A New World Order

The recent appearance of Obama in the Asean Summit in Bali and his pronouncement of a new strategy for American dominance in the Asia Pacific Region is a reminder that the Americans have not accepted the geopolitical changes in the 21st Century. The US is still living in the era of post WW2 when everything is about American supremacy, America Number One, and US foreign policies is all about power, military superiority, confrontation, subversion, military intervention, military alliances and war to settle cross national disputes. The US and its empire, American hegemony for the last 60 odd years, are gradually being eroded by the primacy of economic growth instead of military power.

For the last few decades, American continues on its path of being the Number One military super power and spent most of its valuable financial resources to maintain that position while China on the other hand devotes its main effort in economic development and growth. The presumed power today of China being a super power is more economic than military. China has not engaged in any major warfare since the Korean War. The Americans on the other hand have been in continuous warfare ever since. It is still engaged in several wars, to uphold its image as the Number One military power, unchallenged.

The preoccupation with its world dominance and empire is best seen in its adversarial policies of building military alliances, intervention, wars and enforcing sanctions or coercions in all corners of the globe against any country that does not toe the line. From the encirclement of the Soviet bloc of countries it is now embarking on a new phase of containment of China, which is basically an emerging economic giant. China is in no haste to overtake the Americans in becoming the Number One military power for years to come. It is pure foolishness to maintain a naval fleet of several aircraft carriers and military bases across the world as the financial cost is phenomenal. Any attempt to be near what the Americans are doing will bankrupt China in no time like its is bankrupting the Americans in double quick time.

But China is sure in posing a serious challenge to America as an economic power house. And the days when China overtakes America as the biggest economy is just around the corner. For sure, being an economic super power will not make China poorer but richer and a better quality of life for the Chinese people.

So what is America’s strategy to meet the Chinese challenge to becoming the biggest economy? More military alliances, more resources and finances in the military fields, more adversarial and confrontational policies, and all of everything to maintain American hegemony, while pointing at China for being more assertive, and Chinese hegemony when there is none.

The East Asian and South East Asian countries will now be forced to take on a more confrontational position against China, on the side of the Americans. The Trans Pacific Partnership was a disguise for another military alliance against China with Australia as the key partner in the making. Japan and South Korea are likely to follow suit as semi colonies of the Empire.

Would Asean countries be drawn into this American set piece and become the frontline to the American strategy of protecting the American home land and fighting a war in other people’s territories? There is no mistake that any conflict will be in the East China Sea or the South China Sea and involving the littoral states in the region.

The Philippines and Vietnam have some reasons to want to be part of the alliance to confront China and grab a piece of the South China Sea. Would the rest of the Asean states be willing to be pawns on the American chess boards and be played, be traded or sacrificed for the American interest? What will likely be the end game?

In the American calculation, they only think America and presume that the leaders of Asean will be unthinking and will simply go along with the American agenda at their behest. Have the Asean states grown up from the days of colonialism and want to be truly independent states and not be embroiled by big power rivalry when the price to pay is their own independence and freedom to drive their own national policies? Would Asean be abandoned or subsumed by the TPP and all its effort to build a non aligned neutral regional organisation go to waste? That’s what the Americans are saying. Asean can be history.

A New World Order could be in the making when military conflict and supremacy is no longer relevant, when wars between big powers are just too destructive to be conceivable. Only madness and mad men will still be thinking of conducting war as an extention to failed diplomacy.

The New World Order could be one where every state would grow and prosper economically for the betterment of their people without military conflict. The balance of military power today is such that no one country can get away with a military conflict without getting themselves into a state of comatose. The emergence of China, Russia, India and probably other regional powers would allow the smaller states more room to navigate free of the big power politics if they choose to be. It is an opportunity for more trade and economic diplomacy than building military alliances and adopting confrontational policies that could lead to an irreparable war of a scale untold in history.

No country can bear the loss and destruction of a modern 21st Century warfare. Vietnam War was bad, with a major part of the country obliterated. But that was miniscule compare to what could happen when the big powers unleash the full might of their fire power. The thought of Australia with it few million inhabitants as a player in a major war is foolish thinking. It is not even worth a pawn in the chess board of the super powers.

Would the New World Order have a chance to succeed, or would WW2 mentality and diplomacy take precedence and a more devastating war takes its place? Whither is Asean with the Trans Pacific Partnership? Would Asean want to be counted in as a pawn in the TPP to serve American interest foremost?


Matilah_Singapura said...

The main point here is that america has the biggest swinging dick to lead the world, and now Obama is the one writing the history of american global dominance.

It doesn't matter where China, India, Russia or Suck-My-Cock-stan is "emerging". The majority of the (so-called) "free world" governments prefer US "leadership" to any of the alternatives.

Everytime some shit goes down in the world... whether is the fall of a dictator or an economic crisis, the useless governments of the world always turn to the USA for "leadership".

Markets are governed by DEMAND. The demand for US dominance and leadership is great. The US is only too happy to supply to meet the demand.

On the point of of the toilet-paper US Dollar: The US can print as much of this global reserve currency as needed.

You would think that most govts will be against this.

They are not. They themselves are in deep shit with debt they cannot pay. Luckily they can count on "US Leadership" to print up money to pay back debt.

To redbean: Stop with the silly "evil" argument lah. It makes you look like you are still in kindergarten.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. You also leave out possibly the most important aspect of US global dominance: CULTURE

Food, language, fashion, consumerism, entertainment, music, business, the internet, individual expression...and many others

Food: US dominates -- fast food

Language: US slang makes it way into every other language

Fashion: Blue jeans etc

Consumerism, entertainment, music, business: self evident -- every other culture attempts to "copy" US culture

The Internet: The Chinese internet is HUGE and growing rapidly. Yet US giant companies and culture still domominates cyberspace.

Individual expression: with all its faults as a cuntry, it is usually US individuals who will step up to the plate to defend the right to free speech and individual expression.

US Culture is irresistibly seductive.

Anonymous said...

Why do you suppose we preach..English? Talk like them and be like them. The world buys what comes out of white cracks. The Chinese(ASEAN) are becoming more "ang moh"( materially if not, culturally) so who is superior here?

Anonymous said...

Redbean must be very happy like me that he and me are back to be kids. But, unfortunately, the country we are living in has turned into highrise concrete jungle for modern animals.

Me has to agree wholeheartedly that Redbean has missed the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR and that is cultural conversion for control and dominance over the conquered and vanquished. Weapon and money are never as potent as cultural conversion for colonization.

What is Australia in relation to the British and American? They are ONE FAMILY. Anyone expect Australia to have brotherhood or sisterhood with Non-whites Country?

Cultural conversion of others to adopt ones cultural superiority is like saying that the 'divine father' is the ultimate fate decider of the believer. Though beyond the shadow of a doubt that any child without the love and care of the biological parents will go to hell within a week even if he/she is born super intelligent.

THERE CAN NEVER BE ANYTHING MORE CANCEROUS THAN RELIGION CONVERSION, once converted, the believer will have no qualm in selling his/her soul to the converter and if not, to the gods of the converter.

What is money and weapon?? One uses the former to make or buy the latter. The Latter is use to intimidate or for destructions of life and property. Both are use to create fear, to subjugate others and to buy support.

In human history of every nation, be it hundreds of thousand years back and to the end of the world, there will be fragmentation in every land. The American plays a devil's role since the US was formed less than 3 centuries ago.

The US has friend and collaborators in every country in the World. The 'smarter regimes' take side with the US for protection to keep themselves in power. The opposition of regimes take side with the US hoping that it will help in the removal of the hated regimes. So, US is a very vital friend in every country.

The US can't be doing favour for anyone without receiving any benefit and reward. HOWEVER, no benefit is as good as for the hosts to adopt the culture of the gest(US). American English becomes the defacto national(official) language, Christianity becomes the denominational belief and christ becomes greater than ones' biological parents. All other gods and deities are devils. Fries(make from kantang) becomes staple and showing cleavages and mons become the greatest fashion and liberty.

The Day when the Whites/US manage to convert any non English speaker into one that speaks solely English, American, Oz and Newzy Language, the Whites will be the MASTER of the converted. AND THIS WILL BE THE WHITE'S PENULTIMATE VICTORY.



Matilah_Singapura said...


You make a very good point about the Great Whites and their nonsense Jesus death cult.

And these western supertitious idiots want the whole fucking world to be EXACTLY THE SAME as their precious "saviour" and his bullshit ideas.

Jesus-freaks can't help but kachau. They are kapoh, and kwai lan.

fuck off Jesus. Leave me alone. Don't kachau me when I'm masturbating.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Many will masturbate with you, even MIW lol

Anonymous said...

Your holiness enjoys foot massage. Preferably using long tresses in oil.

Anonymous said...

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:03 pm Post subject: White men of US and Europe are the world's worst terrorists. Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
The worst terrorists in this world come from US and the Western European countries. The political and military leaders of these Western countries are the head, soul and spirit of these well organised terrorist groups. They attack other third world defenseless countries with impunity and in their wanton attacks thousands of innocent civilians are being killed remorselessly by bombers, missiles and unmanned drones. In fact one Western white terrorist is equivalent to or more lethal than a hundred thousand Arab or Muslim terrorists. The Western countries always carry out terrorist attacks and regime change for spurious reasons . They also instigate and stir up trouble and fights or wars among unsuspecting third world countries so as to act as merchants of death in selling weapons to the warring factions thus enriching themselves. Who will bring these Western political and military leaders to justice? Who will arrest them and hang them for all the evils they have been doing for decades. Look at how Hillary Clinton and the Pentagon gangsters have been trying persistently to stir, instigate and goad Japan and other Asian countries to go against China and eventually to start wars among these unsuspecting countries. The South China Sea and the East China Sea issue is all cooked up by the Evil Empire , US of America. Western aggression seems to have no limits. Western and American imperialism is making a come back to attack and rob the rich resources of the third world countries especially the oil and other mineral resources of the Arab countries.US and most of the European countries economy are in shambles and their finance is in deep shit. So to make up for their economic woes and financial debacle they resort to wild aggressive barbaric wars of aggression to rob the oil rich Arab countries and to sow seeds of dissension among Asian countries so as to eventually reap rich financial rewards in selling weapons to the warring factions. If the Arabs and the Asians do not wake up and unite they will be colonised and enslaved by the white people again. It is time that the Arabs and all the third world countries help Libya to defend its freedom and defeat Western imperialism and aggression. The time must come when we need to arrest all the political and military leaders of US and the West and hang them for their hideous crimes against humanity. Southernglory1

June 28, 2011 4:47 PM

The above comment first appeared on June 28 2011 in Global under the site 'Wither the Islamic World.'

Anonymous said...

you see, you bunch of idiots don't understand the book of revelation....that's why you are in such a pathetic state of affairs.

and the last place you want to seek understanding is from your local churches...who are the greatest bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Human being is today facing a common problem:

Why are we still fighting for individual dominance? The US has used much more resources than any other countries do. They are destroying the earth. Those arms lobbyists and hawkish politicians in the US should be prosecuted as war crimes.

Anonymous said...

The Americans stormed into the bar and shoved everyone aside. Then they slammed at the table and said, 'We are here to take charge. And this is the rule of game. You play by our rules or else....'

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is the price Asean will have to pay for inviting the wolf into the chicken coop.

Anonymous said...

You are saying..ASEAN,being the chicken, spread her legs...American,being the wolf, lustfully slammed and shoved their big dicks naturally.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The media is saying that Asean is welcoming the wolf willingly, with open arms. But read who is writing the reports.

Asean has enjoyed decades of peace and stability. It is being dragged along to a frying pan. The best example is Pakistan. It was having relatively peaceful years until they started dancing with the wolf. Now the wolf will not go away.

The next potential candidate to go dancing with the wolf, I think, is Myanmar. It may be isolated but peaceful for many years. Just wait to see if it turns out to be another middle east example.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN went into the chicken coop with open eyes. They saw what big pricks American have and they spreaded their legs and called out to them...come slam your big dick into me.

Prostitution is legal you know.

Anonymous said...

Who can resist a good fuck? HIV only what...lol

Anonymous said...

Indonesia, Asean's big brother is going to be the small brother of the Empire. And got to watch out for the troops in Australia and its interests in their eastern islands border PNG and Timor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The bankrupt Americans still think they still have the money to pay for the petrol to sail to the western Pacific to stir trouble.

Anonymous said...

Now, guys, is Asean opening her legs and spreading her arms or spreading her legs and opening her arms?


Anonymous said...

Asians must unite and not be manipulated by the West.

Sometime back Professor Kishore Mahubani of Singapore asked a very poignant question, "Can Asians think?" Why did he post such a question? UNdoubtedly Professor Kishore Mahubani is a very highly intelligent Singapore intellectual and very well respected. He is very observant and feels somehow there is something wrong with the order or disorder of this world.He must have felt concerned and uncomfortable that there is so much choas and turmoil in Asia and not in Europe or America. The trend of events, for good or evil have always been directed by the West or from the West especially from USA. Why are Asians always fighting against other Asians? The Arabs are fighting against Arabs, the Indians are fighting against Indians, The Chinese are fighting against Chinese, the Koreans are fighting against Koreans, Indians are fighting against Chinese, Japanese are fighting against Chinese , Philippinos are fighting against Philippinos and the list can go on. This tren of Asians fighting Asians is not natural. It has always been planned and manipulated by the white men, the Europeans or Caucasians of Europe and America.It has a historical background of the seeds of evil which the insightful white men had planted long ago to cause dissension and quarrel among Asians so that they can continue forever to have a grip hold on Asians in politics, military, economy and finance.

For thousands of years before the white invaders came India and China revered each other with great respect and you never hear of quarrells,fighting or war betweem them. After India became a British colony and China was reduced to a semi colonial status by white invaders they planteds seeds of future suspicion and dissension between the two. It is the same with India and Pakistan and then China and Japan.White men pilferred lands from different countries under their rule or domination and they never bothered to settle the pilferred land issues properly before they left. They insidiously left the seeds of contention for these Asian countries so that Asians will constantly be weak through continuous quarrelling and fighting. In the meantime the Europeans and Americans will enrich themselves by selling military hardwares to these unsuspecting warring parties.

India, China and Japan are great eastern civilisations and the leading countries of Asia. They should not bicker or quarrell over minor territorial issues and be manipulated by the West especially by USA. They should settle their problems peacefully and amicably for the good of all Asians. Do not fall into the Western trap of divide and rule again. Asians must have the wisdom to live in peace and harmony otherwise the curse of Western domination may repeat itself.


Lua Zhong Loon said...


Not all americans are bad. See youtube. Israel invasion, UN, Nazi's ex-member etc may related as well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Zhong Loon, welcome to the blog. Agree there are good and bad people among all races. In such discussion it is normal to treat things as a group rather than individuals. Even in groupings there are good and bad groups or right and left groups.

In terms of national policies and psyche, the Americans are seen to be thinking of world dominance and anyone challenging their number one position is seen to be enemy.

On a personal level, every have friends of all races as individuals are more personal and they got to know each other as individuals, not simple generalisation.


Anonymous said...

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Claes Tish said...

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Anonymous said...

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