It takes 9 months for dental appointment

A Goh Cher Choh waited for 9 months just to see his dentist for the chance of getting a subsidised denture. And he has resigned to this new normal of efficiency in this super efficient island. The normal time for waiting is 10 months for root canal treatment, 7 months for dentures, but his case must be an exception, and 5 months for crowns and bridges. Not forgetting a year or more for braces.

But what do they expect, 1 month, 2 weeks or 1 week? Just go to a private clinic and pay for it if one cannot bear to wait. You can choose world class clinics, neighbour clinic or polyclinic, no need to complain.

Looking down memory lane, the kind of free dental care we had in the 50s and 60s was world class, heavenly, actually out of this world. And it was a time when our country was really poor, and probably not enough dentists too. Imagine, every week without fail, the Institute of Health’s bus would be at the school to pick up the students for dental treatment, including free dentures. Where got such thing as waiting for 7 months or 9 months?

Then again, if one wants something that is subsidised, what is a little waiting? The good old days are gone and that kind of experience would never be repeated in this money minded world. Compare to those waiting 3 to 4 years for their housing flats, these dental patients must count themselves very lucky.

The applicants for public housing are paying good money, in the hundreds of thousands, and they too have to wait. And the mantra is that it is their problem caused they did not plan when to get married and when to buy a flat. In my dream I heard someone saying, ‘I build only if there is enough demand. And they just have to wait 3 to 4 years.’ Is this the mentality of serving the people or the other way, I master, you servant?

Thank God that Hsien Loong had reminded his politicians that they are the servants and not the master of the people. Really, why would Singaporeans elect politicians to be their masters and happily live with it as the normal state of affair?

Iskandar, you have a golden opportunity to bum up your dental industry and what are you waiting for?


Matilah_Singapura said...

>> go to a private clinic and pay for it if one cannot bear to wait. <<

That's exactly right.

Just because you need a root canal (big fucking deal -- so do billions of other people -- why are you so special?) doesn't award you the RIGHT to automatically make a claim on the rest of society.

>> free dental care we had in the 50s and 60s was world class <<

Bullshit. It was horrible. They used to send school kids for e.g. to DENTAL STUDENTS to "practice" on.

Students working on students.

Yeah, really world class (communist style)

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. Not to disparage S'pore's public health system...it is excellent.

However, healthcare is expensive. If you rape the public/ taxpayer's wallet to pay for it, your motherfucking cuntry will go broke in less than a generation.

Look at the western nations who have "massive" public healthcare -- they are IN DEBT.

You want to bankrupt the cuntry and have the women end up selling pussy for "foreign exchange", waste no time and take the Welfare Highway, and drive at high speed.

Anonymous said...

You can thank the $8 wonder ministar for this lamentable state of affairs. 8 months is actually very good alredi.

Anonymous said...

If you want speed up your dental appointment, just vote wisely in GE 2016.

No need to debate the long & sad "welfare is dangerous" story.

You are paid $1 miilion dollar salary to deliver results. Not tell us why it cannot be done.

agongkia said...

Suggest to Mr Goh Cher Choh to extract his teeth once and for all and fix denture.
I dun understand why are we going backward by crown and bridges.
When age catches up,hair must turn grey or bald,teeth must drop.This is natural.Why go against nature?

There are things that Bogeh can do it effectively and easily and spent 4 minutes to see result but those with teeth cannot do it effectively even with 10 minutes doing it.
Common sense can tell you whats that.
Where is my dear farmer patriot?He will even tell you how he will tie his teeth with a string to the door.Give one kick on the door and save dental fee for many cups of kopi O Titlor.

Extract it.Once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Not true also anyhow write,got solution never look for it but want people to bring food to your table,sad.

Anonymous said...


40% votes for Opposition = 6 seats in Parliament.

So, 80% votes for Opposition = 12 seats in Parliament.
PAP will still retain parliamentary majority.

Just vote your conscience in GE 2016

Anonymous said...

Again Agongkia has a good point.

What is the use of crowns and bridges? When the gums recede, everything falls out. The best and most sensible thing is when you are elderly, get rid of all the bad teeth and make a full set of complete dentures. Otherwise, you will have to make new partial dentures each time a tooth falls off. Are dentist ripping us off by the way, advising us to take care of gumless tooth that will fall off in time.

Yes, extract all, once and for all, if you are already 'burong kakak tua'.

agongkia said...

Anon 2.35 pm.
hehe...but how come you are not curious to find out why I say bogey can save 6 minutes for performing certain act efficiently and enjoy the act while doing it and what is that act?I have that experiences because I am also a bogeh.
Want to know what act?

Anonymous said...

There is a joke about the long waiting time for dentures at Government dental clinics, so much so that some old folks just pass away during the time they were waiting for their dentures. They must have wasted plenty of time making those dentures that no one wanted, hence the long waiting period.

Matilah_Singapura said...

And the joke is indeed warranted.

The great thing about hmanity is that we all are mortals. when generations pass away, so do their BAD IDEAS.

That is not to say that every idea of present generations is "good"...far from it. However ideas are fought in on-going battles -- being tested in the cultures in which they occur.

The "bad old idea" was that the govt will "look after you". However it is a FACT that everyone grows old and body parts begin to fail -- vision, hearing, skin, internal organs etc. No one is immune from this. Therefore how can one reasonably expect the govt to "look after" what is going to occur by completely natural processes?

Everyone who is fortunate enough to reach old age has had several decades to get their shit together.

In a place like S'pore, there is simply no valid excuse for normal adults to provide for themselves, because of opportunity abound.

If you can't get your shit together in Singapore, where do you think you can go to get your shit together?

9 months wait for the dentist? Why the complaints? People should be GRATEFUL that at least there are dentists who will give them an appointment in the first place!

Ungrateful cunts!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The biggest con job today is medical care. Where you are old, everything falls apart, and every part is degenerating. Please, do not go to the specialist for medical check up unless there is pain. Every X ray and checks will reveal all the failing parts.

And that is the best the medical examination can tell you. And they will recommend you hundred and one treatment for all the failing parts.

The secret that they did not tell is that none is going to work. They may be able to delay for a few months or a year of so. But the parts will still fails.

The worst part is that by their intervention, the failing parts will fail at a faster rate.

And the good thing, you will have to pay for it, for their meddling for you to go faster.

I say, save the money and enjoy it as best you can. Stop feeding the con men and their con jobs. They cannot save you from dying.

Anonymous said...

And when they cannot find the cause of the sickness, they will tell the patient that it is cancer. Then, no more questions will be asked, because that is effectively a death sentence.

They will then just collect their dues, like that Doctor who treated the Brunei Royalty. And while dishing out all the wonderful treatments, a cure not guaranteed but, like lawyers, they will say there is a 50 percent chance.

Patients and clients never stand a chance against the arguments of Doctors and Lawyers

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The last check up I had was when I ROD and completed my NS liabilities. That was more than a decade ago and done free by the MO.

Since then I have never gone for a medical check up will not intend to do so unless there are unbearable pains.

I have saved quite some money from my medical bills from abstaining to do as told. Today everyday is a bonus. What the hell do I want to throw all the good money to be told that I am dying when I am dying with age? All of us will die because of ageing.

Save the money.

agongkia said...

Uncle Bean
Save the money is not good enough.Must also save time which is more precious.
Extract all once and for all.
It took a bogeh like me only 3 minutes to brush my denture compare to at least 9 minutes for many who need a proper brushing on their teeth.And many spent more than 9 minutes for that.

1 minute on my upper denture,1 minute on my lower denture ,can take out mah.,and 1 minute to brush and rinse my tongue.Save at least 6 minutes a day.Can surf My Singapore News.
Thats why I suggest to extract all teeth once and for all and save money and time.Can also whistle and poon pee pee while brushing denture while those who brush their teeth cannot do it at the same time.This is an enjoyment not everyone can have that I mentioned.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, denture is cheap and good. No more tooth ache.

I wasted nearly $1k to try out a crowning. It didn't last long. When it came off and I examined the architecture, it was so rudimentary. Not worth the money.

Yes, denture and poon pee pee are the way to go.

Anonymous said...


Agongkia, you are funny. The designer toothbrush makers and toothpaste industry will issue a fatwa on your head for sure, if you continue to promote the benefits of your toothless grin.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are pretty expensive nowadays and, you know what, the makers have no shame in encouraging changing toothbrushes as often as possible. Wonder whether such advice is to help the maker or the toothbrush user?

But I agree totally, being a bogeh myself. You can save much on designer toothbrushes, toothpaste, time and costly donations to the dentist with scaling and checking alone.

Anonymous said...

if want to see dentists in singapore fast, then have to go for private. That's why the healthcare economics is segregated into private and subsidized in the first place

Anonymous said...

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