Money can buy anything

Money can literally buy anything, even happiness. But some will disagree. There are some kinds of happiness that cannot be bought by money. At the national level, states also think that with money they can buy anything. So Singapore is going to buy power with its money. Nobody can resist a willing customer with loads of money to want to buy power from them.

While we tend to get carried away with our greatness and the large coffers we have, let us remind ourselves that our money cannot buy everything. Maybe can, if we are going to pay all kinds or ridiculous price, like a few billions to get our football team to the World Cup. But no need to look that far. Our money cannot even buy cheap commodities like sand and water from our neighbouring countries. And these are abundant resources, while water will just run into the sea if not sold to us. No, some will not just sell you anything for money. Just because we have this mentality that we can sell everything away to anyone, even strategic resources, it does not work the other way.

We are buying gas from Indonesia. And recently there were calls to stop selling gas to us from the Indonesians. And with oil or energy becoming rarer, and more strategic, the possibility of countries refusing to sell to us or at a prohibitive price will be a matter of time. It will come, sooner or later, when the earth’s population hits 15b or when our population hits 10b and energy is vital to our continued growth. So will be water and gas.

As we grow bigger and consume more, we need more energy and more water. Our reservoirs will not be enough unless we convert Orchard Road into another reservoir. What all these mean is that we will get ourselves into a thick bind. We have just extricated ourselves from the water vice grip and free ourselves from being dependent on external water supply. Our growth strategy will bring us back to a more precarious situation, whereby we will be more dependent on water again, plus energy and gas. And we could end up being held ransom once more.

We may have the money, not counting that it can run out, but not everyone is going to sell strategic resources to us just for money. Can our money buy everything we want and we need?


Anonymous said...

$ can't do everything,but without $,u do NOTHING.
Bite the hand that feed u?...stupid

Anonymous said...

So you must be the smart one. Tell you a secret. Smart people don't waste time here. Don't tell anyone, not even yourself.

Anonymous said...

Old China blind loyalty was expected. Then again, the people were told the emperors were the sons of heaven. And they didn't think.

Anonymous said...


How many former MCYS Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one. But you better have an extra $300 million dollars in case of a budget over-run.

There. So who says money can't buy everything.

Anonymous said...

Actually those complain a lot should just go stay overseas,if u already got other country passport,enjoy&RIP there. Leave this country which u said got no hope,government not good,no freedom etc to us,as we appreciate staying here.
Need not come & teach us what to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:03, sorry I got to call you an idiot. You are accusing the bloggers here of so many things. You refused to understand, or too dull to understand that the postings here are feedbacks for a better Singapore.

Or are you a troll, a foreigner, PR or a new citizen?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Even Hsien Loong is telling the people to voice out if they believe passionately what is good for the people and country.

Sad that the iThink software has not been loaded into the minds of many Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Talk bad own Nation so much but Refuse to admit is a loser,1st Ano is right-Stupid Singaporean

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How much are you paid to come here and do this kind of things?

Or you are incapable of contributing anything to the discussion? In Parliament they said don't simply criticised, offer alternative solutions. I can't expect that to come from you, but at least say why you disagree, and touch your heart.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, forget to add, the first anon and you are the same person. So is anon 10:03.

Anonymous said...

Straits Times Headlines dated 2 November 2011
"Many confused about job of President: Poll"

How many Presidents does it take to change a light bulb?

This is a trick question. A President is not allowed to change the blinking light bulb. He can only stop you from changing the blinking light bulb.

... What a waste of talent.

Anonymous said...

Did they pay trolls to disrupt blogs with public money?

agongkia said...

Anon 10.03am
No one ask you to visit Uncle Bean's site.Why not you move away from this site instead.
Uncle Bean is not teaching you what to do.I may disagree with him some times,but that does not mean I should tell him to go elsewhere.Who am I to tell him?

But Uncle Bean..
Money is important but earn it honestly and use it for a good cause.Cannot buy anything but no money to pay fine can get lock up.

Many widow and charbor need my shoulder not becos of my money as I have none but becos I am born with a adorable face with a understanding heart.

I am poor.But I got true love and charbor that rich people like you dun have leh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia,

I am more worried about the country trying to buy sands, water and energy and nobody wants to sell to us. And the problems start because we have built a mammoth infrastructure full of beans and no energy, water etc to keep it cranking.

agongkia said...

Uncle Bean
Years back, I was invited by close Indonesian contact to bring in granites and sands but I did not go into it for a reason known to myself.
There is not much difficulty in getting what we need just that we have to ..
Maybe I can share with you one day over a cup of kopiCsiewTai,if there is a need on this.,sine your father is my AhKong's neighbour in Bulim .

Anonymous said...


my Fren;
Singapore is fully surrounded by water, plenty of water.
Energy? The Sun provides it every nanosecond.
What Sin does not have, are talents
to harvest them, however, those at
A-Star and the Lee Kwan Yew School
Of Policy Studies might have ideas
to do it.

Yes! Singaporeans should not under-estimate Singaporeans. If we can become First World out of nothing, we can be Cyborgs instead of just Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

ha, good idea. The next time we have kopi will ask you to come along.

Trading with Indons is getting a bit more tricky nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Should put some poison to kill the rats that are running all over this blog

Anonymous said...

Bean,start to use fear scare away ppl? Don't lah,we so afraid. But still better then TR who delete those "unpopular view". But as long got thing again interest of our home,we sure report against it,anyway,it is free.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:35,
There are many talents in those institutions, and they are foreigners mainly. Think they have already decided on going nuclear but stumbled because of the disaster in Japan.

We have to manage our wild ambitions just like the UN is trying to curb the unrestrained growth in population. The more heads, the more is consumption.

Time to manage our growth without adding more beans. Leave it to the planners, we can increase our population to 10m quite easily. We have land for the high rise flats. But where are the land for roads and rails, and water and energy?

Is it worth it when the cost is going through the roof, and our dependency on them can compromise the viability of the state? It is unsustainable.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:40, I hope I am wrong. If I am right, I feel very sad that people are willing to earn a living doing this kind of jobs. It is morally wrong, and shameful as a vocation.

That is why I say that all civil servants must be empowered to think and act on what is morally right, not politically right and morally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cannot want Indonesians to be suckers all the time.

Who knows one day they may not want to trade with Singapore anymore and so will the other neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Along these lines, I really hope our policy makers have finally given up on nuclear power for Singapore.

1. USA failed at the 3 Mile Island Disaster
2. Russia failed at Chernobyl
3. Japan failed at Fukushima
4. Germany saw the future and decided to give up on nuclear energy.

Some small countries need to know their own limitations. First, learn how to manage;
a) limping terrorists
b) oil refinery fires
c) annual once-in-50-year floods
d) Youth Olympics
e) MRT train depots

Anonymous said...

Now u insult civil servants cannot think...?

Anonymous said...

Obviously you did not get to do your A level.

The said...

/// It will come, sooner or later, when the earth’s population hits 15b or when our population hits 10b and energy is vital to our continued growth. ///


Please, lah, with 5m population, we are already bursting at the seams. If the gahmen wakes up and put in the necessary infrastructure, Singapore may be able to accommodate 10m people, if you don't mind looking into each other bedroom from your own room.

But 10b population for Singapore???

Maybe all new HDB block should be 1000m tall, like the Burj Khalifah.

Or maybe Singapore and invade China, since according to you China is so weak and Singapore is so strong.

Joking lah.... ;)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The,

Once the govt acquires all the cemetries and levels down all the low rise landed properties, think can lah. And new law be passed, no buildings less than 40 stories allowed. : )

Anonymous said...

Some stupid policy ideas to make nuclear energy safe in Singapore;

You think Malaysians so stupid to allow this?
Still have not learn lessons from our water treatment plants in Johor.

You never heard of polluting our water table?

You think Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines going to let you pollute their shores?
You think international community going to let you dump nuclear waste into the ocean?
Likely we will be fire-walled and left to clean up our own nuclear waste.

You think Singapore elites will stick around to clean up the mess like Japan's patriotic Fukushima 50?

Anonymous said...

Build the largest nuclear plant in Singapore itself and sell the power to the neighbouring countries. Tell all Singaporeans to emigrate to China, India and other South E Asian countries FASTER as these countries are CHEAPER and therefore BETTER.