A little decency from the workers

A fallen angel getting a little support from the workers. That was about the only silver lining in the latest episode of personal indiscretion. Instead of laughing their heads off, instead of grabbing the opportunity to twist the dagger deeper to extract more pain, to hear the scream, to make it hurt, it was just a polite admonishment. There was no need to go further than this to shower praises for being honourable and for being a good and clever boy. That would smell too much of hypocrisy.
The elite have something to learn from the workers, if nothing to learn about good manners, at least some decency of not kicking someone when he is down. It is a nasty but pleasant surprise that the once mighty elite, with halos on each and everyone’s head, once were standing on the high pedestal of moral righteousness and scream, on your knees, scoundrels, infidels and all. Bow your heads in shame for your disgraceful acts and conducts.
Where are the angels? Aren’t they going to put on their halos to pronounce in their haughty arrogance, that man must not sin, that angels are pristine and would not be tarnished by temptations.
The workers are more down to earth, knowing that all man will sin in times of weaknesses and should not be too harsh in their judgement against those that have fell victims to temptations. Workers are in many ways behaving like angels. Would angels then be more like workers and seek a new balance, a new ethos of kindness, sincerity and politeness, in acts and in words?
It is a painful lesson to learn from. Do not jump the gun.


oldhorse42 said...

The father and son mete out punishment to wrong doers differently. The father would squeeze a poison pill down the throat of the culprit and pronounce to the world that the scoundrel has taken his own life. End of matter.
The son handled it differently. The culprit is hanged out to dry. For every body to see and ogle The woman's identity is not protected in a sex scandal.So much juicy details leaked out to entertain the lesser mortals for weeks.
I think the son's style is more transparent and carry greater deterent.

jjgg said...

Hiho rb..we live in a brave new world..irrational at times..the father sweeps everything under the carpet n rewrite history..and the lap dogs only decry it after theyve withdrawn their cpf or enjoying their pensions...the son trying to make an impact by playing mahjong..have we ever set up any mps as role models? Eg..tin pei ling...role model?...teo ser luck?...Who the fuck cares...it's more obscene to stay in a job n losing billions in careless investments ..btw..can't understand the rationale of temasuck underwriting the olam issue...such a good investment meh?...lets move on..another scandal waiting to be unearthed.....hehe

jjgg said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jjgg, you are not in a good mood this morning.

Just hope this Olam investment is not going to be another embarrassment. It would be intolerable after the fiasco of buying rotten apple foreign banks.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Workers have no power in Singapore.

Even other workers in other fields don't give a shit lah. They'll lend "support" for 1 or 2 weeks, and then they get their pay-check and all is forgotten. Life simply moves on.

In the meantime, for the cheongsters, oar kwee tau's, and the lovely ladies of sensual pleasure... it is "business as usual".

Fucking makes everything feel alright. :-)

Anonymous said...

There is no worker except modern slave on this island. the difference lies in the right to strike.