Posts disappearing after posting

Several bloggers have encountered this problem since yesterday that their posts were disappearing. Is this a bug in Blogger or is it something more sinister?

Whatever, people will put one and one together and look at the direction which they think is the likely source of such strange things. America did it many times. Create a problem and point the finger at whoever they want to target. It is called false flag incidents.

Now some bloggers may think that I am deleting the disappearing posts. No way that I am doing it. I hope it is such a bug. There is no reason for me to delete any post. In fact I welcome more bloggers to post in my blog. The more the merrier. That is why my posts often are provocative and take on pretty strong and controversial views.

I hope this problem will go away. If it persists, as it has never happened before, you can make your wild guess. A point to note, as it made me wondering, was the exceptionally high traffic on Thursday morning. It more than double the normal volume. Could that be the indicator of someone breaking into this blog?



Anonymous said...

Why your excuse similar to TOC?
Really hope you never delete those unfavour post against you,if not what the differ between this blog & those anti-government blog which only post those comment they want to show reader?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Kaninabu chow xi bai lah redbean. Not directed to you -- directed to those stupid wankers who think that there's "evil" lurking all over the place solely intent on "getting them". (Perhaps they are "bad" people and deserve some divine justice hahahaha....)

Listen fuck heads -- none of us are that special or important. Nothing that is written here is anything important...to the point where there'd be "agents" hell bent on "sabotage".

Get fucking real, assholes.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. (Hanlon, Napoleon)

i.e. "Evil" (whatever that is) should be the LAST hypothesis, not the first.

E.G. When you cannot find your keys or your phone do you IMMEDIATELY think they have been stolen and report to police or do you make a good attempt to locate them? I would say that there are people who will call police first. Kiasu or what??

redbean, please post a permanent link so that bloggers can stop jumping at shadows:

Report comment Related Problems

Matilah_Singapura said...

enable email comments

Anonymous said...

No big deal as it is quite common to have postings went missing.
Repost it again and again till You got them published'

Whoever is/are doing the erasure/deletion has to have more stamina than the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Trust him lah,he already said government is worst,Singaporean are stupid,he the only smart one,so whatever he said is true,include delete posting,we must trust him as he the best.

Anonymous said...

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