The world watches in silence

After Iraq and Libya, the next target of the Empire is Iran. They are preparing the grounds for it. They have spoken openly of the impending attack to gauge world reactions. Silence. The muslim world is headless and too deep in their own trouble to worry about anything else. Some may be afraid that their country will be next to be invaded and regime changed. Better to dig the head deeper into the sand for safety.

The rest of the world also remains silent as if nothing is happening. Like the proverbial 4 monkeys, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing. Don’t count on the western media or the white men’s conscience to denounce the premeditated murder of the Iranians.

Can any country stop this evil Empire from its murderous intent? If the rest of the world is willing to stand behind China or Russia to challenge the evil Empire from committing more genocide, there may be some hope. You need the rest of the world and the two nuclear power countries to keep the evil Empire at bay.

But why should China do anything? The rest of the world believes that China is the evil one, the aggressive one, their enemy, though China has not even lift a little finger to attack any country. It is best for China to stay out of the killing and destruction and let the evil Empire go on to take out one country after another in the name of peace. Any attempt for China to stand up for the weak nations will be immediately condemned by the western media. That is understandable. But the attacks by the western media will be joined by more attacks by the weak nations of Asia and Africa on China. They will immediately point the finger at China as a country willing to use military power to bully smaller nations. They could not see the Americans are doing exactly that.

It is best for China to stay out of the impending nuking of Iran. It is best for China just to look after its own territorial integrity and make sure that no little pesky country would dare to encroach on its territories and make spurious claims on them.

Let the evil Empire teach the weak nations a lesson on goodness and who to trust. It is now fabricating more evidences, like WMD against Saddam Hussein, to attack Iran. It is forcing China to join them against Iran, to impose more sanctions and even support the strike against Iran.

What a peace loving Empire.


Anonymous said...

Historical record did show that many Rulers, including Saddam and Gaddafi, of the Middle Eastern Regions were killed by their own countrymen. It was also evident that the people in these countries were over-joyed when they had the Rulers removed.

The US cannot be blamed for everything happening in the Arab World. Afterall, history also shows that Crusade and Jihad will never end. It is to be expected that both will not be able to co-exist peacefully.

Anonymous said...

This lunatic fm iran is tried of living. let them nuke em.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can have nuclear weapons, you cannot.

I can hit you, you cannot.

The crazy Americans think that it is always they are able and have the right to attack other countries. One day they could push someone too far and force the other guy to just hit back before the Americans could mumble holy shit, and whoosh, Israel or an American city is gone.

Anonymous said...

IAEA report says there are signs Iran may be at the point of being able to make nuclear bombs. Can you believe in IAEA which is under US control? Didn't IAEA support US position regarding Iraq of Saddam Hussein's regime that Saddam had WMD or Weapons of Mass Destruction which might include nuclear arsenals. Didn't the accusation turned out to be a sham. In the meantime Saddam was butchered and Iraq was destroyed. Now the same game of delusion and evil Western intrigue is turned on Iran. Again IAEA is working in connivance with the West headed by US and Israel to target a third world country which refuses to toe to US dictates. The present head of IAEA is a Japanese by the name of Amano. Japan is a colony of US as well as US close ally. As far as Iran is concerned IAEA stand cannot be neutral. It is under the behest of the Evil Empire US to cook up some reasons or excuses for the West and Israel to justify their imminent attack on Iran. Just as the main reasons for attacking Iraq and Libya are regime change, laying the ground for US and European control of oil and mineral resources and to deprive China of oil , they are exactly following the same background to take on Iran. The United Nations had made two great mistakes in Iraq and Libya. Does it want to make a third mistake which may open up the pandora box for a great conflagration in the Middle East for Iran is not the same as Iraq or Libya. Once the tinder is lit the fire may extend and engulf the whole world.

Why are the third world countries especially muslim countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia and some other Middle East countries keeping so mum about the Western and Jewish threat to a fellow muslim country. Are they too frighten to offend the great Satan US and the Jews for fear their turn of suffering may follow the same path. It is high time for muslims to stand up courageously against Western and Jewish bullies. If they are too coward to stand up to the evil Satan - US then they should stop praying for it will not work at all.


Lost4ever said...

The UN is just but a convenient tool of the US, thus IAEA is also but a mouth piece of the US, and who controls the US, and why the problems in the middle east.... the other 4 letter word J**S.

Plus the Shia Muslim Persians are no friend of the Sunni Muslim Arabs, plus Iran is the biggest threat to the Saudi Kings who are puppets of the US...

Thus the middle eastern neighborhood & the world will continue to watch in silence.

Saddam & Gaddafi were inobedient to the playing rules set out by the US and other western powers, so do Iran and North Korea, and the rest of the world has been brain washed by bombardment by the news media... Thus we all see that the war in Iraq and Lybia as being righteous... which is ONE BIG BAG of BULL SHIT.

Anonymous said...

Why so many post delete by author? Because they said the true??
""This post has been removed by the Author.""

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 130

They should have nuked Iran decades ago. Reagan could have done it, and gotten away with it. Or the US should have got Saddam Hussein to completely obliterate Iran.

2 cuntries of the Muslim world who should be blown out of existence, because they are the source of all the violent religious bullshit:

1. Saudi Arabia

2. Iran

redbean: the USA is the global policeman. No one is fully comfortable with this, nor do people of the world necessarily "like" this. However they are the dominant empire, and have the military might...and dammnit... the EXPERIENCE. This war mongering nation is VERY GOOD at waging war and occupying Other-Peoples-Countries.

Plus they can print as much money as they like to fund their foreign adventures.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Plus the USA is a theocracy. More than two thirds of the US -- the world's most technologically and scientifically advanced nation BTW -- believe in "imaginary friends"...like a personal god and a (apparently) a son of god who apparently is good at "magic" but also functions as a personal saviour to those idiots who believe this total bullshit.

Apparently the son is also the father, and is also some kind of spooky but "special" ghost. Legend has it that this "ghost" impregnated the son's mother...but the ghost and the son are one in the same.

Therefore Jesus fucked his own mother.

Now you have a whole cuntry whose core beliefs are grounded in this sort of rubbish. If they can believe in this crap, and they have heavy weapons, they are insane enough to do anything they like.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, Saudi Arabia and Iran are the main contributors to the muslim fundamentalist and violence through terrorism. Saudi is also an ally of USA so USA is playing fire as well. Of course, USA wants to play the role of world police but most of time acts on its own interest. Many people do not see through this and still worship the country. There should open COI by the UN to assess the past and present case including Iraq and Libya and many others. Those in USA who are responsible for these cases should be prosecuted as war crime if convicted. However, this is ideal because the west especially USA still controls UN and created WB, IMF, WTO, etc to continue their imperial agenda of the last few centuries but in a new package and more clever form.

China and Russia should be silent and do nothing about Iran case but should supply resources including weapons for the Iranian to fight against the west. Let the USA use more resources to be the world police, and then one day, very soon, it will be bankrupt like those superpower in the past.

China must stay peaceful and reform peacefully so as to build its economy to the highest. Economy power will lead to military power but do not spend the military power as it directly also spend economy power when going to war. So long as you stay on top of economy order, you are also on top of military order and world order.

Kaffein said...

Seriously Redbean, I do not think this 'attack on Iran' is US attempt to cripple the Arab World. This report came from the UN.

Read here (link enclosed), my friend. This is not the same case of Iraq where the mass destruction evidence is 'created' by the Americans.

In Iraq's attack, Israel did not play a part. And often Israel's intelligence is quite accurate. Whereas for Iran now, Israel is close to attacking Iran. There must be very concrete evidence now.


Take heed, Redbean. This might be bigger than we think.


Kaffein said...

Just because Catholic and Christians don't threaten to kill you for abusing Jesus' name, I'd strong encourage you not to push the envelope.

Seriously Matilah_Singapura, just as must as you flippantly abused Jesus' name with an incest relationship with his mother (which is not true),

I DARE you now to use the same wordse on the Muslim hallowed Prophet and his name.

Gee, you are just a pathetic ball-less guy. Check again your pants, you might have drop the 'tool' somewhere while writing those comments.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:13. For your info, when a post is deleted by the author it is deleted by the author. NOT ME.

When coming to issues when the UN is dragged in to attack another country, it is always US covered by the letters UN. The previous head of the IAEA was removed because he found no evidence of Iran building a nuclear bomb and replaced by an American appointee who was appointed exactly to do as the Americans said.

UN/US/Israel, all very misleading. Look at the hands behind all the claims and intention and you will know whose hands they were.

The question, why are some countries allowed to own all the nuclear weapons they want and why some countries could not and are considered dangerous?

The Middle East will be a safer place if Iran has a nuclear bomb. Iraq and Libya did not and that's why they invaded. Iran will be invaded if the West concludes that it does not have the bomb. Iran will be safe if it has the bomb. For with it the West would not be so adventurous to try to attack her.

Similarly North Korea is safe for exactly the same reasons. If it is attacked, their nuclear bombs will land in Seoul and Tokyo for sure. These two American got to be very careful in their thinking to invade North Korea. They will be the first to be hit by nuclear bombs for sure.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@Kaffeien 1201

1. I never personally attacked you -- I don't know you, I have nothing against you...yet.

2. If you don't agree with my ideas, I you are welcome to blast them out of existence

3. Be very careful about taking personal shots at me.

5. I have no problem hammering mohamed with his pedophillic predilections and desert hallucinations. However this mate of mine does the best job in hammering all 3 silly Abrahamic faiths. He is wittier and a far better writer/ speaker than I could ever hope to be.

Today, if anyone attempted to kill their child because he "heard the voice of god commanding him" sane people would call the cops and stop this lunacy.

Yet the idea that you should relinquish any ideas of morality, good sense and critical thinking to the point where if necessary you should kill your children if commanded by a "higher power" is the FOUNDATIONAL BASIS for three faiths that oppose each other. Its various "true believers" have been slaughtering one another for 2000 years.

I say let The Entertainment continue.

As far as Iran/ Saudi Arabia go -- nuke 'em, occupy 'em, take their fucking oil.

Kaffein said...

I have nothing personal against you. You went from stating your opinions to calling out a nonsensical remark about Jesus.

I'm sure you are already smart enough. You don't need to take pot-shots at a religious faith or figure to justify a point. Mind you, you bolded the text to prove your point. Even my atheist friends don't do that.

We expect a certain respect for people's faith within this blog. Not the terrorist kind of faith though :P

Chilling out,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is a vulgar spitting hedonistic preacher who cannot tolerate religious reasonings based on just beliefs.

Kaffein is a strong religious believer of his faith and teachings.

Never the twain shall meet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ Kaffein

Sorry, I disagree with you. No religious faith or religious ideas is or should be immune from blasphemy, criticism or ridicule.


You call my "attacks on jesus" nonsensical. Are you serious?? I've attack an IMAGINARY PERSON and it is "nonsensical"? Yet if I replaced Harry Potter for jesus, no one (except a few kids) would even flinch.

So Kaffein, better just get used to it. If you read my posts, expect hard core, disgusting BLASPHEMY and total ridicule of all religious and spiritual ideas.

...but I'll try and make it funny.

Get offended at your own peril :-)
(i.e. you make your own emotions -- don't blame me)

Matilah_Singapura said...

@redbean 222

Actually redbean, I am so much more than your narrow labels can ever define...so much more. For instance, I am the darts champion at Tilac Bar in Soi Cowboy Bangkok. Tilac Bar was made famous in the recent movie "The Hangover part 2", although the producers changed the name of the bar.

I am also a well-known beach bum, expert in all aspects of bummery, and have an on going well-funded research program to discover more effective ways of "bumming around".

>> Never the twain shall meet.

I make it a point to never be in any agreement with any ideas based on IMAGINARY AUTHORITY, or "stupid thinking" of the Iron Age which have absolutely no place in our modern science-based societies. (i.e. no science, no society...none. zero. zilch. nada)

Anonymous said...

Some say science is everything.
Some say everything is created.
Some say things evolve.
Some say things are born the way
they are.
Some say they are born clever.
Some are born stupid.
Some claim they discovered things
Some see things in the dreams
which disappeared when they woke
up with eyes open.
Some wish for a heaven when living
is not up to their satisfaction.
Others want the bad to be in hell
to be punished as they are not able
to punish the bad people he/herself.
We live in reality(science) and we live in hopes and wishes(imagined and imaginery).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, if I were to write about your multi faceted lives and what you have done, if will fill up more than a library.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh please Redbean, you flatter me.

I'm not that special. Really

Anonymous said...

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