A new kind of hungry ghost festival

Paradise should not be like this. In paradise, one can expect everything to be nice and beautiful, with beautiful people, well dressed, affluent, well mannered, cultured, and full of social graces. No one would expect to step into paradise and be hounded everywhere by hungry ghosts.

The hungry ghost festival is no longer in the 7th moon of the lunar calendar but every weekend or public holiday. And the ghosts were hungry but not just for food. They were hungry for the fairer sex. I saw some of the photos posted in the net of the hungry ghosts in Sentosa Island and I am dismayed.

My beautiful island in the sun, the paradise on earth, the peace and tranquility, are shattered by rude and brazen male specimens of the human kind, intruding into the privacy of the holiday makers. They do not respect any rights of privacy to be left alone to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. They just plonked themselves in close quarters to the ladies in their bikinis and swimming suits. Their eyes zeroed into the semi naked bodies, salivating and mentally raping every female in sight. Are such harassment tolerable? The ladies may think they have came to paradise but hades is what they found.

Maybe it is the fault of the ladies. They should not be dressed that way to tempt the hungry ghosts. And if these specimens lose their senses and go wild, with mass rape in the heat of the moment, they should not be held responsible. The temptation of the apple in close range, so tantalizing, is just too irresistible. Mob behavior is unpredictable.

What is happening to my island paradise? A nightmare is waiting to happen. It is so menacing to see the females being surrounded by hoards of hungry male specimens with their animal urges ready to explode at any moment. It was only last year when a female dancer on stage was physically groped by the hungry ghosts for several minutes and all those presence just watched in bewilderment.

Heard they are stepping up patrols to guard against people committing suicide in Bedok Reservoir. Would they be increasing patrols or do something to prevent mob rioting for sex? It would not happen. Ok, but what about our tourist image as a paradise on earth, to bath and sun in peace and with a little privacy instead of being hounded by hungry ghosts? Are we turning our squeaky clean garden city image into a third world slum with the accompanying inhabitants and foul social norms? Tourists who enjoy visiting slums will choose countries where they can find slums. When they came to Singapore, the first world garden city, they don't expect to be greeted or swarmed by third world inhabitants and their nauseating and disgusting habits. It will be a shocking disappointment. Who would want to visit Europe to just see the slums of Asia and mingled with the hungry Asian hordes?


Anonymous said...

The author is clearly badly mistaken this time. Let us put it in proper perspective, before others start calling us Singaporeans Confucius Prudes.

Those in bikinis or skimpy dressings are doing so to attract attention or to show off their curvatures. These are the show-off kind or those prone to proud and loud exhibitions of their physical assets.

Wolves are attracted to presence(sight), smell(odour) and movement(gathering of species) of their preys to satisfy their hungers in their stomachs as well as the other organs. How do You know that those females You saw were not there to satisfy their egoes or even looking for opportunities to satisfy their other sensory organs?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't think it has anything to do with Confucius teaching. We are in the 21st century and we all know that Europeans are very fond of sunbathing. Many will fly away from the winter just to lie under the sun. There is nothing indecent in that. We should be open minded enough today to know that such acts are pretty normal.

It is the acts of lewdness, the invasion of people's privacy that is intolerable. Just because the ladies were sunbathing does not give anyone the right to behave like animals. There is something called discretion.

And many of them are just enjoying the sun without the thought of showing off their assets. I think we should not prejudged them negatively.

Some hungry ghosts may even find the excuse that it is inviting and their actions is acceptable, perfectly natural. This is the slippery road that we are going down to accept such reasoning. Some countries blame the rape victims for being too pretty or too attractively dressed.

Let's not go down this road.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just to add, all the crude behaviour like spitting, littering, smelly, loud, and openly offensive to ladies are boorish and behaviour of poor peasants.

We have moved away from them and should not encourage them or accept them as normal if we want to remain a first world and gracious society.

Anonymous said...

'Those in bikinis or skimpy dressings are doing so to attract attention or to show off their curvatures. These are the show-off kind or those prone to proud and loud exhibitions of their physical assets.'

Anon 8:37, the above is prudish. It is patronising and signs of male chauvinism. You are still living in the dark ages.

agongkia said...

It is an insult to ignore those bikini ladies.What is the purposes of putting on bikini when it doesn't attract anyone?
I am just back from Sentosa Cove Ocean park.Perfect beach and scenery.
Only disappointment is that no bikini ladies are around.I am poorer by ten dollar entrance fee for nothing.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mine mine agongkia. Being attracted and excited by the opposite sex, especially the attractve types are normal to all normal beans. Only duds will not be moved.

But there is a difference between being civilised and being animalistic. It is called restraint.

Shitting and urinating are natural acts of nature. Why do people do it in the toilets and not everywhere? Why do people spits everywhere and we find them disgusting and want them to stop?

It is what we called being civilised or uncivilised, being cultured or uncultured, being gracious or ungracious, being human beans or being animals: )

Anonymous said...

If piggy is hungry for the meat, blame it on the fox spirit or whatever as in "Journey to the West". It takes two hands to clap.

Sure, privacy should be respected, but up to a point. The free lewd shows on buses, bus stops and other public places can be entertainment for some but discomforting for others. But just because the law does not forbid it does not mean it is acceptable. There are places more suitable for that kind of behavior.

Asian society may have progressed to absorb Western ethics, but not everyone is prepared to follow blindly. They should not behave like stray dogs doing their business on the highways and byways in the days of old.

agongkia said...

Anon 3.39 pm
Thanks for your view.That is exactly what I am trying to say.

agongkia said...

Anon 3.39 pm
Thanks for your view.That is exactly what I am trying to say.