DPRK has right to launch its satellite

China should never alienate the DPRK people for doing something they consider it their right to do. China and the Chinese people should never forget the difficulties they encountered in their pursuit of national independence and national revival in the past. The new Chinese leader Xi Jinping has just started talking about Chinese dreams of revival in the past few days. While China and the Chinese people think that they have the right to fulfill their national dream, how can China hope to deprive the DPRK people of those same rights to fulfill their dreams of national independence and a national revival?
As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, China and the Chinese people should never forget their national moral principle: jisuo buyu, wushi yuren ( do not impose on other people things you do not like yourselves) .
As the only third world country representative in the UN Security Council with the power of veto, China must uphold the principles that are fair to the aspirations of the vast population in the third world, which accounts for eighty percent of humanity, in order to be worthy of its permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
Our world is full of trouble and miseries, and our future looks dim, exactly because a few powerful nations do whatever they please in this world in complete disregard of the principles of fairness to all. They use their advanced weapons, such as unmanned drones, to kill people they regard as a threat. They do not even need to prove to anybody in a court or anywhere that these people who are targeted by these lethal weapons deserve the death penalty before they are killed by the push of a button.
Nobody has made any outcry about these inhumane killings carried out in the third world by the US military and the CIA. Who give them the right to condemn North Korea for launching a satellite for peaceful purposes? The people of the world need to wake up to the real dangers present in this world, and support the weak third world countries' right to defend themselves.

Posted by Professor Han Dongping


Anonymous said...

Yes, our world is full of trouble and miseries but siding with a nation rule by a ruthless dictator is not going to help either. My heart goes to all the hardworking people who are seriously oppressed by their gov everywhere. Hope the new year will bring them hope of freedom from dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

We are all bigots in one way or another

Ron aka RDB said...

Prof Han Dongping,

Christ Jesus put it more plainly understandable as in..

"Do not do to others you would others do to you"

And Anon is right about ruthless dictator regimes. As America has used their atomic bomb only once 67-68 years ago in 1945.. Only 2 such bomb.. 1 in Hiroshima & 1 in Nagasaki. Even Russia also use nuclear bombs as deterent with USA.. and so does China. N Korea.. Iran.. etc are a diffrent bag mixed altogether or not Prof. Dongping?

Mmm.. some people call PHD as people with permanet Head Damage. MY version is that they are more like people with Pigheads of the Highest Degree! how now Prof. Dongping?

The said...

/// Ron aka RDB said...
Prof Han Dongping,
Christ Jesus put it more plainly understandable as in..
"Do not do to others you would others do to you" ///

Better to quote the original source than someone who plagiarized Confucius. (And I suspect you quoted JC wrongly - Do unto others... )

“Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.” -- Confucius


patriot said...

patriot says what You possess

me has equal right to have.

You can take from me by force

but I will give it to You when

You are deserving of it.


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