Brutal gang rape victim from India died in Mt Elizabeth Hospital

The 23-year-old victim of the brutal gang rape and assault in Delhi died early this morning at the Mt Elizabeth Hospital here. The attack against this young medical student by animals walking on two legs has triggered mass protest in Delhi that is infamous for sexual crimes against the females. This poor young woman will now become another statistics and will soon be forgotten.

No one will know her name except her relations. She will only be known as the rape victim, like all the brutalised women in a male chauvinistic society that think of nothing about abusing women sexually. Many politicians and scions of powerful families have been involved in such sexual violence and got away Scot free, and still running for political office or remain in political office.

Women should be careful and not get too close to such highly sex individuals. Wearing sexy clothing, short skirts, etc, could trigger their animal desire. There are many foreign workers here who are alone, sex starved and have the same mentality. The men in blue should be extra careful not to loosen their control over such potential behaviour. Sinkie women are too innocent and did not know what they are asking for in their company. Do not tempt them. It's your fault if you do.

India needs a revolution and this can only be championed by their women, to defend themselves against such heinous violations from highly sex men. Rest in peace, sex victim and victims.


Veritas said...

High caste Indian has a rape culture against the low caste Indian. According to academics, 2 millions of Dalits women got raped every year. 2 million cases against against Dalits alone. The Dalits woman got rape not because they do anything wrong, but because of fxxking Indian racist shit.


When the Brahmins commit rape, do not expect the gendarme, who are themselves Brahmin in going after the culprits. This is the main reason of failure in prosecution for most of the sexual cases in India. Even if the aggressor are caught, the police often let them go. This is create a rape culture in India. The condone of rape against Dalits corrupt the justice process.

The high caste Indian has a magic cock that I cannot comprehend. On on they they claim that a touch or a shadow cast by Dalit will make them unpure. Also according to theory and lies of Brahmin, when man and woman fxxx, they become one entity. Brahmin see Dalits as animal. So when they screw Dalits, that make Brahmin a animal also.

This is what Brahmin claim if Dalits want to marry their kins.

On the other hand, Brahmins can rape Dalits withou defiling themselves. When Brahmin rape, their cock suddenly become power like magic. Their cock can anyhow poke into Dalit woman ass, and it will not desecrate themselves an iota. In short, brahmins has nothing but lies. Their mind is full of racism.

We must not believe what Indian say. Their shit is full of contradiction. They screwed themselves and their own country big time. Everywhere they go, racism, poverty, misery abound.

Before, Nepal was a Shangrila not unlike Tibet or Bhutan. Due to migration of Hindic tribe, today, Nepal is the most fxxk up country in the world. Same with Pakistan, Bangla and Sri Lanka.

Today PAP bring in those Brahmin. They come and tell us Singaporeans are fxxx up. Only Indian is good. I am sure within a few decade, those Brahmin will starting raping our woman like what is happening in India. We will have hereditary prostitute and shit collector.

I am serious, prostitution in India is HEREDITARY. Racist Indian cheers.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, some itchy Sinkie women will offer themselves willingly. They are simply infatuated and mystified and asking for it.

Veritas said...

According to unconfirmed report, these savage rapist even stick a iron rod ......etc. The intestine and uterine of the poor victim was injured. I wondered how many of our horny slut SG woman would want that.

I pray the girl rest in peace. I also pray God damned those all fxxking Indians who raped and give them due retributions.

India has an unofficial policy of encouraging rape. Allow me to explain.


If you look at the above rape statistic, SG has even higher rape prevalence than India. On 2006, Indian government reported a rape case of 1.7 while SG is 2.7, per 100,000 people. The total case for that year in India is around 20,000 cases. How can that be possible? SG is the safest country in the whole world got more rape prevalence than the most pervert country in universe.

The problem lies in the fact that probably more than 99% of the reported cases of rape are not being followed up by the police. So they are not in the statistic.


The link above estimated that there are 2 million cases a year against Dalits alone.

I do not think India can solve its "fxxking" problem. They solution would require hanging millions of Brahmin. The elites are Brahmin. So no way. Today, rape culture permeate to every facet of Indian society. Even Brahmin woman are not secure. Gangster, never mind higher or lower caste, now start raping people.

Unfortunately Indian do not repent. They still come here, practice their shit racism on us, even though it already screw them big time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Another solid reason for women to be allowed to carry weapons and use them for self-defense

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. By "weapons" I mean firearms -- handguns.


Anonymous said...

Until something happens to a prominent person or daughter ... nothing will change.

Why tell them so much?
Just give them plenty of rope to hang themselves before GE 2016.

agongkia said...

That is why I always maintain that we should allow hookers in Gelyang to help us to reduce sexual crimes.Dun disturb them.
We imported so many Ahnae,Baya,Ah Tiong etc here as FWs and Fts but fail to look into their welfare.

One way to protect our ladies here is to bring in more female FTs from those countries and let them hang around Desker Road and provide affordable sex service.

Garmen can licensed them and get a levy .FWs has a place to go and will not have a reason to get involve with our maid or harbour any intention on our ladies.

Many of those FW from certain country will never hesitate to rape as its seems normal in their country.Hopefully this case dun remind the FW here that its fine to do it here.

virgo49 said...

Hi anon @08.41

Now in my estate, many Indian "FT" - they are free-lance labourers kept in a 5 room flat in LKY's constituency. The owner supervisor will once a while come and check on them in the dormitory and reported back tom his boss.

Complained to HDB but they said that they legal tenants. Compalined to the RC, they said nothing that they know of.

Each day, half of them will go to work at worksites or whatever places when they are needed. Another half will loitered around the void estates going to the nearby sikh temple for their free lunches.

One fine day when they ran out of cash, they will start robbing the elderly folks in the estate.

One fine day when their sexual urges overcome them, they will gang-raped the women folks in the estate.

Hopefully these savages will rob or rape the daughters or wives of the RC members so that they will wake up by not saying nothing that we know of.


Anonymous said...

Gang rape can be of many forms. Some non physical forms are known as HDB, COE, ERP, GST and is performed many times over many people by a certain party.