Internet saboteurs

My blog is again experiencing the presence of an internet brigade bent on attacking everything I posted without offering any ounce of sensible reply. The behavior is crude, rude and downright disgusting. It also reflects on their low intellect and foul upbringing.

What is bad about this development is that, no matter what is their motive or motivation, like it or not, the finger will be pointing at one party. It may be a false assumption to put the blame on the innocent party. But can’t be helped. It is the expectation and perception that the party will stoop to such low level tactics to achieve its aim.

The perception of people is strange and quite predictable. One does not need to be the guilty party to be blamed for things that one did not commit. Just like the bugger in the centre that went frolicking but the two balls got hung for not doing anything.

The nonsensical attacks on bloggers in cyberspace by unknowns are a poor reflection of whoever that is behind it. I feel sorry for the party that is going to be blamed for such nonsense when in fact it is innocent. The more frequent the attack, the more angry will be the people against the party they think is behind it.

Well, it happened. Let’s move on.


Anonymous said...

PAP gets 60% support.
You should feel proud if You
get 63%.
No sensible person expects
100% agreement.
You must welcome and accept
all pov raised and thank
them for visiting your blogs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with you. And they help me to clock up more hits to my blog.

I just feel the injustice to the party that it is causing. When people are questioning and suspicious, every little thing that happens will be blamed on the party. It will only make people more unhappy with the party.

Anonymous said...

You never move on,You did not sleep well,You feeling the same as what other side feel too. When you use you blog target someone,be sure same thing will get back to you. It is Fair.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr redbean
Your preferred audience is intelligent and fair.

Fully able to judge an argument on its own merits.

Criticisms are either true & valid or they are false & invalid. There is no need to be "constructive" or to offer "alternatives".

If a judge finds a person guilty of murder, the accused will hang. Judge has no need to be "constructive" in his judgement or offer "alternatives".

"If you are not happy with Singapore, then leave" type of mind-set says a lot about the type of people that gather around certain parties. Birds of a feather flock together. I learn this from reading LKY's book. LKY advises to judge leaders by the type of followers he gathers around himself.

Anonymous said...

The saboteurs do not realise that their attacks are a double-edged sword. It also tends to reflects badly on the party they are trying to support, praise and worship.

So, Redbean, you are doing a great favour to the Workers Party and the Opposition by attracting such saboteurs, who are in reality doing a disservice to the ruling party by such acts of sabotage.

Without a doubt, followers of your blog can spot them immediately and will take their nonsensical spouting as just 'noise' to distract the issues. In time they will disregard such engagement, defeating the ruling party's attempt in trying so hard to forge.

Just hold your patience!

Anonymous said...

Redbean, this joker is doing more harm to the party than good. Let him continue to do his thing. All the blame and anger will go to the party for sure.

Good riddance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi guys, the party has a credibility issue. And saboteurs who went around attacking other people will be a bad reflection of what the party stood for.

Those small minded people think they are doing great in attacking otherpeople and scoring points for the party. It just show how shallow is their thinking. With the current state of mind of the people, anything bad will go back to the party.

The badder the things these saboteurs are doing, the badder will the party look. It gets etched deeper in the people's conscience that this is what the party is and this is the kind of supporters the party is attracting.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:43, where are you? you doing good job. Keep attacking redbean.

Anonymous said...

Yes,must talk to redbean,if not he cannot sleep well tonight,still thinking why $12K income cannot buy 3rm flat.why he alway right,why government alway wrong,why he so smart,other so stupid. Why why why?

Anonymous said...

Like the taunts that Redbean has been getting recently, same to some other bloggers.

Some friends always taunt me too, asking me why I must smoke expensive cigarette and guiness stout when I can smoke cheaper tobacco and drink abc stout. Those kaypohs damn cute, none of them needs to pay anything for what I eat and drink, yet they are kind of envious. However, they give me fun, I like them.

Anonymous said...

Opposition parties must be very happy watching how this game is played and will sure to highlight them in the next GE.