After Palmer comes AIM

The Aljunied Hougang Town Council was given a red card of sort in the town council’s audit. This put Aljunied Hougang as the only one, I think, with a red card, which was bad when all the PAP Town Councils were mostly all greens except for a few yellow cards.

This event has led to the Worker’s Party making its defence as to why it was given a red card which made them looked bad. The problem was in the Town Council Management System for collection of town council fees from the residents which was terminated and WP could not get one up running in time. It was not due to any missing numbers or money.

The protest by WP led to some defending on why the system was terminated and the surfacing of a $2 company called AIM. The three directors of the company, the only staff with no employees, were Chandra Das, Lau Ping Sum and Chew Heng Ching, all former PAP MPs. The facts so far, the PAP Town Council developed the system, sold to AIM on a public tender. AIM bought it for $140k and leases back the system to the town councils for a monthly fee of $785 pm each. AIM then subcontracts National Computer Services to manage and service the system on its behalf. Apparently AIM could practically recover the full sum of $140k paid in a year and subsequent years will be more like profits.

The revelation of the company AIM and the details of the sale and the lease back of the Town Council Management System have led to many questions now being asked that are not looking good on the part of the Town Councils. Teo Ho Pin, Coordinating Chairman of PAP TCs would now have to fill in the blanks for all the questions being asked. How would this look from the point of efficiency, transparency, correctness and proper would depend on Teo Ho Pin’s answers. And the answers would likely to be in public and may even be raised in Parliament. This is going to overshadow the exciting details of the Palmer Affair for sure.


Anonymous said...

Shit. When Palmagate becomes interesting, the goal pole is quickly shifted to AIMgate. This is confusing. Are there more similar cases from government agencies. If so, please pour them out once and for all. We want to focus on knowing the secrets behind such deals. No?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Nippon paint is on offer now. A new coat of pure white paint over all the 'gates' will make them clean and white again in no time.

Those that cannot be painted over, just buy some cheap carpets from Ikea to cover them up.

Maybe cheap carpets will not do. Must be expensive ones hor. Whether they will ask for tender or not I am not sure. But hor, even if they give out hundreds of tender forms, in the end only one will submit. It is the nature of Government tenders in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Q: Where is the money going to come from?
A: From AIM lah!

Anonymous said...

AIMgate or Palmagate I am not interested, except those who have a stake in this game.

Anonymous said...

Most properly Dr Teo have no creditable excuses in the short term, so we can only expect a deafening silents till some boffins think of a passable excuses.

Anonymous said...

Plainly a person inside the polling booth cannot be within 200 meters of the polling booth.

Plainly if Michael is inside Laura, he cannot be said to be with her.

Anonymous said...

Yep, still trying hard to find an excuse, otherwise they would have started firing from the word go. It's post-Christmas now and 'holy cow' and 'holy ghost' are still quiet as church mouses. Doesn't seem normal isn't it?

It is going to be interesting to see how they are going to wriggle out of this situation. We have opened a can of worms, but the worms are not crawling out yet.

Anonymous said...

The world famous US company called Enron used to sell assets, book the profits up front and then lease them back. Among hundreds of other shenanigans.

They died.

Time for an independent inquiry into all of this crap.

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