Corruption or greed can be in many forms

Sin City’s biggest success in public administration is the weeding out of corruption of the monetary kind. The solution is quite simple really. Knowing the psychology of how human beans behave, when greed cannot be eradicated, the next best solution is to feed the greed. Make sure the greed is satisfied, then there will be no corruption.

Today we are facing another kind of greed that was alien to the Govt. Sex has never been an issue with LKY as a shining example of propriety. With such perfect role model, sexual misconduct of PAP MPs and Ministers is a rarity. The revelation yesterday is an indication that this kind of greed is starting to rear its ugly head. And it is better to nip it in the bud which the Govt is fame for.

Now, how best can greed be curbed? Even LKY said that he did not expect his Ministers and MPs to be celibate. Turning them into priests and priestesses is not going to work. Asking them to wear chastity belt may be a bit too much to ask for. And you do not want them to run around in Geylang with the foreign workers.

How could this greed be satisfied the way the greed for money was satisfied? Let them have as much sex as they want or commission a foreign agency to study on this problem? Maybe they can recommend what is enough to keep them from wanting more. I can expect another revolutionary and innovative way to curb this greed. The Govt can be very good in solving this kind of problems.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese believes wealth could not go beyond three generations. True?

Anonymous said...

One way is to allow polygamy. One can have more if u can afford it. So only the rich can have polygamy for example. If local woman object, we can allow foreign women in

Veritas said...

One way is to allow polygamy. One can have more if u can afford it. So only the rich can have polygamy for example. If local woman object, we can allow foreign women in

Polygamy society like those Islamic society are one that breaks down and dysfunctional. We know today, the Islamic civilization has the lowest scientific output than any other great civilizations in the world.

Head of Muslim countries have often evolve into hydra of sex addicts notably like the Al Saud family and most recently, Muarmar Gaddaffi.

One reason for constant revolution in China is because the landlord has huge advantage in sexual access condemning a large underclass of population without spouse.

Upon disaster like famine, the anger of underclass flared up into peasant uprising. Chairman Mao has written on that topic.

All society of monogamy tends to have more benign ruler even though they are despot. In polygamic society such as China, a large army of Eunuch got to be maintain in the society. In Ming dynasty the imperial palace alone employs tens of thousands of eunuch. This exclude the private eunuch employed by rich landlord.

The evil of polygamy in society is that it often bring forth derivative institution like eunuch, and the creation of such institution downgraded the society and results to more exploitation, more wickedness.

In Europe which is a monogamy society, even the most powerful Le Roi Soleil, Louis 14 got to keep his affair with mistress secret, else it will arouse the anger of public. This is one of the reason, European despot are generally more benign than Oriental despot.

The culture enables people to check the private life of rulers instead of giving him the power to hire eunuch.

Veritas said...

In Islamic countries, certain very reactionary institution probably could have partly or fully due to polygamy. While in the past, China's elite that has multiple wife control their spouse through creation of jobs for eunuch, the Islamic society do it culturally.

Saudi, which host the holiest site of Islamic shrine today is the ONLY country in the world that do not allowed woman to drive. Saudi today is the ONLY countries where cinema is illegal on the 21th century.

I do not know if any Muslim is ashamed of that. They should.

In Afghan, the Islamist enforced ignorance on women by attacking schools girls. I think Muslim should condemn that. While theological reasons are often cited for these attack, one should not discount that these attack has deep co-relationship to build a polygamic society, by making woman ignorant.

Anonymous said...

To become a PA Director.
Must I first be a PAP member?

Anonymous said...

To stop money corruption.
Pay sky high salaries.

To stop sex corruption.
Let them fornicate freely like rabbits?
But must first register with PA.
And cleared by CPIB before intercourse.
To double confirm that the fornication is govt approved.

Or better still.
Allow Geylang operators to operate rooms in the Singapore Parliament House?

But please don't use taxpayers' money hor.
Own time, own pace, own money hor.

Anonymous said...

Palmer,not Arnold the golf legend,loved to put two balls to a hole.

Anonymous said...

two balls to a hole.
Wah! The hole must be damn big.
Like that where to find ah, Michael?

patriot said...

Pay to prevent is prevention and prevention is better than cure.
Since most humans are prone to greed and greed causes corruption, why are only selected few chosen to be paid.

The Sin Rulers seem to feel that the poor and downtrodden are corrupt free whilst those with authority and of elite class are conversely easily corrupted.

What an irony?


Anonymous said...

It is said that christian makes fidel and devoted spouse.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Are you talking about SEX itself or INFIDELITY ?

They are not the same issue.

SEX itself is simply a biological phenomena -- our genes are "programmed" to perpetuate their code, and thus have evolved to very intelligently motivate the "host" to perform certain actions (aka FUCKING) which aid in perpetuating the genetic code through further generations.

Considering the above: everyone needs sexual relief, and there are many ways in which this can be expressed.

Sex becomes "immoral" when the RELATIONSHIP between parties are morally questionable -- i.e. it "crosses the line". For e.g.

1) in power relationships -- sex is exchanged for some personal gain over and above normal channels for getting that gain. eg. Boss and subordinate

2) In power/ trust relationships where one party is entrusted with the care of the other -- e.g. adult - child relationships, teacher-student relationship

3) Infidelity -- you have a relationship based on trust and sexual exclusivity (fidelity) with your spouse/ partner. Having sex behind your partner's back is breaking that agreement (in a marriage, it is breaking the marriage contract)

It is not the sex that is the issue. It is THE RELATIONSHIP. If the RELATIONSHIP is CORRUPT, then ANY ACTION in that relationship is probably corrupt as well -- not limited to, but including SEX

For instance, many women will forgive their guy if he goes out and bangs some one night stand.

What they will not forgive is if their guy has A RELATIONSHIP (emotional connection, pair bonding, intimate sex etc) with another.

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

So long as a man is rich and powerful, any woman can offer her ass for that man to pee.

All woman will forgive a powerful man no matter how many dirty pussy he has stick his dick into-- so long as the she is being used as the last pussy in the queue.

Woman will go for a alpha man, fully aware of the danger that she will get spurned like toilet paper. Even though she knows that she stand little chance out of many competitor, Woman are willing to offer her pussy.

Unfortunately, sex destroy the soul of woman. I observed that woman who got serially ditched look spent. Then she will look for a beta mail, whom she despise.

She will marry the beta male and meanwhile resented him. Every now and then, she will fantasize the pain and ecstasy of the night she gave her virginity to the rascal alpha who treat her like a toilet bowl.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Is it sex or is it infidelity, or is it both? I dunno. These things are not easily compartmentalised.

Anonymous said...

Rb, you are right. The next step for PAP is obvious. After satisfying their greed of money by paying them millions, the most effective and efficient way is to castrate them to satisfy their greed of sex. Cheaper, better, faster as one PAp guy mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, impressed by your posting on polygamy. So long as polygamy still exists, there will be a lot of obstacles to peace. God only created a man and a woman and that was good. Quality of relationships are always more important than quantity of relationships. If only people can understand, there will be more peace.

agongkia said...

Having more wives will minimise the chances of man getting into extra marital affair.
More wives mean they will compete with one another to treat their only husband well.
They can also take turn to play their part.Maybe 3 P 4 P oso can.Husband happy,wives happy,why are we against polygamy?
Who witness God ever say must be one man one woman?Which God?Only kaykhiang human god will imagine so.

Anonymous said...

Why not one wife, many husbands?
Then can gangbang every night.

Anonymous said...


I have effective solution to solve all PAP sexual affair problem once and for all. You will find this solution extraordinarily brilliant.

Since corruption can even be legalized and accepted as business as usual, how about having legalized sexual affair ? Only PAP can have such privilege , and no others and in this way, no one can blame PAP cronies for having affair and they don't have to resign over bonking, and they can enjoy both greed and lust legally, bonking as much as they like. And this privilege can be crafted into godly law due to majority of AYA party whip votes in parliament.

what do you think ? Can such brilliant plan help PAP to attract talents of all kinds, and better still create more babies that will vote PAP ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that your idea is brilliant. More will join and the party will get better quality candidates for the next GE. No need to pick priests and priestesses.

Anonymous said...

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