Singapore’s new normal

I think this trend has been going on for too long but is finally surfacing in the private sector as well. The private sector probably takes the cue, like monkey sees monkey do. So what is this new normal?

The ST has a big article on the outages faced by the telcos. And the blame is simply pointed to the unexpected demand in usage. This is the first new normal. Everything is unexpected, or probably there is no need to do any projection of demand and supply. If it is unexpected it is ok and no one is to be blamed for it.

I can see the logic in a once in 50 years flood in Orchard Road. But planning for commercial activities like providing and selling services without a care for unexpected demand is pretty new in first world management planning theory. Don’t remind me about the over supply of housing and the sudden under supply overnight. These could be due to unexpected drop in demand and subsequently unexpected high demand caused by unexpected influx of foreigners.

What is the next new normal? It’s easy. Cut down on the services or raise the charges. So it is not an issue of increasing the supply to meet the demand but charge more. Me thinks of ERPs and public housing solutions. Don’t worry about supply, it is good opportunity to charge more and make more profits. Every problem or complaint is a money making opportunity.

Next, it is ok to have such unexpected demands and high usage. Just live with it. It is normal. As long as the provider of services tells the customers when is the breakdown, when the services will resume and they are doing their best, it should be fine. ATMs will break down every now and then because of high usages. Just accept it.

I think the next great statement will be, ‘Outages or breakdowns of services are signs of progress.’ How’s that for another new normal? What if PUB or other essential services get their normal breakdowns every now and then?

Selamat akan datang is the typical new normal of this first world city. The people are lucky we have so many breakdowns and outages. It shows how vibrant this city has become. Singaporeans should be happy and live with the new normals, of having breakdowns and outages as part and parcel of first world city living. They should not be imposing fines on MRTs and the banks. These institutions are running at full capacities and what is a little breakdowns now and then?

Just compare with Bhutan, they don’t have these kind of breakdowns and outages to complain about. We are so lucky and so happy.


Anonymous said...

The norms we see now make perfect sense in Sin where You die is your own business.
No one actually force Singaporeans to consume. You want to buy property, see the doc, go to U, buy many mobile sets and take public transport, You do them on your own free will.

You should know there will be accidents on the road, your equipments will break down.

You should also know that You are sick either because You are weak or fail to take care of yourself. Even if one takes good care, no guarantee no mishap or outbreak of diseases.
Similarly, expect and accept break down of services and damages by accident as norms.
It is all just simple logic and reasonable.

If there is nothing new or normal, there won't be progress from 3rd to 1st World. Sin is now heading beyond 1st World.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning Patriot. You are brilliant in your observation. Sin is indeed heading beyond the first world, to the twilight zone.

The said...

/// Sin is indeed heading beyond the first world, to the twilight zone. ///

Beyond first world means after-world?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To become a more caring and inclusive society, to embrace the opposition and to be more tolerant to alternative view is one thing.

To be more tolerant of negligence and bad management is a different thing altogether. It is the first sign of decline when slipshod work is accepted as normal.

The worst thing is that all these problems are predictable, expected and can be planned away. And you don't need super talent to think of it.

Anonymous said...

Beyond First World is to CREATE A NEW World. It will be for cyborgs and automatons with built-in(auto) repair. So, breakdowns and malfunctions will be self-corrected.


Anonymous said...

Sin is drifting towards the new world not by design but by neglect and lost of control.

Anonymous said...

I read the report and like the tone it set. Everyone is so calm and detached from the foul ups. There is no urgency, no concerns, as if everyone is having a kopitalk. Nobody's problem.

Kaffein said...

Motherhood statements from ST that don't mean anything or not worth their words. Wonder why we are paying higher fares and charges for so-called service quality. And wait till you reach someone of the Telcos service desk or hotline. I think many rather just 'live with it'. Is this the Singapore new normal of acceptable service standard?

Do we seriously need an MP to question the recent 'slap on the wrist' on SMRT? Gee I seriously wonder what have the PTC been doing. Perhaps the fare hikes are for the members' salaries. Hahah...

*wipes tears from eyes*


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Kaffein, swallow tears: )

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There's a cockroach in my soup! That is expected when the business is so good. But if you want to have cockroach free soup, pay more and they will hire more inspectors to do the job.

You want good quality you must pay the right price. The more expensive the better.