The stock market needs a savior

The state of the stock market is laughable at best. The media reports paint a picture that it is in the pink of health, and happily strutting its staff around. Some say that it is like the emperor without clothes. Actually more, the emperor is without clothes and having VD. I am trying to imagine the pathetic sight of the staff.

The stock market is a system with its own component players, the regulator, administrator, stocks, brokers, remisiers, funds, big and small investors. Removing any one of these players will cause the system to grind to a halt. At one time some thoughtlessly think that removing the remisiers will be better for the brokers, but this has since proven to be a mistake. The trouble today is that one key component is dying, ie the local investors. And along the way, the stocks/companies too are thinking of fleeing the market.

Industry players are quite clear of the causes that are leading the market to the abyss. However, no one is saying so. Instead everyone is cheering at the emperor and his new clothes and his sore staff.

The industry needs a savior to turn the market back on the right path and nurse it back to health. I say savior not for no reasons. A savior is godlike, to be above the mortals, to be able to call the shot, and have no fear that anyone can harm him. He shall be the light that cannot be concealed by darkness.

He must also be well versed about the market and its mechanism, and be able to see the plagues and where they came from. With prescient knowledge and an untouchable position, only then can the savior carve out the rots and give the market a good cleansing.

There are not many people in the industry that can fit this bill. All I can think of is One. He is the One that can save the market. He is the One that can carry this yoke on his tall shoulder, stand on high moral grounds, to save the market and its players. And he can count on justice, fairness and righteousness on this side.

Saving the market and its players will allow the savior to live up to his name. The One shall then be elevated to his rightful throne, when he succeeds. Yes, when and not if he succeeds. If the One dares to follow this calling, light shall triumph over darkness, he shall be the shining light of his believers.

Who is the savior? The One shall know.


Anonymous said...

Savior not needed.
Steady hands sufficient!

Anonymous said...

Steady hands for shaking hands only.

Anonymous said...

"He is the One that can carry this yoke on his tall shoulder, stand on high moral grounds, to save the market and its players. And he can count on justice, fairness and righteousness on this side.", unquote.

I think You're being cynical.
There is a pack of such people in our Parliament which consist of uncorruptible top talents. And Singaporeans have a president that is one of the top experts in financial and economic matters.

Do not forget that he had offered his expertise to lead Sin, especially its' economy during the presidential hustings.


Anonymous said...

Joke - Changing Singapore (Light Bulbs)

How many PAP Members of Parliament does it take to change a light bulb?

It's either zero or 81.

Zero, since none of them want to change the old light bulb.

81 because the old light bulb is getting dim in its old age. And darkness is gradually spreading around the room. It will require all 81 to "manage expectations" and get Singaporeans to accept darkness as the new standard.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unfortunately I am serious this time. The One, and only One, can save the stock market if he puts his heart into it. Steady hands not good enough. You need someone who is in the stock market to really understand the problem and how to rectify it.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a person in Singalore ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fortunately yes. But the One does not know his potential yet.

He needs to be enlightened to realise his power and mission to do right and to do good. And he only needs to stand up, gather a few trusted supertalents to assist him to unwind the mess.

This is an extraordinary crisis and needs an extraordinary man with extraordinary influence and leadership to take on the job.

Anonymous said...

Seems like only god fits the post
as no one in Sin can do such a mammoth task.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A small god will do as there will be many who will rise to join him. It is a righteous cause, with the support of the people against a bad system.

Anonymous said...

The stock market is a load of shit, sentiments based on hope and fears, nothing concrete.

You often hear that the market rose on hope but nothing else, not even when it is plausible or not. Then the next day they will say that the market slump on fears. The fucking show now is all based everyday on the EU and Greece opera.

The see saw is all on speculation of what is going to happen and some I think will lose their pants and some will laugh to the banks, hoping that some more losers will punt more on the next session to feed their appetite. And who are the sharks and cannibals. You guess.

so1trg said...

I think the ONE is the next Great Depression

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The stock market has always been played by fear and greed. What makes it more disastrous is high speed trading and big funds ability to move mountains. Yesterday the stock of UBO lost $2.5b in value over 57 secs. The machines and the ability for big funds to punt at will is a deadly combination.

The Great Depression will be the greatest leveler of all time. A flat will just be a flat, not matter if it cost $1m or $200k. All the cash in the banks could literally become banana currencies.

The One is the Great Expectation. He is still unsure of his strength. The force is with him. Like Yoda said to Luke, 'May the force be with you.'

Anonymous said...

Read from reports that many India companies are coming for listings at SGX.
Would the savior comes from India or a local Indian?

Anonymous said...

Redbean said he is the shining light.

Anonymous said...

SGX should take note of this site.

Anonymous said...

The government is sleeping. Mas is sleeping. The ministers are sleeping.So long as the government is rich, MAS is rich and the ministers are rich why bother about what happens in SGX. Will they wake up if one of these days SGX goes into a spin downhill? Will it be too late if they happen to wake up? Don't worry there will be an open enquiry. They will soon find out that the problem is due to the foreign talent at the top who is sinking Singapore Stock Market. There is a dilemma. Removing him now means paying him a few million dollars in compensation. Is there any other medicine?

Anonymous said...

Yes, bring back the former CEO.
Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Yep !
All past mistakes
will be totally
erased too huh.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Let someone take the rap when the going is tough and come back looking like a savior to save the company.

Talking about trying to fool everybody all the time but not succeeding.