Yesterday’s mantra, today’s high falutin

How things can change overnight. Many great arguments, uncontested and unchallenged, were elevated to become the daily mantras of Sinkies. Overnight, after a heavy thunderstorm, the dull Sinkie minds seem to have brightened up a little after the flood water subsided. Now they are calling all the mantras high falutins. They don’t believe in any of them anymore.

The first to fall is the high salary for super talent. This brought along the demise of high salary to prevent corruption mantra. No body really believes in it anymore. This is amazing. As they said, real gold is not afraid of fire. But gold plating is a different thing altogether. How many high mantras are going the high falutin way?

Maybe the Sinkies are going crazy and the old mantras are still valid but the daft Sinkies could not appreciate how valuable they were.


Anonymous said...

Gold plated stuff are likely 99% useless inside.
However, the glitters of the plated gold are still very alluring to many.

It is really a question of which fades faster, the gold plating or the admirer of it.

As for talent, me would agree that in the absence of proof to the contrary, the Present Elites and Talents in Sin are the Best that Sin can produce.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Almost every fucker I meet in Singapore over values themselves. It seems to be a culture.

Many Singaporeans complain that they earn too little...as if to imply or some even outrightly CLAIM that they are WORTH MORE than they are being paid.

So if you take it up to the level of the state, where claims need not be proven, it is unsurprising that the "super talents" also over value themselves and thus DEMAND way above their real worth.

You can take any dumb motherfucker Chee bai kia Singaporean from the longkang, put him in govt office, and before long he'll complain that he isn't being "paid enough".

When foreigners come in to compete for jobs, the stubborn Singaporean complains and blames "others" long before (if ever?) he looks at himself and takes a serious audit of his skills and his "value" in the marketplace.

Singaporeans are united by a culture of Self-Value Inflation. To drive home the culture, the general perception is that the more you earn, the more you are of "value".

Any of you motherfuckers angry enough to disagree and refute? C'mon, bring it on bitches!

Anonymous said...

Ego makes the man,

even if it is inflated

However, earning too
little in a very expensive
city is not self inflation
of ego. It is just another
way of saying money not
enuff, paiseh You know.

The boasters are those that
claim how talented and modest
they are. They are also the
folks that always say they
make much sacrifice for the
sake of others. These are the
sickening ones!

Then there are those who
glorify their egos about
their performance in bed,
the affluence of their life-
style, their ability to
attract the opposite sex, all
nature-endowed with little to
do with their abilities.

So long one is happy, claim
whatever makes You happy la!


Anonymous said...

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