Selling junks is a crime!

The scavenger went to the junk yard to hunt for usable parts, took them home, sieved out the usable parts, repaired or refurbished them and sold them in the market. Is that a crime? Definitely not. What if they are military parts, is it a crime?

According to two hawks in the US Senate, Carl Levin and John McCain, it is a crime against the US. Selling them is like selling counterfeit parts. Are they counterfeits? They are genuine parts! The only thing is that they are discarded junks and the junk scavenger took the initiative to find them and rework them into working parts. If this is not allowable, then all the junk yard operators should close down.

So what if they are military parts when there are willing buyer and seller. And these are not really arms parts but electronic parts from old circuit boards which can be used for anything, not necessarily weapons. And there are millions of them floating around. How could there be millions of them be floating around when they are parts of weapons? But that was what the American Defence Department claimed.

The two senators are using this accusation as an excuse to create problems for Chinese electronic parts entering the US. They wanted to use it to justify inspecting all Chinese shipments to the US. Basically these jokers are sick, running out of ideas. They still think that it is a one way affair, that they can make life difficult for China, bully China. The game can be played both ways and many American goods going to China would likewise be subject to the same courtesy.


Bai Hu said...

Hi Redbean,
I agree 100% with u. The American government to me, are just one bunch of jokers who have nothing else better to do. The very pressence is to make things difficult for other countries - in order to advance their own interest or maybe cover their backside for bad things that have done. If you have covered or follow their news trend, u will know what i am referring to :(

Anonymous said...

China can use the recycled items herself mah.
Why bother to export to the US?

Anonymous said...

Possible that these are military parts and millions of them lying around for the Chinese to pick?

If they are parts of napalm bombs in Vietnam, maybe got coz America nearly burnt away all the forest there. So got plenty of parts to pick.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Some points:
Nothing to worry about. This is real politik in action - sometimes friendly, sometimes cool, sometimes unfriendly, occasionally hostile.

"Col Gadaafi, please say hello to Mr Jobs...and please sir, if you don't mind... do you know that object out which is sticking of your rectum? Kindly remove it. In this establishment, we have dress standards." (No wonder he never made General)
Gadaffi went nuts and accused Michael Jackson for copying the "dictator look". Judge for yourself.
Gadaffi's all female corps of personal bodyguards now have 2 job options:

1.Work for Charlie Sheen and swear to protect this warlock and his tiger blood

2.Work for Kim Jong Il – legendary porn addict and foremost Asian masturbator, who treats his people like he does his penis: as a weapon with spite and fury, but with a dash of fond attachment.

Both guys are fuck-nut insane. Luckily, these gals can handle crazy guys.