High COE will lead to higher cost of living

The equation is straight and simple. When a car or van is costing double, the operating cost will go up accordingly. Any business that needs the use of cars and vans, including taxis, not sure about school buses, will simply have to raise their cost. The hawkers and foodcourt operators that need to move their goods and raw material, or the suppliers, will have to incur the additional cost, and these will conveniently be passed down to the consumers, the lowest feeder in the hierarchy of existence.

Don’t think high COE just affects those who want to own cars. It affects everyone, every business, directly or indirectly. Of course those who need a car will be hit most and some will be hit earlier when their COE expire. Some are hoping that it will not happen too fast, but the clock is ticking and the old car they are holding to will be history as days gone by. And the real crunch will hit them hard. Many would have to readjust, a new lifestyle, and the buses and MRTs will have higher loads, and more crams again.


Anonymous said...

High COE prices at a time when the public transport is in poor shape.
There will be plenty of pissed of car owners in GE 2016.

Give the PAPigs plenty of rope to hang themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yes. More people will be pissed off when they cannot afford to drive any more. By then, it is obviously clear that Singapore is meant for the super rich. Middle class and below can forget about dreaming of owning a car. That will be the day when they will vote differently. No?

Anonymous said...

Our country is slowly but surely disintegrating. High housing prc, high car ownership,high medical cost, high proportions of foreigners etc

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I bought my first car, a Ford Cortina 1.6 for $3k, 4 or 5 year old. And that was only after I started work for a year and a salary of $1.2k. Petrol was cheap and was happily driving around with only petrol to pay and practically nothing else. Parking was also free in many places.

so1trg said...

Many years ago we were comparing food prices to prices in Hk/Taiwan and we were about par.
Suddenly in a matter of a decade (?) our costs are way above that of HK/Taiwan. I hope all of us have a backup plan when SG becomes like Monaco / Dubai. Not in terms of standard of living but in terms of the costs of living.

My friend and I was lamenting just that day how much $$$ barrier of entry it was for things in SG. High $$$ of barrier to own a business, to start a small biz, to buy a car, to buy a house.

Something gota give... something...

Anonymous said...

Dont get stuck to the tiny screen everyday.
Go out and have a good look at Sin.
The roads are jammed.
The transports are packed.
The shopping complexes are crowded.
The night spots and restaurants are full.
And queues everywhere.

Do You find a more vibrant place than Sin?

Mind You hor, even queue to buy properties in Sin formed days before launches.

Anonymous said...

News heard over the radio.

Commercial property rents expected to go up by 30%.

Anonymous said...

/// Go out and have a good look at Sin. ///

Yes indeed.
Singapore assets being sold to $2 companies.
While the President lists watching the Olympics as the hi-lite of his 1st year in office.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:49, we are screwed, front back, top and bottom.But do they really care? Squeeze more money from us perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Screwed them, hair cut by those $10 chain just increased to $12. no choice rental increase said the owner.look like we'll screwed.property tax and who know new year coming what shit thing going up again. Fr...k them blood sucker Pap

patriot said...

I am very sure Sin is corruption free.

How do I know?
Were You offered any bribe and You accepted? No; right?
Did You offer any bribe and was accepted?
Again the Answer is no; right?

Last but not least; do You personally witnessed or know of any corruption?
Surely no again; right?

So, we can all safely conclude Singapore is corrupt free or near corrupt free.

Let us congratulate and be grateful for living in such a sinless place.


Anonymous said...

I know Singapore is corruption free because Limpeh and PAP tell me S'pore is corruption free.

If something is wrong with Singapore, PAP and Limpeh will tell us right?

Anonymous said...

Why were the merits of selling the software in the first place?

What additional merits and value does a $2 company bring to the operations of town councils?

Anonymous said...

At least everyone here agree that this city is corruption free. This is a consensus.

oldhorse42 said...

When inflation in China hits 2%. The leadership got excited and planned to reduce inflation even though the Govt was not elected and do not have to appease people to win election.
When Sin inflation hit 5% our govt said it is imported inflation and strengthen exchange rate to fight inflation. Sing $ became stronger and our leaders who are paid in S$ became even richer in US$ terms. But strenghtening the S$ exchange rate does not reduce inflation. It is the high cost of living that is driving the inflation. Our leaders certainly know this but do nothing about it because they and their cronies are benefitting from it!

Anonymous said...

Annon 1:02, None except it can use AIM to do thing that TC or NCS cannot do. No?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is wrong and everything is right for them and the rich. The only ones feeling that everything is wrong are those downtrodden citizens.

The rich, whatever happens, will not rock the boat, so leave them out when calling for change. In any case, when anything does go wrong, the rich have the means and ways to abandon ship. Not the poor.

Where in the world do you find the rich and contented fighting for change? They are enjoying life, so why rock the boat is their answer. It is always the poor that will have to resort to revolts to change the system. You can see that happening in many countries right now.

So, here in red dot, change is still a long way in coming. Well after 2016 if I am not too pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

The 60% people with mental agility of a rat dropping do not understand that. THey keep thinking that if they do not drive a car, it will not affect them. Singapore is made up of too many mentally challenged people that voted for pussy action party election after election.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Tax tax, and tax some more!

How come such a small cuntry (ahem..."city state") needs such a large and expensive bureauCrazy to "govern" it's super-docile kiasu-kiasi Sheeple?

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

anon 4:46 PM - during the ww2, the jews were also thinking why rock the boat but in the end, most were sent to the gas chamber.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 446:

>> the rich have the means and ways to abandon ship. Not the poor. <

That depends. Sometimes the rich, in collusion with their friends in government take over the ship, and owning all the "means". They then start enslaving the crew.

Those folks you see on the news leaving their homes, carrying what they can, and earning themselves "refugee" or "asylum seeker" status ... that's the poor, without the means, leaving the ship.

Do you think you can fight the state? Or is evasion a better strategy? It all depends...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.56 forgot that it was the Germans who sent them to the gas chamber, not the Jewish Government. Here in red dot, the rich knows that the PAP government favours the rich over the poor for obvious reasons.

Unless, of course, the unthinkable happens and Sinkieland is taken over by some neighbours, which is unlikely. In any case, the rich would have been gone elsewhere as quitters. So, it will still be the poor on the sinking boat.

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