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A summary of the discussion on housing policies

Some Singaporeans refused to see the real causes of the housing problems.
Some may not be able to understand.
Some bark up the wrong trees.
Some accepted that this is the way things should be and willing to live with it.
Some really think that it is the higher income Singaporeans trying to snatch the few public flats from the lower income Singaporeans.
Some believe that the higher income Singaporeans must spend all their money to buy private properties.
Some believe that it is their own fault for not being able to afford public flats.
Some think public flats are cheap, some think affordable.
Some think this is the best the govt can do to help them.
Some are very happy with the state of housing.

What will happen eventually is that all the public flats would be owner occupied by Singaporeans. All the PRs will sell them when the price is high enough, to return to their home countries to buy mansions. Singaporeans will be the final owners of all the highly priced public flats and live in them till the leases expired.

But there is no need to worry. Singaporeans are still rushing to buy properties at whatever prices because property prices can only go up. Those who are coughing out a million dollar for their properties expect the prices to go higher, and higher, and higher. Those who come in to buy from them also expect the prices to go higher and higher, and higher.

This is the level of consciousness of unthinking Singaporeans on what is happening around them. No wonder they need more foreigners to come and help them. No one even consider if the govt has built enough flats for citizens who need one, all the angst could have been gone, and no need to have all the clumsy and painful rules and regulations and all the staff to try to wrangle with them. And no need to wait for 3 to 4 years before a flat is ready.

Given the birth rate of 50,000 and assuming 40% will get married, that is 10,000 units of flats needed annually, and not counting the influx of foreigners in the hundreds of thousands.

Where is the problem or who is causing the problem? And daft Singaporeans are blaming each other for depriving another from buying a public flat.


Jonathan said...

Don't assume that PRs are treating their HDB flats as a temporary commodity. PRs who are staying here for good will want to buy their own flats from the 2nd hand market. This is because the cost of rent is still higher than to buy the whole flat. Moreover, Chinese PRs are vividly clear that HDB flats are still much cheaper than condos in China.

To these group of people, they will not want to sell their only flat here unless they are moving away permanently.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Most PRs that do not want to convert to citizens will leave when the profits from the flats are too tempting. It is an investment that they could cash out, return home and buy something bigger and cheaper.

Singaporeans also got this option, if they get richer or to downgrade, but still must buy something here at whatever price.

Anonymous said...

If and when the PRs and Foreigner Buyers can make monies and move off, WHY CANT SINGAPOREANS DO THE SAME?
is it Singaporeans, liked caged birds, are not as mobile and versatile liked globetrotting foreigners??

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
Ref your phrase "Singaporeans will be the final owners of all the highly priced public flats and live in them till the leases expired."

May I continue to object to the use of the idea of Singaporeans as owners of HDB flats.

HDB owns the HDB flats. Not Singaporeans.

That is why we need cannot pass on our HDB flat as inheritance to our children UNLESS our children also "qualify" to "own" the HDB flat.

Unlike a private 99 year leasehold property, that can be passed on to our children as an inheritance.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.22am
Singaporeans are not moving off because we are patriotic.

We are fighting to reclaim our country from carpetbaggers.

PAP's misguided policies is an obstruction to Singapore's Pledge;
" ... so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation."

To be Anti-PAP is to be Pro-Singapore.

car·pet·bag·ger (kärpt-bgr)
1. A Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War for political or financial advantage.

2. An outsider, especially a politician, who presumptuously seeks a position or success in a new locality.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:49, I am afraid you are right. Lease holders are only temporary occupiers till the lease expires. But it is a good feeling to think one owns the flat.

It makes people feel better and rich until the lease expires and become zero value.

Anonymous said...

Please be sympathetic to caged birds or at least try to understand the nature of beings.
We cannot blame or put the blame on the caged birds when they refuse to fly out of their cages. They are 'conditioned' to perish when they do, they are no more able to survive once they leave the home provided by the masters. They would have also lost their survival instincts outside the cages and are no match for those free-flying species.
All that the caged birds are asking for is just bigger cages and more foods without having to get out of their 'homes'. So, please understand birds have only wishes that they wish will be provided and not something they have to learn and work for.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
Thank you for your kind acknowledgement over the point that HDB is the owner of the HDB flat.

HDB as the owner of the HDB flat means that HDB is in fact the Landlord.

This makes all HDB flat dwellers as Tenants.

As a Tenant in private property, you pay your rent once every month.

As a lease owner (Tenant) in a HDB flat, you pay your rent (99 years if it's a new HDB flat) in one lump sum up front.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 12:05, though my household income far exceeds the $12k, I still don't think it is right for people to be forced to consume, like Peking duck.

The fact that you are so happy and contented, that we are worst off than you, I believe your household income must be much more than mine. Glad for you.

By the way, there is another cage bird here who owns a couple of units at The Sail. And he too see the same light as me. Maybe you are also much well off than him.

Ignorance is bliss.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 12:23, many of the happy bloggers here believe they are flat owners. Oops, one probably owns several private properties.

Anonymous said...

A fool and his money will soon part.

Anonymous said...

""To be Anti-PAP is to be Pro-Singapore.""
When this blog become anti PAP? If this the intention?
Worker party supporter will never said so,that mean those got this mindset must belong to Chee that group.

Anonymous said...

You so thick. This forum only talks about bad policies and nothing about anti PAP. You got pass O level or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 1:51, it takes a bit of grey matter to differentiate what the political parties and politicians are saying and their intention from what we are saying and doing in this blog.

Are you up to it intellectually to comprehend the subject matters here? So far you have not said anything of intelligence except to attack everyone here.

What is your motive?

Anonymous said...

Would the govt just do the necessary, build enough flats for the people and do away with all the crappy regulations. When the govt does its jobs, there will not be so many unhappiness.

Just build enough and no need to over build. And the 3 to 4 years waiting time nonsense must be gotten rid of. Getting million dollar salary need to show some intelligence and care for the people.

Anonymous said...

Where got so many Singaporeans buying flats if there are no new Singaporeans.
Wake up lah daft Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Right man. During Mah's watch he found no Singaoreans want to buy flats and slowed down the building programme.

Anonymous said...

Poor or rich, buy first!
Property prices will be
up for at least a few more
decades so long as foreigner
are allow and welcome to buy.

The only foreseeable cause
for property bubble to burst
in Singapore is when the peasants
uprise or revolt in violence.
And this is unlikely.
Oh, if there is an outbreak of
incurable disease here, then gods

Anonymous said...

Yes,this blog Author is right!
Silly Singaporeans ---refused to see the real causes of the housing problems.
Low Educated---not be able to understand.
It a Dog---bark up the wrong trees.
Fool---believe that the higher income Singaporeans must spend all their money to buy private properties.

So Singaporean is the most stupid animals in the world,so why are you still staying here? Why "Educate" those refuse to learn? What you objective?

Anonymous said...

This blog is for people who at least can write proper English. Go back to your country and learn how to write proper English before coming here to expose your poor English.

Your English standard is about Primary 6.

Anonymous said...

Objective? It is to buy a 3rmflat despite earning more then $12K.
Demand: "I don't care what the rule now,you must bend the rule to suit me,if not GE2016,I will not vote for you"
IMM - I , Me , Myself

Anonymous said...

Objective? It is to buy a 3rmflat despite earning more then $12K.
Demand: "I don't care what the rule now,you must bend the rule to suit me,if not GE2016,I will not vote for you"
IMM - I , Me , Myself

Anonymous said...

Nice to have a clown to cheer up redbean.

Anonymous said...

If PAP government cannot supply Singaporeans with adequate housing, it's time the government deregulate and stop interfering with free market forces with all the HDB rules and regulations.

Anonymous said...

The dog's motive is to obey it's masters command. The command is to neutralise the criticisms on the internet.

What intelligent contributions can you expect from a dog?

Let stupid dogs bark. They will get tired in time.

Anonymous said...

get out of my uncaring elitist face!