Steve Williams…How decent is white racism?

I’ll be damned to even be talking about white racism. There is no such thing as white racism. The only racists are the Asians and Africans, who are very good at calling the angmohs bad names. I believe many Singaporeans will be waiting to rubbish my comments about a non existence white racism. It is a bogeyman.

The whites are the most loving and compassionate people in this world. They are the champions of human rights, causes against aborigines, against animals, against weak nations and victims of oppression. That’s why the rest of the world love them and often reminisce the time when they had to call them masters. All have great stories about how well they were treated by their white masters. Singaporeans too like to heap praises on the whites as benevolent rulers. And the Asean countries are begging the Americans to stay on to be their ruler.

Some may think I am being cynical. Let’s face it, and I heard it in the elite circles, the world will not be what it is today without the great white man. They have liberated the world and brought about great progress for human kind. They have liberated the natives and aborigines from their wigwams and grass huts in America, Australia and New Zealand. Can’t imagine the pathetic state these countries would be without the white man.

And they have made sports a great event and fun event. They even abolished the old rules that only white man can play golf and tennis. Without the white man’s bravery and sense of justice to abolish such racist rules, Tiger Woods would not have the opportunity to play golf and be a world champion.

And for that privilege, he hired a white man to be his caddie for 13 years and probably made his caddie a very rich man. And you can see how happy his caddie was when carrying his bags. And every time Woods made a good shot, the caddie would be hugging him for the world to see. There was definitely no racial barrier when the white caddie had to call a black man master. The caddie loved his job and Wood’s colour was never an issue.

The caddie must have many fond memories of serving Woods. He too reminisces the good times when Woods was his master. And a few day’s back, while celebrating his award in Shanghai, in high spirit, he said, ‘It was my aim to shove it right up that black….hole’. And they roared in approval of such a great joke. It was really fun when everything said was for fun, with no bad intention. He would have sworn that all his 13 years with Woods, such a thought had never occurred to him. The evening was just a party and it was all in jest.

We have almost one page of articles on this remark by Steve Williams in the Sunday Times. Why is everyone so excited and agitated by what Williams said? Can’t people accept an innocent joke? Perhaps silly Asians got no sense of humour. And it is good that Williams teach them a bit about how to crack a joke.

Let me try one also. The headlines of all sports media used to have things like ‘Chasing the Tiger’, ‘Tigers the one to beat’, ‘Gunning for the Tiger’, whenever Tiger Woods was in the chase for a golf title. Let me try to imagine the next headline in the media when Tiger Woods is competing. ‘Going for the black….hole’. I don’t know what the 4 full stops meant. I just copied from the media on what Steve Williams said.

Come on you silly Asians, it is only a white joke. Have a little sense of humour. No need to work the small stuff. Definitely no Freudian slip. Peace, peace.


Anonymous said...

US poses the greatest threat to the world.

US is creating trouble everywhere.It is conducting military drills all over the world to prepare for aggression.US claims every other non-white country is a threat to US and the West.US says Iran is the biggest threat to US its allies in the Middle East. Cuba is the biggest threat to US and its allies in America. Then Venezuella is now the biggest threat to US interest in South America. China is the biggest to US and its allies in Asia. Why does US always claim other countries which have a different system of government from its own pose a threat to US? US refuses to acknowledge the fact that it is US which is the only single country in the world that poses the biggest threat to every country in the world.

Lets examine whatever US claims and separate the facts from the fallacies of such insidious claims to arrive at the truth. "Iran poses a threat." How does Iran pose a threat to US? US is ten to twelve thousand miles away from the Middle-East. Iran does not have the ICBMs ( Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles } which can target US. Iran has no nuclear weapons. Iran's military is miniscule and insignificant compare with that of US and its European thugs. US builds a string of military bases around Iran and is preparing its guard dog, Israel to carry out nuclear pre-emptive strike on Iran anytime it is ordered by US to do so. US has stationed permanently flotillas of aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. I suppose these are play toys for show and not for threatening and blackmailling Iran and other countries. On the contrary Iran's puny military is confined within its own borders. Now who is posing a threat and to whom? The fact is US is always threatening others with its military might and at the same time it mischievously turns the table in a reverse accusation against the country or countries it is threatening. So US is always a good guy and others are bad guys. That was how white men the good guys subjected the bad guys the defenseless native American red Indians to savage carnage, decimation, genocide and total annihilation.

US accuses Iran of wanting to make nuclear weapons. What is so wrong with Iran wanting nuclear weapons to protect itself from big unconscionable bullies like US and its mafia European gangs. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya , all have no nuclear weapons. What happened to them? They were brutally attacked and wantonly bombed at will and destroyed. US has more than twenty thousand nuclear bombs and similar number of nuclear tipped ICBMs . I suppose they must be friendly weapons and harmless too. US always impose economic sanctions on other countries. It is imposing economic sanctions on Iran and forcing other countries to do the same. US is really the world's trouble maker and the biggest threat to many countries too. When it wants to attack another country it always first continuously and falsely blare trump up charges against that country to prepare the ground and baseless reason for attack. Thus the victim is always portrayed as a bad guy and US the attacker the good guy. Is there no one to stop US senseless aggression before it plunges the world into the abyss of Third World War and causing the final destruction or extermination of mankind?

Iran and every country that is threatened by US and the West must have nuclear arms to deter uncall for aggression. China is now facing a similar threat from US. US is closing on China all round with strings of military bases and conducting insidious military drills every now and then to coerce China. The difference is that China is now a full fledged Nuclear power and if US chooses to attack China it may yet face its ultimate nemeses. However the Evil Empir - US thinks it is smart to push junior thugs or gangsters like Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines as proxies to fight against China. What a cowardly act?


Anonymous said...

A few deaths at Tiananmen and condemnations came from every corner of the White Axis and their stooges.

If you look at the scale of the massacre of the aborigines in Australia and the red indians in America, Tiananmen is really a non event.

This is the apex of hypocrisy of the Western Governments, Western media and Western people.

Anonymous said...

The US is a great instigator, there is no doubt about it. In term of wars, US had hardly won any in the last 40 years.

Must say it is the stupidities of all the 'lesser' countries and their foolish leaderships that fall preys to the US instigations. Most shameful of all these preys are those with long history of civilization.

War is necessary to get all Races to remain loyal to their indigenous/tribal and inseparable origins. Argument that democracy makes us common and the World global to everyone is bullshit to me. Or tell it to the Red Indians; will they dare say America belongs to them and American English is their own natural language???

In Rome, do what the Romans do; ask the Americans in South Korea whether they have 'Kimchi' in their fish and chips or beefsteaks??
Or are they(the Americans) getting the South Koreans to build churches and drink beers instead of rice wines.

Where should the blame be? The stupid non-whites or the white instigators of European Descents??

Wars are needed not just to keep original identity, it is also needed internally to rid bullies who prey on their own people.


Anonymous said...

the real threat is china, the most rascist ppl in the world

Anonymous said...

That's what white men makes the silly Asian and Africans to believe.

Who captured the blacks to become slaves? Who killed the Red Indians? Who practised apartheid? Who practised white immigration policies?

Time for white men to stop using the media to poison the Asians and Africans. White men are the most racist specie on earth.

Anonymous said...

Stooges are stooges. They cannot be persuaded to look at facts.

They always believe what the Whites say about Asians being the bad guys and the Whites invariably always the good guys.

The Hollywood movies depict this, the Western media harp on this and the Western Governments capitalised on this skewed ideology. They sold this ideology quite successfully to some daft Asians.

Now propaganda cannot be dished out in just one direction. It is a two way traffic, with Asians starting to demolish such thinking based on historical facts from the distant past, especially with the Red Indians, Australian aborigines and South African blacks.

They almost did the same with the Indians in India. Had they succeeded, Asiatic Indians could have been like the Red Indians and Aborigines.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04.

Please give some examples of why the Chinese is the most racist. Personal examples better.

Anonymous said...

The Answer is that he/she is not a Chinese.

Anonymous said...

White man will always look down on the Blacks and it will be forever so.

Anonymous said...

Really miss the good old times of the Ku Klux Klan, the National Alliance, the Supremacist, the Skin Heads, the Manifest Destiny, the White Man's Burden, the lynching mobs, chicken farms in the cotton fields....