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When world population hits 15b

This is the forecast by the UN for year 2100 if the current reproductive rate is maintained. The earth is now hosting 7 billion human beans, and the resources are being strained. Not enough water, energy and food. The oceans’ stocks of fish are depleting, energy and natural resources are being consumed at a faster rate that is unsustainable.

But the good news for such phenomenal growth in population is that economic growth data will be in the positive. It will be growth, growth and growth. Singapore’s population will be 10m by then or more.

The earth is warming, not because of the big hole in the sky. It is the heat of human bodies and the consumption of resources for human activities that are warming the earth. The most irresponsible act of the human beans is population growth, which leads to one thing, consumption of the earth. But the economists will tell you growth is good, and govts bought into the growth myth. With growth, life will be better.

Yes, but for how long? What if all the govts continue to pursue growth, by growing their population?


Anonymous said...

No growth,we won't be here,want Crises like 1998,2008? Pls...many ppl will suffer.

Anonymous said...

Wake up. Too early still sleeping.

No population growth does not mean no growth. Heard of productivity growth? Heard of high yield rice? Heard of innovation and new products? Heard of increasing rentals and prices?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If a country can only think of increasing population to achieve economic growth, you don't need supertalents to do that. And no need to pay supertalent salaries.

Anonymous said...

To prosper Singapore, the Stop At Two' was a gem of a strategy. Whatever resources we had then should have been kept for our(native Singaporeans) own use.

Now that Singapore is almost all sold out and all the resources depleted, Singaporeans will have to find resources elsewhere lor. Otherwise 'tan si'(wait to die) lah.


Anonymous said...

the earth will run out of resources if there is too much population growth? singapore will run out of resources if there is too much population growth?

no problem. our economy will be booming with all the millions of new people. we will simply buy what we need. if prices go up, no problem, we have the money becos our economy is booming. if the prices become totally unreasonable and become more than we can pay, or if people won't sell to us, hey no problem too. we immigrate.

we are in the first stage now. we are already buying gas. we are going to buy electricity. it is big news now. early this year there were foreign reports of singapore signing a deal to buy water from indonesia, becos we would need it by 2015, 4 yrs away. so, see, no problem.

in fact, now we must faster bring in more people, faster grow the economy more, faster increase taxes, faster increase the reserves. see, no problem...

Nivedh Ramachandran said...

It's good.

Nivedh Ramachandran said...

It's good.