The world’s most peace loving country

I can’t help it but to repeat this quote from dear Hilary.

‘…Washington is “very strongly against any nation using coercion or intimidation instead of using the law to try to resolve these issues.’

The US together with its peace loving friends in UK and Canada are imposing more sanctions against Iran for believing that Iran is building nuclear weapons which the US and UK have plenty of. And they are not using threats or intimidation against Iran. Just friendly sanctions.

And there is another level of peaceful means to resolve the issue. Both the US and Israel are openly telling the world that they are going to attack Iran’s nuclear plants. Now, please don’t get it wrong. This is a peaceful gesture to resolve the Iran nuclear issue. There is not a little hint of coercion or intimidation at all.

The Americans don’t believe in coercion or intimidation. They are so friendly and peaceful. The whole world knows about it. And they are begging the Americans to be the policeman and now the policeman is bringing in more soldiers and weapons to the Asia Pacific region to police the area for peace of course.

The weapons and soldiers are, incidentally, not to coerce or intimidate anyone. They are friendly soldiers and friendly weapons, for peace.

It is good that China is conducting a big scale naval exercise off its seas. China should conduct more of such exercises and make its stand clear about conduct in its surrounding seas, especially when other pesky countries think they can go around arresting Chinese fishermen with impunity. And also countries that happily shot at Chinese sailors and killing them.

China has to take a tough stand on such provocations or the provocations will continue to test its will. With so many provocations and if China continues to show them the other face, China will forever be slapped left and right and still be branded as an assertive and rogue nation by the rogue nations. I say wallop them when they do it.

All the pesky nations, including the rogue Americans, only understand the language of force. Obama is reminding the world that the Americans can still project its power. And it is up to China to say, hey, this is how far you can go. No more cruise missiles into Chinese Embassies or Chinese missiles can also make the same mistakes on American assets.

When dealing with thugs and gangsters, China needs to speak the same lingo and behave like them. No need to worry about the opinions of pesky nations. They have already taken sides. And the message will also get through to them.


Anonymous said...

Why do they need to have a Nobel Peace Prize? The way I see it, only the US leaders can qualify by their behavior. Hillary Clinton must be the favourite for the next Nobel Peace Prize, the way she flirts around espousing peace that even the pope cannot come close.

Anonymous said...

See this documentary on the first conflict that marks the beginning of US decline:

US was smart to manipulate UN and used UN for its purpose. Stalin of Soviet is a coward and betrayer. Soviet was the one who supported North Korea to invade South Korea. South Korea was actually a puppet country created by US to counter the North Korea supported by Soviet. Stalin dared not confront with US fearing that would lead to another world war. Soviet is really a paper tiger as Mao said after that event. The Chinese were struggling then to stand up after few centuries of bullies by the Western powers. No one at that time would believe US and UN could not win decisively on this war.

This documentary is good that it tells the problems and difficulties of Chinese fighting a world's strong army and its supporters at that time. It is not to glorify the Chinese effort.

In contrast, US never likes to talk about Korea war. Hollywood makes only WW2 war films because US is the clear winner. No objective war film has been made on Korea war till today. You know why?

Anonymous said...

I personally never respect the Nobel Peace Prize though I admire the scientists or economists who won the other prices.

Nobel Peace prize is a piece of shit. It is like UN which is being used by the US to do all the rubbish for its hidden agenda.

It is a shame to receive Nobel Peace Prize if you know the political influence behind this prize. Nobel must be very unhappy in the heaven.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The motherfucking cocksucking cuntry which should immediately be nuked until nothing is left but the glass of cooled superheated desert sand is Saudi Arabia - the source of violent Islamic doctrine, funding and organisation.

However this fucked corrupt cuntry is a US "asset".

It is good that some geopolitical action is levied against Iran because it is the lesser of 2 evils.

If the Western powers just ignore it, Israel will step in and wipe Iran out... or start some trouble... guaranteed.

Now that the world is involved, Israel has no choice but to stay cool.

Anonymous said...

China got to be careful and be fully prepared because the Evil Satanic Empire - US is on the warpath again. Hell-ary Clinton and Obama speak with forked tongue when they talked about settling problems by peaceful means. No, they meant no evil when the Evil Empire US attacked and terrorised Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Their one sided wars on these three countries were meant to be missions for peace. Now there is peace in these three countries and US and its European allies can safely exploit and control all the oil and mineral resources there.

How can US claims that it is a peaceful country when its history is awashed with blood with never ending brutal conquests of other peoples' lands beginning with the savage carnage and their church sanctioned extermination of the North American native Indians.

As usual before US goes on a warpath of aggression and conquest it will always make use of the mass media to publicise the cook up reasons as a background to garner public support for its wild ventures of aggression. To add fervour and to enhance the reasons for aggression and war US would always whip up public hysteria by doing the despicable act of creating an incident or incidents and then blame it on the intended victim to justify its case for aggression and war. This was how US acquired Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and 1.6 million square miles of Mexican lands via Florida, Texas, Utah, New Mexico and California.

US is now in deep shit economically and financially. It owes China trillions of dollars. But instead of owing money and pay back money through a shedule arrangement it is creating trouble and looking for fights hoping it does not have to pay back in this way. It is blaming China for all the miserable woes of their own making. They should tackle their problems head on by removing all the rogues, crooks and scoundrels in both their public and private institutions such as CIA and the Pentagon in the former and the banks, stock markets, mercantile , real estate, insurance and other big business concerns in the latter.

China should be wary of US threats and evil intentions and continue to build up a powerful military and economy which is second to none. Gunboat policy of the 1840s in which China suffered great lost of land and unwarranted humiliation should not be allowed to happen again.


Anonymous said...

After knowing the history of korea war, we know that firing power and war equipment are not always the decisive factors to win any war. The key factors are the people and name. That is, the people's spirit - dare and willing to sacrifice in war for a justified purpose. The name of war means justification of that war. Otherwise, the poorly equipped Chinese army will not beat the WW2 trained strongest army of the world.

Now that China army is modern and well equipped, with the same spirit, it is even harder for the US army to fight in a battle.

Look back on SAF that infested with white horses and generally most Sinkies NS men are confused on who are they actually defending for. Even with the best equipment among all neighbors, my opinion is that it is very unlikely that SAF will have any advantage over its neighbors' armed forces. Lack of national identity and an inclusive society are the two weakness of Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Diluting the spirit of Singaporeans will adversely affect their will to defend this country. The PRs are fair weather animals and most would just scoot of in times of trouble. They are economic animals with little attachment to our home.

They are here for the money and the good time. And if they fled when there is imminent danger, it will hurt the daft Singaporean's morale even worst. The Singaporeans will be so pissed off that their reaction will be unpredictable.

Do not underestimate the intangible power of nationalism even if we are still a nation in the works. For without this sense of identity as Singaporeans, this island will not worth defending and no one will stand his ground to defend it.

Those craps by Matilah that open the door to more foreigners is good is a dangerous thought.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sorry redbean, but ad hominem attacks on my ideas doesn't make you the winner of the argument.

Open borders are good because competition is good. Competition brings out the best ... in the LONG TERM. In the early days, there will be some "adjustments", and not everyone will be thrilled about that because human beings simply don not like change especially if it "upsets their plans".

Your lack of understanding of human nature again rears its ignorant head.

1. The "good vs evil" argument is no argument at all. Humans are mammalian primates whose brains have a neo-cortex. Therefore the degree of "self awareness" and the ability to abstract think is far greater than any other known species.

2. The behavioural aspects of human nature all sooner or later relate to VALUE (i.e. perceived value). "New" citizens will defend what they esteem and value. Therefore if they esteem and value their new home, you can rest assured that they will defend (if it is defendable) it as "home" represents a very high value.

Of course if some of them don't value their new home, they will have the tendency to flee at the first sign of trouble. But their actions don't come free. They alone will have to bear the immense personal cost in GTFO (getting the fuck out), and they will lose all the stuff they leave behind in their hasty exit.

The question of fleeing is a real question: depending on the circumstance, it may be rational to flee. For e.g. if your tiny cuntry is going to LOSE no matter what, the intelligent thing would be to cut losses and retreat as far and as soon as you can.

Anonymous said...

Me really hates to be in the army, wont mind to be a lowly paid toilet cleaner than to be a soldier. And cursed that me had to do NS.

To say that foreigner settlers dilute our loyalty to our country may not be fair in any case. Me am inclined to believe that amongst out new settlers there should be some that will be most willing to defend the state. Some will defend the Regime as well.

THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LOYALTY IS NEVER OUR EXTERNAL ENEMY, it will always be our leadership. When the citizenry has the slightest thought or wish for protest, spring cleaning and or removal of any member in the Regime, the feeling of loyalty inevitably gets affected or diminishes.

In our current political state, loyalty at best is for the protection of family and live of fellow countrymen. This is to say if going to a safe place is possible, no Singaporean will ever hesitate to go to foreign lands for safety first. As to stay and defend the State, me dare says that only the fools will choose to do it.

This is how Singaporeans will behave with 5 decades of independence, or as our leaders put it; an aspiration to be a nation. At best, our leaders only harbour the aspiration for Sin to be a nation. The Citizens on the other hand are lost about defending an aspiration.


Matilah_Singapura said...


>> And cursed that me had to do NS.

Patriot's thinking IMO is "typically singaporean".

That's exactly why S'pore needs fresh infusion of people with different ideas -- preferably foreigners.

There is little hope in war for the side with conscript forces. All volunteer military fights the best, because they fight with body, heart, mind and soul for their family and friends...not for some vague idea of "cuntry" or "government" or "state".


Almost complete nonsense. Ask yourself -- who are the "leaders" and where did they come from?

They are the same people as most other people in the cuntry. That being the case: The people get the leaders they deserve.

>> The Citizens on the other hand are lost about defending an aspiration. <<

If that is really what you believe, then you should agree that the nation needs "fresh blood" -- new citizens, with "better" ideas.

Open the borders even more. Let the hordes descend and re-populate the cuntry with better cultures, better thinking and a spirit of WINNING instead of the tired old whining and complaining victim-mentality that simply "gave up".

Put some spirit into it man!

Matilah_Singapura said...


Remember the war is the ultimate govt policy based program.

Follow the money --- who is lending, who is scoring big contracts, who are the big-time beneficiaries?

At the end of the day it isn't about ideology. It is about money.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, our assumptions and starting points are different. Your position no state and survival of the fittest. My position is that the state is not going away yet and the citizens own the state and there is a relationship between state and its people.

Any govt that sold out the interests of the people will have to answer to the people. And if the people do not buy the govt's reasoning, they will boot out the govt in a matter of time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually you mis-read me.

I have long given up "theories". I am a hardcore realist.

It is what it is.

You complain because America doesn't conform to your "ideals".

I could care less. To me, my job is to figure it out the best I can (imperfectly no doubt) and try to extract a personal benefit from a situation neither of us can control nor influence.

1. American empire is growing

2.They have the reserve currency -- despite everyone complaining

3. They will fund their expansion by printing up more Toilet Money, and issuing more debt which other cuntries will buy because they are "fixated" on US Treasuries despite the sheer sham and fraud...which is so open, everyone accepts it. (mass insanity)

4. "Massive Money Action" always attracts the usual players:

i. corportae statists like bankers and corporate welfare recipients

ii. financial engineers (who design fancy "products")

iii. weapons and defence contractors

iv. "security" corporations

v. oil companies

...and of course

vi. trial lawyers (aka scum of the earth)

5. Most of the big players mentioned above are US interests. However the game is global.

Follow the money. Without it, you cannot have politics, war and other kinds of global entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Me like to assure readers and Matilah that me may dislike, oh hate to be a soldier. However, when it comes to protect my family and fellow countrymen from enemy, external or internal, I SHALL FIGHT TO THE LAST DROP OF MY BLOOD AND MY BREATH. Loyalty to me is not to blindly take order as all soldiers do.

Matilah feels that due to Singaporeans of my kind, more foreigners should be allowed to come in to defend or protect Sin. He may have some logic there, however sensibility does require one to question convention. Me would not expect a stepmother to care for a child more than his/her own mother. Depending on passerby and migrational/transitional opportunistic settlers to defend ones' country will be suicidal, no matter which angle one looks at it.

It is surely very true that most Singaporean NS Enlistees are like patriot. Since my day in NS to to date, me had done much personal survey and the result me gotten from them is; the First few batches were the most die hard blind order takers.

Most Singaporeans have over the years realize that there is not much left to protect. As Redbean, the Only Blogger who ever blogged about the sales of much of our national assets, have noticed, other Singaporeans are also aware.

In fact, most Singaporeans today do feel that Singapore is occupied by foreigners. They also know that more aliens are invited to settle. SO, WHAT IS THERE TO PROTECT?


Matilah_Singapura said...


You are right -- not everyone can be a soldier, and if the shit did hit the fan, we would protect our friends and families the best way we can: sometimes that involves fighting, sometime that involves hiding...depends on the circumstance and the individual's skills.

Allow me to share anecdotal points about being an "immigrant".

I've made Aust my (alternative) home for ~30 yrs. If my home was attacked I would defend it. Why? I could always flee to S'pore. (the other alternative)

I would defend my home because the word "home" is an abstraction which does not exist in an existential vacuum.

When you have a "home" you have connections/ relationships with other people -- friends, neighbours, family, extended family and ties to aquaintances -- business associates, professional relationships, contractual arrangements.

If you use the "time equation" -- i.e. we all have 24 hrs in a day, and one day we die -- you'll discover that what really brings value or quality to ones life is not just money or nice physical things, but human relationships play a significant role in defining who we individually are and our "feeling" of being "happily alive".

Notice the last 5 words: the feeling of being happily alive. I would comjecture and state that people who have PROLONGED PERIODS of feeling UNHAPPILY alive do not have good/ deep/ meaningful/ loving bonds with other humans, and their relationship probably suck like a $2 whore with gum disease.

These are completely useless people, and no matter how "sophisticated" you might think your cuntry is, there'll always be these LOSERS to make the rest of us feel superior :-) ... if not "lucky". :-))

Personally, these sad bastards who have given up on themselves and humanity deserve no compassion. We should however applaud their artisitic statement since their failures have been providing humankind with on-going entertainment.

Anonymous said...

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