China and Japan gearing up to defend disputed islands

On the anniversary of the Nanking Massacre, China flew a civilian aircraft over the Diaoyu Islands snatched away by Japan after it was defeated in a war in 1894. This flight over Diaoyu is symbolic and a message to Japan that China is not going to let Japan to continue to think that it could seize Diaoyu Islands from China for good.

Japan reacted in the most aggressive manner by scrambling 8 F15s in a show of force to defend its claim on the islands. There was no engagement with the Chinese surveillance twin prob aircraft. China responded by making a statement that the aircraft was in Chinese airspace and had all the rights to be there. Japanese leaders were up in arms, revealing their cleverly concealed military past, each one raring to go to war. The nationalistic and militant voices in Japan are near hysteric.

China will only react in the same pitch and as robustly as the Japanese. China must have been preparing for this day to come, having tested Japanese intent that they would not return the islands without a fight. The stage is set for a military confrontation for the recapture of Diaoyu Islands. The national pride and interest of China, for losing a war and losing its territories will mean that China will go all the way to reclaim the islands. The next time China would also scramble their fighters to face the Japanese fighters.

Japan is equally adamant to keep the war loot. They think they are able to defeat the new China again and with the backing of the Americans. This is World War 3 and no laughing matter. The launching of the North Korean satellite is an affirmation that the North Koreans will present the Japanese and the Americans with a new factor to consider in case hostility breaks out. The dark horse is South Korea. Would it join the Japan/America alliance to take on China and North Korea, with the Russians in the background, or would it do a surprise by taking side with their northern brothers to avenge the years of colonization and humiliation and brutality under Japanese rule?

Whatever the position of the two Koreans, a war between China and Japan is inevitable unless the Japanese are willing to return Diaoyu Island to China. This is basic Chinese position, the reclamation of territories lost during the years of weaknesses and humiliation. They would take on the Japanese come what may.


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Anonymous said...

It will a spectacular one if the Japs with the help of the US take on China.

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Anonymous said...

The Japs are acting as if the islands and airspace belong to Japan and China is behaving like an intruder in its 'claimed' territory. If China is afraid to behave as legitimate owners of the islands and airspace, it deserves to lose them to the Japs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

War is inevitable.

Instead of playing "who's going to win" better spend time discovering ways to PROFIT from the conflict.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to avoid a war here, especially with the US stoking the fire and the Japs thinking Uncle Sam is behind them.

I doubt China will resolve the issue the way they did in the old days when they were weakened by internal strife and divided ideology. They were forced and succumbed meekly to give up territories to the Whites. If the Japs think they can pull one off likewise, they are making a serious mistake.

Anonymous said...

When Japan is upping the ante, scrambling 8 fighters to intercept a non combat aircraft, China should scramble 16 fighters the next time to mean business. The Japanese are thinking that they could frighten the Chinese. Good, slug it out.

Anonymous said...

21 dec 12 - the start of ww3?

Anonymous said...

I hope us do not interfer this time and drag the rest of western countries in. they just need to sit back, enjoy and have the last laugh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The build up in tension is all designed by the US. How could they not be involved?

They would let the China and Japan to incapacitate one another before coming in for the kill and benefitting from the spoils.

patriot said...

Do not be too sure that the US has the capacity to be involved in a war with China.

20 children and 6 teachers were just gunned down in Connecticut with many other similar shootings happened rampantly at other US Cities. Me says more are on the way as i had said before. There will be widespread social upheavels in America and the momentum will pick up if the faltering economy affects the average American in a prolong period when the daily livings become harder.

There will be much for the American Leaders to handle in their very own homeland and China is not Iraq or Libya.

US can only be an instigator, it cannot be a saviour to Japan, S Korea or Vietnam. The Asian Countries are no fools and to self protect and preserve, they have to avoid war.

Most nations know that the wisest way to survice and prosper is to have peace and make economic progress. Going to war is the most stupid thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Agree war is stupid, but war is good business for the US. Obsolete weapons are disposed off. New weapons are produced. Good for the economy. It created jobs.

But lest China or any other country do the same thing, there will be people jumping up and down and shouting that such weapons are killing people and is immoral, against international interest and WTF kind of arguments. Hypocrites and nothing but hypocrites.

Matilah_Singapura said...

War is the ultimate government program -- designed to interfere with every individuals life.

You might think "war is stupid", but observe the fact that wars muster the most creative and intelligent minds as well as the cuntrees best resources for the sole purpose of complete destruction of the "other side".

So is it stupidly intelligent, or intelligently stupid?

You judge. I'll figure out ways to make money..for myself :-)

Anonymous said...

Who said no stupid countries in Asia? What do you think of Philippines and India?

Anonymous said...

At least India has some substance.

But for the Philippines to be branded a trouble-maker now, the Pinoys had better be careful and not try to be the Cowboy of the East.

Strutting their feathers and acting like a fighting-cock just because the US is behind them is not going to do them any good.

Some poodles just doesn't know they may be barking at the dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

Pinoyland has egged on the Japanese to re-arm! Received free f-16 jets from US.

India said it might send warships to SEA to protect its oil assets near Vietnam.

X band c band radar installed along first island chain meant to cage China navy, installed in countries like Taiwan, Japan etc

Anonymous said...

If the new Japan and China leaders are hawkish plus US 60% naval pivot to Asia which is a fact then SG got headache leow.

Reconfiguration of security alliance inevitable in this region?

patriot said...

IMHO, if there is war in Asia, iy shall begin with North and South Korea.

North Korea has apparently harbour the wish to have the Koreans united. With a powerful China, its' closest ally next door, its' worry of defeat by the South is much less fearful now. Plus the fact that it is a nuclear power, all the more it will want to fulfill the Reunification.

True, the so-called World Number One Superpower, the US has military bases around the Region in S Korea, Japan and Singapore. However, these bases and the Allies that house them may not be able to provide all the space and logistic for a full scale war should China be drawn into the brawl.

I believe China will not encourage the North to war with the South. But should it happens and if the US comes in to help the South(Korea) militarily, China can then have the option to help the North. The War will then cause a Third World War as envisaged by Matilah Singapura.

As one interested in World and political affairs as a pastime, me an of the view that China is too big and complex for the US at it's present and foreseeable future to handle. It is too embroiled in Afganistan, Pakistan and the Middle East and it is facing mounting homeland, read internal, problems.

Should a war takes place between the Koreans themselves, me am of the view that China and the US will not participate. Both stand to gain little whatever the result of the War turns out.

Just my two cents worth of opinion.


patriot said...

Me likes to add that India, Philippines, Japan and Vietnam will not have full scale war with China.

Big skirmishes may happen, however,they are likely to end fast and not escalate into war covering whole country.


Anonymous said...

Some of these countries think they could start a small fire and control it. They are just damn stupid. The fire will be full blown and uncontainable in no time. It will lead to an all out war. The time and space today have shrunk and things get out of hand very fast, faster than the stupid politicians can think.

Anonymous said...

Dont think China will send military jet unless its CMS plane is attacked.

Japan Self Defence Force despatched F-15s to show it is doing something to protct the island whilst China plane flew over the disputed island and left without incident.

Both sides got face already.

Calculated moves by both countries unlike that of those emotional streets protest.