China must behave like a super power

China’s self restraint is becoming a joke to the little countries in Asean and they think they can make groundless claims against its territories, arrest Chinese fishing boats and fishermen and China cannot do anything about it. In the view of Asean countries, China is just a paper tiger. Just shout at China, call it a bully and China will quietly back off.

China needs to act like a big power like the Americans, the Israelis or the Japanese. It must be more willing to flex its muscles to hammer the little trouble makers coveting its territories. At the worst, it must act like the Indians as a regional power. In the Indian Ocean, no countries would dare to trifle with the Indians. It will lash out with whatever it got to any adventurers.

The Indians are moving into the South China Sea. It has declared that it is ready to protect its oil interests in South China, an open affront to China’s dispute with Vietnam. The Indian Navy Chief Admiral D K Joshi said that India is prepared to act, if necessary, to protect its maritime and economic interests in the region. This is as good as telling China that it will go to war with China. And no one is saying India is escalating tension in the South China Sea. That is how a big power should act and behave to keep the little countries out of its way.

At the moment, if China would to say such a thing, the little countries will scream that China is acting aggressively and the US will join in. China must get use to act like the Indians and soon the little countries will learn to accept it. And China must be prepared to slam them if they misbehave in order for them to behave well.

When asked if India is prepared for it (war with China), the Admiral said, ‘The short answer is yes.’ So what is China going to do about it now that India is stating its claim in the South China Sea?

China can respond by being meek and diplomatic and pretend it did not hear anything. China can react by sailing into the Indian Ocean and declare the same that it is there to protect its interests and is prepared for it.

Would China chicken out and be called an aggressor still, an aggressive power at the same time? Or would China just do it, behave like a super power and wield the stick to keep the hyenas away? Like it or not, it will always be called an aggressive power no matter how submissive it tries to be. It is time to kick asses. If China refuses to do so, it will invite more aggressive manoeuvres from the little countries with the Americans behind them. And India is joining the fray as the point man. More trouble and provocations will come China’s way.


Veritas said...

No matter how wicked PRC is, I believe eventually they are going to be the ultimate protector of yellow people. PRC is the core state especially for the chopstick civilization which includes Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

The next degree of cultural affinity are Tibet, Mongolia, Thai, Laos, Bhutan, Myanmmar. Despite the denial of corrupt western anthropologist, the yellow people shared very similar cultural characteristic despite that we speak different language system.

Generally, the yellow people respect authority, respect the old, are very hard working, obey the law and have the highest IQ among the nations. (Jews are higher although)

The yellow people is also weak in physical build or health, but are the most courageous. The world's bravest conscript are Imperial Japanese army and the bravest mercenary are Gurkhas.

The Gurkhas are drawn from Limbus, Rai, Magas tribe from Nepal which belongs to the Tibetan race. The Hindic race of Nepal are so coward that no one want them inside their army, never the less they are cunning and dominate the political power. They exploit and make lower caste all the other people in Nepal, including the bravest Gurkhas people as well as Tibetans Shepas, which Tenzing Norgay belongs to. (We should beware of FT Indians, they go everywhere with sole aim of making everyone Dalits and lick their ass)

USA has elected Obama as president. Obama is smart and knew that the enemy of USA is not some nutty Islamist but the confucius civilization. Obama is also the least Atlantist among all USA president. He spent a large amount of time in Indonesia having a Chinese step father. In short he know what is going on.

And projecting China as aggressor today is probably not too fair. The Chinese navy is just a green water fleet while the USA navy is already a blue water force.

On April 1, 2001, a mid-air collision between a United States Navy EP-3E ARIES II signals intelligence aircraft and a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) J-8II interceptor fighter jet resulted in an international dispute between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, called the Hainan Island incident.

USA called PRC aggressor. Its really a joke. What if PRC sent surveillance plane on the door step of califonia?

Anonymous said...

The Americans have started wars everywhere, ignoring the UN, invading countries, killing their leader for regime change and they are called friendly country, responsible and peace loving.

China has done practically nothing except trying to protect its territorial integrity and is called an aggressive country because the west and western media said so.

Yes, China must stand up and give a few of the rascals a bloody nose for provoking her and call her names. The silly Asians are simply silly and parrot everything the west said and told them to think.

Anonymous said...

There is no necessity for PRC to behave like a super power.
Push them too hard ,they can just finish its enemy off and can occupy their territories,if they want.
Dun be like those daft sinkies that challenge PRC who shows concern on their citizen being implicated for a so claim strike here.
They dun need a big knife meant for slaughtering ox to kill a little chicken.Dun take their kindness as their weakness.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China is a super power that is being bullied by little countries and by not doing anything still got branded as an aggressive country.

Anyone call the US or Israel aggressive countries? Or with India declaring that it is ready to go to war with China, anyone saying that that is hostility in China's backyard?

And all believes that Japan is a pacifist country too, so friendly.

Veritas said...

Almost every month cannot pass without newspaper in India urging their government to be aggressive to "take back" Aksai Chin against PRC. Who is the agressor?

There is no Hindic tribe within borders of China. There are large areas of Tibetan tribes within the borders of India in places like Ladakh, Sikhim, Arunchal Pradesh (South Tibet), all illegally taken away by British India, or illegally annex due to post colonial imperialism of India,

I have read newspaper in PRC online. PRC newspaper has never warmonger against India, especially the major ones.

And USA is conducting marine and air surveillance on the door step of China everyday, from the north sea, east sea to south China sea.

Maybe China can send spy plane on the coast of Alaska, Aluetian, Guam, Califonia beach, USA Atlantic coast.

Anonymous said...

Japanese coast guards chasing away or arresting Chinese fishermen from Diaoyu/Senkaku they seized from China.

Filipino navy arresting Chinese fishing boats and dragged them to Manila.

Think Vietnam also done that.

Who is the provocateur and who is the aggressor?

Now India said it is going to sail it Navy to the South China and will fight China if needed to in disputed Chinese islands.

And if China say anything, it is the aggressor.

Anonymous said...

After more than a century of being victims to foreign aggressions, the Chinese were forced to fight the Americans in the Korean peninsula. And they were called the aggressors.

Then they chased the aggressor out of Chinese territories in the Sino Indian border war. Again they were called the aggressors when Nehru was the one that sent his soldiers to attack Chinese positions.

Again when the Vietnamese conquered Laos and Cambodia, and the Chinese came to their defence to force the Vietnamese to withdraw. They fought a war with the Vietnamese, chased them into Vietnam and withdrew. And the Chinese were branded again as the aggressor with expansionist intent.

In all 3 wars, the Chinese soldiers returned once the wars stopped. In Korea, the Americans are still there. The Chinese withdrew from Korea, from India, from Vietnam. Why don't they stayed after defeating their enemies when they expansionists?

Who is the aggressive and expansionist nation? Think and don't simply read western media shit. Read the history of these wars.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Sino-Indian War is a righteous war.

In Korean War the aggressor is Kim Il Sung. Russian has already open its archive on that after the collapse of USSR. USA is the protector.

In Sino-Vietnam War, PRC army march into Vietnam soil, taking Long San. PRC is the aggressor. There are a lot of dirty politics in it. Its still too early to tell what is going on.

One of the major consequence of the war is Deng Xiaoping consolidate the army, and become the emperor. Without Sino-Vietnam war, Deng will never get hold of the PLA who 4th field army loyal to his rival Lin Biao is the strongest faction.

I call that a dirty war.

Nevertheless, PRC is becoming a normal state after the demise of Mao. During Mao's time, she is really thuggish.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

After WW2, North and South Korea were to reunite as one country. The South refused and the north attacked. It was a civil war. The Americans came it to support the South. The Chinese came in to support the North. The rest is history.

The SinoViet border war was not so simple as a diversion for domestic political aims. The Vietnamese were shelling Chinese positions first. Two, the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and Laos, both China's allies. Thailand and Asean were worried that more dominoes were going to fall.

China stepped in to save Cambodia and Laos and also Thailand and Asean. It was never an act of aggression but geopolitics. The Chinese could have remained inside North Vietnam. But they showed no intent to occupy Viet territories just like in India. They left once the status quo was achieved.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Dear RB,

Sino Vietnam war has many facet. PRC knew that genocide is happening in Cambodia. Why punish Vietnam because it topple a genocidal government.

Then Vietnam is having a border skirmish with Khmer Rouge. Then Vietnam lean towards USSR, just like North Korea did.

I do not see a reason to start a war going all the way to Lang Son. A border skirmish would be enough to teach Viet a lesson.

And while PRC was going all the way to Lang Son, the troops are ruthless in killings and dismantling all productive asset. Its really shameful.

They even shoot woman. (Then vietnam woman soldier often blend into civilian. So there is high collaterals)

Also Deng wanted help from USA then. He visited Jimmy Carter. USA wanted to teach Vietnam a lesson after they lost the war. Its not clear what deal is made.

But after war, USA sold arms to PRC, their once arch enemy. PRC got the state of art weapon like Black Hawks, and there is plans to modern PLA.

That was on the backdrop of countering USSR. All these stop after 1989. And many speculate that this is one of the outcome of Sino-Vietnam war.

The outcome of Sino-Vietnam war domestically is Deng Xiaoping control the army. Externally, it prevents Thailand from falling into communist party. So this actually prevents the dominos from falling. (PRC prevent Thailand becoming communist???)

Before more archive are out, I can only speculate.

Matilah_Singapura said...

China has no choice at the moment but to exert "what appears to be" self restraint. Any noticable aggression makes every cuntree in Asia very nervous, and they are likely to encourage the participation of Big White Daddy Uncle Sam.

The bigger the "threat" of Chinese aggression, the more the ASEAN cunttree will open up their legs and allow Uncle Sam to set up more military bases, and drone operations.

So China has little choice but to appear to "play it cool".

The metaphor here is "Cloak you iron fist in a velvet glove".

Anonymous said...

South CHINA sea belongs to CHINA. God will send storms to whoever who dare to claim it from CHINA. God bless China.

oldhorse42 said...

The Chinese already behaving like superpower.At least in Singapore. Didn't they just stage a first strike in 24 years?

oldhorse42 said...

The Chinese already behaving like superpower.At least in Singapore. Didn't they just stage a first strike in 24 years?

Veritas said...

You go Changi Naval base and see USA aircraft carrier and submarine then come back tell me what is super power.

PRC's navy today is just green water.

France, UK, USA, Russia all have blue water navy.

In short, PRC cannot project its power beyond 500km from her beach.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China is still unable to project its power far and wide. So all the cry about an expansionist power is bull.

But China is fully capable of defending its own territories and the enemy will have to come knocking at its door. This will put all the enemy forces to within target range.

While the DF 21 is frightening the shit out of the American naval fleet, India is bravely wanting to send its fleet to the South China Sea. Maybe the Indian Navy are made of better stuff.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean: He seems to think that "bravery" means the absence of fear.

What an idiotic shithead. And obviously mentally immature too.

It is not hard to "scare" an American. No need for Dao Fang missile.

Just light up a cigarette in front of their children, in a school or hospital (for good measure) for example, that their kids are going to get cancer from your selfish act.

Americans are so "scared" they need guns AND god to protect them.

Light up a ciggy in front of American parents and their kids, and the "scared" American parents are likely to pull out their 2nd Amendment Right and SHOOT YOU in "self-defense", and the American court will back up the shooting saying "all rights, including the right to self defense COME FROM GOD". (Probably "cum" as in shoot out the end of his dick).

I'm not worried about Americans being "scared". I'm worried that they take too literally the words in their anthem: "Land of The Free, Home of The Brave" -- in order to be free you have to be brave and kill any motherfucker that is UNILATERALLY deemed to be "a threat", because it is your god-given right

E.g. accusing a regime of habouring Weapons of Mass Destruction, then bombing the fuck out of and occupying an ENTIRE CUNTRY for over 10 years.

Most of China's weapons don't even work. They are nowhere NEAR being a super power. Not yet. Eventually, perhaps.

Veritas said...

To be honest, I always think Chinese people are the least racist people. When UK handover HK to PRC in 1997, many HK people would rather prefer white man to lord over them.

Similarly in the Shanghai International Settlement and French Concession in Shanghai, Chinese would prefer to be slave of White man.

Today, SG is a neo-colony of USA. I have no objections.

The Chinese can accept Turks as emperor. The Tang Dynasty emperors are Turks and many Han Chinese defended them sacrificing their life. The Chinese can accept Manchus as rulers. Similarly, many Chinese died for Manchus.

But Indian is a different thing. The racial discrimination thing is build into genes of high caste Indians. Wherever Hindic civilization goes, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, they will create a Dalit class of shit collector and hereditary prostitute.

Today, there are serious extra-judicial killings and genocide in Assam India, who speaks a language close to Chinese.

PAP is bringing in all these racist to screw us.

patriot said...

Each time China returned from its' Last Battle, it became stronger.
Last few battles were small scale.

China needs a big scale war, preferably with the US. It got to have a real test of its' strength and resolve of the Chinese People more than the power of its' weapons.

And when it is not killed, China will emerge stronger. And if it is killed, it will resurrect as it did numerous times.

Matilah Singapura knows the Americans well.Indeed, bringing wars right to the doorsteps of the Amercans' homes will scare the shits out of them. 50 buildings up in flame at different cities within a day and they will beg for peace.
there wont be need to deny having weapons of mass destruction(Iraq) or having biological/chemical weapons(Syria).

Me posting here to join the fun. The PRC of course knows how to manage themselves better.


Anonymous said...

China needs to act more like a pretty and gentle girl and charm those angmohs. Angmohs love to play the romantic hero all the time, they will not lift a finger to hit the pretty, gentle, softspoken, elegant chinese girl. They probably cannot wait to get marry and have kids. Too much hard power instead will provoke them to do something stupid.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Historically that is furthest from the truth. China was dismembered by the angmohs for 200 years. The angmohs know that only China could take them on in all fields, to challenge their superiority. A broken up China is their ultimate objective, so that they can continue to rule the world.

The Muslims could be the next biggest challenge but not for the time being. Also, the occupation of Europe is a slow process and done quietly, without the use of warfare. Europe will become Muslim countries in 50 to 60 years time when the Muslim population there will be a majority and the white Europeans a minority.

It will be a natural process that they cannot do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

china will only win the respect of the world when 'made in china' means not what it means now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This will take time. China is only into manufacturing for about 30 years. They are still in a stage of copying and doing reverse engineering. They have yet to build a reputation of producing quality products. They are just like the nouveau riche of Sin in the 70s and 80s, very rough around the edges.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

First you got the Philippines, then India and now Vietnam, all wanting to take on the Chinese in a naval battle. And the one sitting behind has a halo on his head, so quiet and so innocent.

What makes these little countries so daring to want to fight with China? The answer is obvious. China needs only pee at them and they will be drown. So what is the motivation?

Would any little country dare to challenge the Americans? No, they know that they will be whacked. China is now cornered and has no choice but to whack. Take down one to show it means business, 杀鸡吓猴。Else the provocation will get more intense.

patriot said...

Good Morning Chin Leng and All.

Hi Chin Leng, You have written a Chinese Saying that is slightly different from the traditional one 杀鸡警猴。
However, me likes the 杀鸡吓猴 tgat You used.

The Traditional Saying means killing the cockerel/hen to serve warning to the monkey.
Your version which me likes more, is killing the cockerel/hen to scare/frighten the monkey. This Version of Yours is more apt when used in Your Post.

Indeed, those around the Region monkeying with China need to be frightened and or taught a good lesson.


Anonymous said...

Play taichi is better - use soft against hard. Everyone happy and no one gets hurt. Soft tactics including helping others in flood, crisis, disarray. Anyone who hurt a charitable figure is a bad guy lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has been playing the good guy in all the countries it is having trade and investments with. All are benefitting from the relationship especially Africa and the developing countries. But there the unthinking everywhere, indoctrinated by decades of western lies, painting China as the expansionist, aggressor and the bad guy when the opposite is the truth.

China was the victim of the expansionists, the aggressors and the bad guys. China is picking itself up from scratch to regain its dignity as a nation and a civilisation. No amount of niceties is going to change hardened mindsets fed by lies.

China's kindness is seen by the unthinking as weakness. It is better to deal with trouble head on and knock the daylight out of irritants.

Anonymous said...

Generally, the yellow people respect authority, respect the old, are very hard working, obey the law and have the highest IQ among the nations. (Jews are higher although)---Verita

IQ of Jews are no higher(than the Orientals) as mainstream propaganda (and you know who own them) claims, but much lower instead.

Israel (100% Jewish by default) has average IQ of only 92. Its PISA scores in Maths, Sciences and Reading are considerablely lower than those of North East Asian countries, particularly in Maths.

Only Ashkenazi Jews have "alleged" higher IQ.

But why only choose this sub tribe to represent IQ of total Jewish population?

Do Oriental(or White) sub tribes, surely there're numerous, are even allowed to be mentioned let alone compete with Ashkenazi Jews to be fair as per Apple to Apple basis? No. What a dobletalk logic!

Furthermore, IQ score is made of 2even parts, within which Spatial IQ is the one that should be valued much more because it is the key to Maths and Sciences that are critical to human technological advances(e.g.Industrial Revolution, Information Revolution, etc.).

Ashkenazi Jews top on total score yet are much inferior to the Orientals in the critical Spatial IQ. That's why you see Jews are good at being lawyers, script writers, newspaper editors, bankers, NGO leaders, and standup comedians producing places like modern day Wall Street, post 70's Hollywood, Israel,etc., while the Orientals are good at engineering, sci-tech and Maths mostly producing high tech wonder societies from ancient Imperial China to modern day Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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