as stoking problems in the East China sea and the South China Sea hoping thus to drive Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines to start an open warfare with China. She should be cursed by all Chinese and all peace loving people and if there is such thing as a God she should be instantly despatched to hell so that she will not be able to cause any more trouble in this world.


Anonymous said...

Compare to most other dictators in the world, i think she is not a bad person. At least she stand up for what she believes in.

Anonymous said...

the trouble is China can't engineer a scheme like Hilary's or US's. Stop smoking hate. Hope Hilary get better to cause more evil, then only for another fifteen days or a little more. or Again when she choose to run and become us president. till then take a chill pill.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you wrote this. It is completely out of your character. It is nothing more than ranting and cursing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What Southernglory posted is ranting but not much different from the rantings of Hillary. The only difference is that Southernglory did not harm anyone. Hillary's rantings killed.

The said...

/// She should be cursed by all Chinese and all peace loving people and if there is such thing as a God she should be instantly despatched to hell so that she will not be able to cause any more trouble in this world. ///

Your wish is coming true. She just suffered a blood clot (don't don't which part of her body). Your curse is working, or maybe it is karma.

Ron aka RDB said...

Mmm.. What a mouthful @Southernglory said..

"Hilary Clinton is a vicious wicked aggressive warmongering woman and a trouble maker in the traditional satanic line of evil American supremacist exceptionalism."!

Hillary Clinton said these too..

1. "Mrs. Clinton did not mention China by name, but it was clearly the target of her remarks.
“You can’t have economic liberalization without political liberalization eventually,” she said. “It’s true that clamping down on political expression or maintaining a tight grip on what people read, say or see can create an illusion of security. But illusions fade — because people’s yearning for liberty don’t.”

2. In a dig at China , Mrs. Clinton added, “Countries that want to be open for business but closed to free expression will find that this approach comes at cost: it kills innovation and discourages entrepreneurship, which are vital for sustainable growth.”

3. The notion that democratic values were for Western societies only, an idea spawned in the 1990s by Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore, was antiquated, she said. “In the last five years, Asia has been the only region in the world to achieve steady gains in political rights and civil rights, according to the N.G.O. Freedom House,” Mrs. Clinton said.

4. But in contrast to governments that had made democratic gains, she said, there were those “That work around the clock to restrict their people’s access to ideas and information, imprison them for expressing their views, usurp the rights of citizens to choose their leaders and govern without accountability, closed off from public view”!.. Her dig at LKYism?

5. And then Aung San Suu Kyi sort of rounded it up for her in another way by way of her experience with their former repressive Mynmmar Gunta

“Government leaders are amazing. So often it seems they are the last to know what the people want.” – Aung San Suu Kyi.

Sorry redbean.. I diagree with your response of @Southernglory. Because this is democracy and not of LKY's brand of "Guided DEMOcracy" by "Repression Sir I am told is like love making..".. For.. If we DON'T Believe in wither democarcy or repressive communism that are in direct conflict.. what should or do we then believe in? Authoritarianism?.. and Dictatorship like LKYism has been practising under the guise of his "Guided Democracy' or not?.. Or Republicanism.. or Socialism.. or Socialist Republican.. or..?

And wasn't Sg a Socialist Republic when the Brits handed Sg to LKY & party. correct me if I am wrong. But do anyone remeber when and how that Socialist part was dropped and why too?.. Was not Social Welfare Dept undet govt perview became.. Ministry for Community Developement in short as MCD?.. then to MCDS for Ministry OF Community development & Sports.. to MCDYS.. to then MCYS and now split into..? see the systemic dilution native Singaporeans?

Ron aka RDB said...


And so.. which political system do you want.. why & how it is better for society as whole AND individually too? Always remember too that Sg in only about 700.14 Sq Km compriing of Hard-Driving Hard-Striving hungry & family oriented natives who built Sg! And we were NOT a "fishing Vilage" as LKY & LKYism PAP wouldn't want us to believe.

As.. even before 1956.. we had the GPO that is now a premier hotel.. PSA for our God given deep harbour for Entreport Trade established due to Sir Stamford Raffles OUR REAL Father of Singapore and NOT LKY at all!.. We had many banks too.. an airport in Old Airport Road as well, many colonial solidly build government buildings.. The Singapore General Hospital like the PSA we have expanded from.. a Causeway to/from then Malay for traveling across.. Shell refinery in Bukom, many oil companies with petrol kiosk that we grew upon.. private estates to in the east and in the east.. not forgetting Holland area now known as HV for Holland Village.. HV was the province of the British govt & army service higher brass's exclusive areas serve by the then STc or Sg Traction Co.'s 17 & 17A services. Serangoon Gardern was alreayd there befor 1956 and were the low British Army soldiers' living abode.

WHO but only LKY himself AND his ahkia he made PM dare declare that LKY is the "Father of Sg"? And daft old uncles & aunties of the lower wroking class still believe them 2?.. So now let's all go remmind them of these things ofr our WP, NSP & SDP votes! Game?

Sorry so long hor as need to be complete.

Anonymous said...

She is a hypocrite. LKY wished she was the president instead of Obama.

Anonymous said...

LKY is of the same kind. May be worst of. No wonder he likes Hillary so much than Obama.

Anonymous said...

She is a hypocrite alrite
but no fight to One in Sin.

Now, who is going soon
will be worth betting, though
it is best that they accompany
each other, since they make
good bedfellows, sharing much
in common.

Anonymous said...

She should go the hell with dalai lama

Anonymous said...

To the americans, the whole world including China and whatever should be under democracy not communism which is a form of dictatorship. They fought hard for what they believe, what is wrong with that. Dictatorship is no good for anyone in this world.

Anonymous said...

Under the one child policy of the communistic china, many babies were killed due to this policy. Is this good and fair governance? I really doubt so.

Anonymous said...

To the us, democracy means elected leaders, an acceptable level of freedom and most importantly more money. Once any country turns democratic, us can sell weapons to them and hence more money and less unemployment. The bible states that love of money is the root of all evil. Is this love of money the main motivation factor on their relentless pursue of democracy? I think so.

Anonymous said...

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