COE, a dangerous elitist trend of thought

In Saturday’s ST forum, two articles were published on the COE on how to make it effective as an instrument to control car ownership. Both thoughts were similar and highly elitist in nature. One former wanted to raise the cost of driving into congested area. Another wanted to make it more painful and unpleasurable to drive. There need to be more congestion to force people to take public transport.

Both forumers wanted to punish those who wish to drive by more or less the same solution, suggesting pay more until it hurts. For the rich this kind of reasoning and method of controlling driving is what they are wishing for. What is another hundred bucks when they could cough out a few hundred thousands to get a luxury car like small change? Who would be hurt most, those who cannot afford the high cost but must use private transportation out of no choice.

Elitism and elitist thoughts are very prevalent among the rich and super rich. They only think of the convenience money can buy for them and not how this kind of solution will make life very difficult, not only inconvenient to many average Sinkies. As it is, taxi fare must increase with higher COE. Public transport fare must also increase when more switched to public transport and the operators will claim the need to acquire more vehicles or upgrade the system.

The bottom line, the poor consumers down the bottom end would have to pay more for less, taking the same public transport and having to pay more for it. And the roads will be freer with lesser cars on the road, for the convenience and satisfaction of the rich that could afford the luxury of driving.


Veritas said...

There is no problem of 100% family car ownership in Singapore, if we kick out FT. When PAP introduce COE, they told us that Singapore is too small, so less people must own car. 1 sec later, PAP told us Singapore is too big, we must import 6 million FT.

So is Singapore too big or too small? The problem of Singapore is PAP. They can never live a single day more without telling lies. They are only interested in dishing out misery.

Today, PAP start digging Bukit Brown, the resting place of our ancestor to accomodate FT. Kuan Yew and son is crazy now. We must stop them before its too late.

Veritas said...

Today, Singaporeans are fooled by PAP thinking we have high standard of living. This is lies. We do quantify standards of living by GDP per capita alone. Even then using GDP, due to our crazy inequality, our standard of living is very low.

The real way to gauge standard of living is vehicle ownership, amount of greenspace, doctor by capita, landed property per capita, number of paid vacation per year...etc.

Unfortunately, we rank low on ALL these index.


If we look at car ownership per capita, we still worse than Thailand.


If we look at doctor per capita, we are worse than China and Mexico, just about Syria. Worse, many doctor here are imported elsewhere. Singaporeans are inhibited by PAP the access to medical education. PAP do not want us to get high salary.

We could be a comfortable country. Kuan Yew do not want that. They only want people to suffer.

agongkia said...

Those idea from the orang kaya are nothing but full of shit and any gongkia with lowest IQ like me can think of it.Pity those who need to own transport for a living like those providing essential services etc.
Only the rich can continue running their businesses and those struggling one may have to close shop or take public transport.I will have to take public transport to deliver pork,beehoon as a part time delivery man when times to come .Dun kpkb about my porky smell in train.Towkay no money pay COE.
If only they are willing to try to limit every household to own one vehicle,problem will be solve without the need of COE.There are many other ways to collect revenue without causing unhappiness but I will not go further.
COE means SEE Ho EE in Hokkien(Die for it).Sinkies who want to own cars must See Hoe EE.Rich are not affected so anyhow talk oso can .

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Sinkies complain so much.

60% of us voted for higher COE prices and higher bus/train fares by voting for the "Party Against People".

Anonymous said...

I wish many more can think like Veritas.

But the people here are very forgetful and easily manipulated. Just throw them some goodies and they will go happily licking pussy of pussy action party. China and India also know how to protest, people here only know how to party.

Anonymous said...

THey can always implement the COE like the HDB system and it will solve the car congestion problem. But as they are super greedy gov, they will not cut their super expensive lifestyle taste.

Anonymous said...

CONspiracy of the rich.They want everything for themselves,rise the barriers keep the masses out.

Anonymous said...

39.9% Sinkies felt pain already for being milked on all teats till bruises and some bleeding.

60.1% Pinkies have not felt the pain as yet or still enjoy being milked on their teats.

Some even got mixed up between the feeling of pain and shiok while being milked.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I need at least three cars in my family as there are 5 drivers but can't afford them. Many FT professionals own cars so kena price out lor

Anonymous said...

Kana sai...read some even suggested having $5 imposed for reserve seats on SMRT..what is this country coming to?..solution to every problem is to pay $$$

Matilah_Singapura said...

Elitist thinking amongst Singaporeans began as a cultural fixture long before these articles were written /published.

And you can bicker and complain all you like, but your fellow cunts in your cuntree are materialistic, kiasu and are involved in 24/7 "keep up with the Joneses one-upmanship".

And that's not changing anytime soon. So... when in Hotel Singapore, do as and be a true-blue SINGAPOREAN!

Every cunt shiuld love their cuntree.

Got nationalism?

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