Singapore students came out tops in Critical Thinking

Organised by the Oracle Education Foundation, the competition challenged students to solve a problem using their critical thinking, communication and technology skills. More than 30,000 participants from 52 countries participated, showcasing the best of their young people’s expertise on a global platform.

The teams that came in tops were from Republic Polytechnic, Dunman High School and Nanyang Girls’ High School. Their projects ranged from helping a commune in Cambodia that has been living under the poverty line to developing an application to help users gain insight into their eating habits.

Our students came out tops, can you believe it? The students from a daft country came out tops among 52 countries and 30,000 participants. And we keep claiming that we need foreign talents to help the daft locals.

The problem with Singapore is that it does not believe in its own people. The only thing that Singapore believes in its own people is that they are daft. If Singapore does not believe in the talents of its own people, it will keep on searching the world for talents. What is the point of all the best schools and best universities when they don’t believe in them? Even in football, it believes that in order to do well, it needs to buy foreign talents. And look at what it gets after all the years and money dumped into the foreign talent scheme? The standard of football is getting worst than when there were only Singaporeans kicking the ball.

We need to believe in ourselves and our own people and talent. This statement is sounding more ridiculous every day. After building the country from the small pool of local talents, it is dismissing every local talent and bringing in foreign talents to run the institutions, to supervise and boss over the locals.

This is a sure sign that a country is heading into the abyss. So what if the above three local schools came out tops. Maybe the participants are foreign talents too. If that is the case, more reason to go into oblivion. If the students were mostly locals, then it is another slap in the face of local talents. No matter what they do, how good were their grades, the country does not believe in them.

Now who is the real daft one?


Anonymous said...

So Singapore Student win?
Who design the Singapore education system?-MOE
Who support the MOE with all teaching method?
So give credit to government,Education Ministry,School staff&the student pls.
About trust & don't trust it own people,don't go extreme way to fight for untrue please,it the people who made a differ,together we can do many good things for our country,just work as a Team!

Anonymous said...

Straits Times, 5 November 2011, headline news on Page A1.
"G20 clear on actions needed: PM"

Wow! Singapore has finally sorted out the European problems. The world is saved.
Gerard Ee - Please note. Higher salary needed.

Now can we please go back to;
a) floods
b) poor, helpless & elderly in S'pore
c) overcrowded public transport
d) and etc. and etc.

Anonymous said...

The current Minister of Education must have a bigger head circumference after this.

Any kelong or not? Maybe the questions were we-kee-leak to them, like what happened at one University here.

But, maybe just an honest mistake that got away lah! It only happens once in every fifty years.

Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans soooo...cynical of their talented leaders???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Saturday, November 05, 2011
OPINION: Singaporeans alienated on their own turf - Seah Chiang Nee
Malaysia Star, 5 Nov 2011

With its liberal immigration, thousands have flocked here from Malaysia, Philippines, India and other countries in the past decade.
Many ended up running companies or becoming human resource managers or recruitment agents.
In previous downturns, some bosses were known to have used the excuse of job shedding to bring in more relatives or friends.
“It’s about time the government looks into foreign-owned companies dead set on hiring their own kind,” a Singaporean professional said....

Anonymous said...

Foreigners come to set up companies to provide jobs for Singaporeans. They brought in their relatives and countrymen to buy at our shopping centres and dine at our restaurants. Some buy high-end properties and made Singaporeans prosperous.
No good meh?

Anonymous said...

"...together we can do many good things for our country,just work as a Team!"

PAP style TEAM work:

We pay them million dollar salaries. They control everything.

THEY tell us;
a) You are complacent
b) You need spurs
c) It cannot be helped
d) We cannot please everybody
e) It's happened. Let's move on.
f) What do you want? 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

How stupid do you think we are?

Anonymous said...

- Heartiest Congratulations and Credit to all the Home Tutors of Singapore.

You have set a new benchmark of education achievement for helping Singapore students understand what is being taught in school nowadays.

You have survived "Teach Less, Learn More"

Now you must help students with the new "values" syllabus from yet another new visionary Education Minister who has no background in education.

Anonymous said...

Soon we will have a Nobel winner. It is actually dangerous to have the Singaporean system and model - one that is based on face value and relationship, one that is not accountable and transparent. If any country adopts this system, it will not be sustainable.

Anonymous said...

I like the title of 'visionary Education Minister' given by Anon 7.57 pm. Makes him sound sooooo visionary. Some more with no education background. Thats what I call talentess talent we can find.

Each time a new minister takes over the ministry, lots of teachers start to have hypertensions. How are teachers going to teach lesser and students going to learn morer really beats me.

Let's just pray the critical thinking stunt does not go awry.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee at G20 summit meeting on Greece crisis?

Die lah!!
What is Singapore expected to contribute other than money for the European Bailout Fund?

Now I will never get back my CPF money.

This type of meeting invitation must know how to siam!
Otherwise how to be Prime Minister and protect our money?

More longer working years for our elderly workforce of involuntary rubbish scavengers.

It cannot be helped!

Why can't PM Lee just tell these European leaders;

a) You are complacent
b) You need spurs
c) It cannot be helped
d) We cannot please everybody
e) It's happened. Let's move on.
f) What do you want? 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ministers no experience? Not an issue. When you got talent, you can do anything, even a Willaim Hung.

Look at Boon Wan, no housing experience, but immediately can do so many things. Eng Heng no experience in defence but doing a good job. Hardly any minister has any experience in what they are doing, but because they are so talented, they will take on every ministry like a piece of cake.

And they are advisors to all kinds of associations, business, cultural, sports, etc etc. Talent is everything.

Actually politicians are the most talented people around the world. Just look at George Bush, a football club manager became President of the US and telling nations how to run their countries and conducting wars as the Commander of the American Armed Forces. Politicians are like magicians, gifted to be know alls and can pull magics out of their hats.

Anonymous said...


George Bush is one of a kind. He is good in everything, except not knowing when his mission is being accomplished in Iraq. What a joke of the decade!

But, as politicians are, that could easily be brushed aside as an honest mistake. A mistake paid for with thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives as well.

The man has no conscience, what with a Vice-President, that was basically the devil himself, giving him all the advice.

Anonymous said...

Our students and scholars are amongst the best in the World for decades.


Why, why, why!!!

Anonymous said...

Why indeed!

Ask the former Minister Mental. He was the one who belittled local grads with his pronouncement that only foreign scholars can be of minister calibre.

That really set the tone for every employer to look down on local grads and every parent's ambition to send their kids to overseas universities.