White woman speaks in forked tongue

‘…Washington is “very strongly against any nation using coercion or intimidation instead of using the law to try to resolve these issues.’

This is what Hilary Clinton said on board the USS Fitzgerald in Manila after announcing that it will fight along the side of the Philippines on its territorial dispute with China. For the believers, the US is such a peace loving country that never uses coercion or intimidation against other countries. It only uses force or war. Coercion and intimidation are child play. This is the western truth.

And why is she in a US warship saying such words. And why are the Americans moving it personnel and military hardware to Australia and Asia, possibly the Philippines? She is visiting Thailand and as a gesture of helping with the big flood, she is sending a warship to Thailand as well, for peace.

Asia is going to re experience another era of gunboat diplomacy from the West. Was it diplomacy or gunboat aggression? To me it is naked aggression by the aid of the gun. When the West colonized the world, Africa, Asia and America, it was never about diplomacy but conquest. But that was the only language that silly Asian and African countries could understand. And today you can see them reminiscing about those great colonial days with their white masters. It was great romance of a golden era of masters, subjects and slaves.

There is no need to regret the loss of those happy days. The West is about to reconquer Asia and they are bringing all their big guns back to Asia. And the Asians, especially India, Vietnam and the Philippines, countries that have lived a long and glorious relationship with their colonial masters, are cherishing every moment of it. Let’s welcome the great white gods back to rule over Asia.

But first they must prepare for war and bloodshed, and more destruction. They said destruction is the mother of creation, of a new world under a new colonial master. That would be nice, and a small price to pay.
Asean too has forgotten about how well they lived under the concept of Zopfan. They are aligning themselves with the great powers to fight for a better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

To Redbean and All-who-think-China-owns-Spratleys,

Read the legal aspect of the matter:


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon, thanks for the link.

All the parties are making claims to the islands.

Singapore can also make a claim. Nothing is agreeable by any of the claimants. The UNCLOS too have not taken any position.

Did the other claimants have better proof than China of ownership of the islands and surrounding water?

Anonymous said...

Why not implement a PAP style solution to the Spratleys?

Corporatize the island.
Allocate shares to all claimants
List the IPO
Appoint professional management for the island
Everybody goes home happy.

Anonymous said...

Loves to see how Mainland Chinese fare in a modern war.
Come and bring it on, yankees!

Anonymous said...

This woman is dangerous but also hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hilary hilarious.
Hilarious Hilary.

Anonymous said...

This disgusting woman couldn't even know how to tackle the sex war against Luewensky and her wild sex romping husband. Now with the backing of the warmongering CIA and Pentagon she wants to appear to be tough in creating trouble and uncalled for issues in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Actually the whole problem behind this stance of US aggression is that US is bankrupt and is deep shit in debt. US owes China trillions of dollars in debt. And as Redbean says instead of owing money, pay back money US tries to create tension and start a war with China hoping that in this situation US will have an excuse not to pay back the debt it owes to China. Moreover the Evil Empire US is doping and goading some silly misguided Asian countries to pick trouble and possibly start a fight against China so that it can sell weapons to these countries and thereby reaping huge profits in their hundreds of billions of dollars. So far the Evil Empire has been successful in creating wars in other countries notably in Asia and Africa rather than in its homeland. Hopefully the whole world will wake up and unite to attack US once it realizes how evil the satanic country is.

Asians must cooperate and unite and not succum to insidious US propaganda and to let US manipulate them to fight themselves against each other.