Obama restores US influence in 8 days

The New York Times is gloating how successful Obama and his team was in becoming the leader of the eastern Pacific region. I quote, ‘The meeting, at the end of the summit, capped a week during which the US President moved quickly, and on several fronts, to restore the influence of the US in the Asia Pacific region after a decade of preoccupation in the Middle East…Obama announced that 2,500 Marines would be stationed in Australia, opened the door to restored ties with Myanmar, a Chinese ally, and gained support for a regional free trade bloc that so far omits Beijing.’

What did Asean achieve if any? Oh yes, they have accepted the leadership of the US and invited the US to back them up in their territorial dispute with China in the South China Sea. It is a great achievement for the small Asean states to install the world’s most powerful country as their leader. They can now start to pressurize China and even go to war with China with no fear.


Anonymous said...

The Current US President, Mr Barack Obama, is a born World Leader.
He will have influence in everywhere from USA itself to Europe, Africa, Australasia to Asia and in SE Asia, in particular Indonesia where he spent some years.

Of particular interest about his influence, it will have the greatest bearings in the US itself and Africa where his ancestors hailed from. If there is a Race that is able to win over the Whites, it is the Blacks. The Black Culture has its' allure in being simple, fun loving as living should be.

The Blacks are born artistic, athletic and naturally spontaneous, all the attributes for fun-filled livings as a living being.

While most of the more 'advanced' African Nations have adopted the English Language as their working language, the Whites have adopted much of African Culture in their everyday living. Be it dancing, singing and other performing arts. The care-free living of the African Race is also much love by the Whites who in the past adored Aristocrat/Epicurean and Hedonistic lifestyles.

Black Americans dominated much of the sports in the US, they are probably the only Race to match the Whites in athletics. Empirical evidence has also shown that Black Americans have done well in the political arena, General Powell, Condeleeza Rice, Luther King and of course there are numerous other outstanding Black Leaders in the US.

Whilst most believe that conquest by war is victory of one species over another, I contend that CULTURAL DOMINATION IS THE ULTIMATE VICTORY.

When the Qing Dynasty Rulers adopted Chinese Culture wholesale, they knew that they(Manchus) will flourish and share the glory with the Chinese Race. Had the Manchus insisted and persisted in fighting the Chinese, they would be much like the Ancient Aryan and Mayan Tribes/Civilizations in between North and South Americas.

To cut it short; American influence is not all White(Race) influence as was in the last two centuries. Those were the days the Whites converted other natives to christianity and made them into cowboys/girls with 'Englis/Christian Names. And the native then willingly abandoned their mother tongues to make themselves pseudo angmos. The Americans themselves WILL WANT TO LIVE LIFE IN A MORE SPONTANEOUS WAY. The structured and legalistic existences that they had before are no more the yearning of the average Americans/Europeans.

The political influence the American/European Politicians want over other nations WILL NOT BE THE ASPIRATION OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS as time goes. All human beings will aspire to live simple and happy when their leaders make living tough and complicated. We beings should know the futility of sophistication in a short temporal existence.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ah Patriot. When I was reading your comments I thought it was from some kids. You should at least watch the movie Kunta Kinte.

There are two types of black talents in the US today. One by pure breeding, and another bred accidentally from the American chicken farm.

The first type produced all the great athletics and entertainers. They were bred from the strongest and most musically inclined blacks. Hand picked by the slave owners.

The second type was unintentional. The owners availed themselves of the chicken farm freely. And they shared the chickens with their guests. So you have another type of super race, the black brawn plus the white brain. My apologies but this is factual.

I used to say that what Hitler failed, the Americans did it very successfully, to produce a new breed of super human race, with three sub categories, the athletics, the entertainers, and the Colin Powells and Condoleeza Rice. If I am not mistaken, many of the black intellectuals in America are of mixed blood.

In the case of the Manchus, it took three emperors before they started to accept some Han cultures. The earlier emperors imposed the Manchu culture over the Han Chinese and there were segregation with the Manchus the equivalent of the whites and the Hans, the non whites.

Over time they found that the dept of Han culture is much more superior and complex than the Manchus, and they gradually imbibed and adapted some of them. But pigtails and the Manchu costumes continued to the dying days of the Empire. They never accept Han Chinese culture wholesale.

Had the Manchus insisted on fighting the Chinese? You are absolutely wrong. They were fighting and controlling the Chinese till the time of the Taiping Rebellion led by Hong Xiu Quan in the mid 1800s. They fought the Chinese and wanted to dominate over the Chinese till their dying days.

The American culture was white culture predominantly, but they could not resist the talents of the super black race in sports and music. The blacks were bred to have those gifts.

Anonymous said...

Now, 8 days is pretty long by Obama's standard. Many know that. Only the Americans and their cronies don't know that.

In my opinion, Obama can convince a bird to come down from a tree by just opening his lawyer's gab. That is how persuasive his speech can be.

Anonymous said...

And what Hitler could not achieve in Germany...Singapore has produced a super race to lord over all others in perpetuity.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The future is going to be very entertaining.

1. China holds alot of US debt

2. Interest payments on present debt is USD 26 billion per month ~ 300 billion per year.

3. By 2019 (if the Chinese don't push or use force for a higher interest rate on US Bonds) interest payment on US debt 800 billion per year

4. The interest payments on US debt held by China is enough to fund China's military expansion.

5. China's military expansion is not only a matter of concern of the US but other Asian governments (including a very taciturn India) are becoming quite nervous.

The best authors of fiction/ drama could not come up with a funnier plot for a saga than this reality.

Wah, entertainment galore akan datang.

Matilah_Singapura said...

kwa simi lan chiau?!? Ai pak mai?

Wah. Nobel peace prize winner.

Anonymous said...


Chua Chin Leng;

thank You much for the lesson.

Me did watch the Kunta kinte Series when it was broadcasted decades ago.

American Blacks and African Blacks are all Black to me as me honours my ancestry as most Blacks in the World do. Do allow me to quote and paraphrase a fellow Chinese in saying 'black cat , white cat and cats of whatever hue, so long as they catch rats, they are good cats. The Blacks that were brought from their homelands to be slaves to the Whites could very well be the masters of the Whites when MORE OBAMAS ARE BORN IN THE AMERICAS.

'Fengshui lun liu zuan'(There is a turn for everyone be it good or bad)

farmer patriot from ulu land.

Anonymous said...

My God your comments are extremely racist and offensive.

"So you have another type of super race, the black brawn plus the white brain. My apologies but this is factual."

"If I am not mistaken, many of the black intellectuals in America are of mixed blood."

Factual my ass. Please elaborate on the rigorous methodology you've employed to arrive at this conclusion. Also regarding the second point I'm sorry but you are mistaken. Name me some prominent black intellectuals of mixed blood?

Your bigotry is very ugly.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 5:01,

Is it bigotry or is it the unbearable truth? After growing up reading American version of the truth, the pervasive and national practice of slavery in America was a thing that is best forgotten, not to be spoken off. And so was the genocide and the robbing of the country from the American natives.

The negroes or niggers that they used to called them were subhuman to the early white Americans. They were beasts of burden and there for their pleasure.

How many of the prominent black Americans are of mixed heritage? Try Obama, Rice and Powell. The list can go on. Just look at their features and you can tell.

The creation of this super race was not intentional. They were bred for different purposes. Is this bigotry? Face the ugly truth.

Fortunately the misfortune of the early slaves has turned out to be a blessing with very fine specimens of great intellectuals today.

You should read the true American history of the days of slavery and Ku Klux Klan to know how it was and why it is today.

Anonymous said...

There would have been few Blacks in the Americas and Europe had the Whites not brought them there. And had the Whites not invaded and occupied Africa, the World as a whole would be a naturally, leisurely and less destructed environ for beings.

Scientific and technological advances have and are also making human kinds into robotic cyborg and automaton. Anyway, it is my personal view that the Original Lifestyles of the African in the early days before alien visited them, were the most simple. The simplicity itself is THE GREAT SOURCE OF HAPPINESS FOR MANKIND.

As living gets complicated and more complex each day, less humans will be interested in wars. Having said that, I must say that political leaders have the propensity to behave against the grain to prove their 'greatness' and political virility. THE PEOPLE SHOULD LEAVE THEM(POLITICAL LEADERS) ALONE TO PLAY WITH THEIR GUNS AND POWER.

Citizens should not be influenced by their national leaders for their power plays.


Anonymous said...

Try Obama, Rice and Powell? These three are not intellectuals they are politicians, its fairly obvious that the race card is still a very important issue in American politics. Full blackness is seen as some sort of deficiency. Herman Cain as inept as he is possibly the first post-racial candidate for the presidency. Earlier you mentioned the word, "intellectual" so most people would take this to mean writers and academics. Let me list you some, and let me tell you that i seriously can't believe in this day and age I have to list the achievements of some blacks to explain that while the legal system, popular culture, endemic poverty, and employment prejudice continue to be serious problems for the black community, they are not genetically predisposed to intellectual inferiority. I such you read some controversial scientific studies on the black IQ from both sides of the argument before you arrive at your sweeping conclusion from listing a handful of politicians. Anyway here are some black intellectuals, the first 2 are not included on the subsequent list.

- Stuart Hall
- Cornel West


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 5:36, you are much welcome to the blog. I appreciate your serious views on this subject.

Yes, I was being provocative. And that is one of the main premises that I adopt in most of my articles. I called Asians and Africans and Arabs silly. In many ways they are. But my provocative writing is to incense them into defending themselves and hopefully to reexamine their views on things.

There are many black intellectuals in America. I believe you are much more well versed in this area than me. And I still consider the three politicians as intellectuals as they have risen to positions that they could not get there without having some good grey matters. And Rice was and is an academic at one time. She fits into the academic genre of intellectuals.

Intellectuals or the intellectually sound people need not be academics or philosophers or strictly just thinkers. They can be in any fields, in arts and science, law, engineering and of course among the politicians.

The Afro Americans, my apologies to borrow the derogatory term nigger used by the whites, have come a long way. Given their past as slaves, many of them could have mixed blood, illegally, forced upon them by their masters.

There are of course the new Afro Americans that are free from the taints of slavery. And there are and must be, many intellectuals among them.

I am happy to have people who have serious views in the subjects that I have brought up.