The good guys planning to attack Iran

Many of the oldies will remember the early days of Hollywood and big movies like How the West was won. The good guys always won and the good guys were always the men in blue from the US Calvary. The Red Indians were always the bad guys, the savages. And it was only right that the good guys went in to occupy their land and kill them.

In Today’s paper there was a report by AGENCIES on the modern day good guys planning to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities. They include the world’s most peace loving country, the US, the UK and Israel. Israel has the biblical authority to kill the Arabs which is Iran now. The Iranians, or Arabs in general, are the modern day bad guys, like the Red Indians.

Let us all pray that the good guys win. And the world should celebrate when the good guys kill all the bad guys. Good guys killing bad guys is the normal thing to do and a happy thing. And all the western media must all be geared up to write about the coming big righteous war and the cleansing of Iran by the good guys. They have just cleansed Iraq and Libya.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Bean,

You have brought out a truth which many people do not see and that is that 'might is always right'. I once saw an argument between a big guy and a skinny guy. The argument descended into a physical exchange wherein naturally the skinny one was beaten to pulp. Passers by came by and what I saw surprised me. A couple of guys restrained the skinny guy and pulled him away. The skinny fellow felt really angry and frustrated and told the two guys that what they should be doing was to restrain the strong chap to protect the weaker instead of restraining the weak from attacking stronger. But the two fellows said that if they tried to restrain the winner he probably would beat them up too.At that onlookers seemed to agree that to do otherwise would endanger others too. And so the big guy strutted away satisfied and proud that might was right and weakness was wrong because people generally support the strong but not the weak, the winner not the loser.

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Might & white is always right.

Anonymous said...

Man, they can do it so openly and the silly Asians and Africans called them peace loving countries.

Not a whimper from the civilised world and western media to condemn such premeditated aggression.

And everyday they point their fingers at China as a belligerent and dangerous superpower.

Anonymous said...

New International Report Shreds Japan's Carefully Constructed Fukushima Scenario


Anonymous said...

Iran/ian not arab but Persia/ns. "Please pray white guys win" what! chikens all want to be with winners. Hope greek f the eu and down them and drag the fag US along with them

Anonymous said...

pray China don't bailout EU.


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Anonymous said
Hi. Mr Bean,
"Youhave brought out a truth........because people generally support the strong but not the weak, the winner not the loser."

Everybody knows the saying , "man proposes but God disposes." When I was in primary school there used to be a big bully in my school. He always took liberty with some of us who were smaller than him. One day this big bully had a shock of his life when one of our little friends fought back and brought him to the ground with a kung fu kick in his groin. Later we were to learn that this little kid was told by his father never to fight unless necessary. The little hero's father was a kung fu master who had taught his junior the art of kung fu in tackling an adversary. So is it strategy or might that counts. Might may win most of the time but not all the time. The time when the big bully loses may be his fatal one.

In another instance I was challenged to a fight by a college mate who was taller and bigger size than me in any way. He was not happy that the pretty girl he was going after was more friendly to me . I told him in the face that I would not fight with him because he was sure to win. However, I told him if he forced me to a fight he would definitely win but added could he be so sure he could win me in a second fight. That set him thinking and so in the end I deflected his bully with a stratagem and he did not fight with me.

The Evil Empire - US is used to bully all the weak countries who do not toe its line. It thinks it can bully China the way it and its coopted thugs in Europe did to China in years gone by. Cowardly US is putting all its junior Asian thugs in the front line to confront China. Nobody knows what secret weapons China has and what strategy or strategies China may employ. In the past a weak defenseless China was repeatedly attacked by the West,Russia, US and Japan. Millions of square miles of Chinese lands were illegally detached from her and incorporated into British India, Russia and Japan. China's former invaders are guilty conscious of their past evil misdeeds against China and to preempt China from exerting the right to claim back all her lost territories they try all ways and means to contain China. They support terrorists and separatists to create choas and trouble to destabilise China with an ultimate aim to destroy China. They even instigate unthinking ex-colonial Asian countries like India, Philippines, Vietnam and self righteous Japan to go against China. China today is not the same as China of bygone years. Any country big or small, weak or powerful that tries to trifle with China must surely be courting death.China will not be bullied again and she in turn will not bully others. All China wants is to be left alone to develop herself and look after her own people. China does not believe in making allies or gang members like the Evil Empire US, and pushing the allies in the front line to die. China will depend on herself come what come may. But one thing is certain, nobody knows what secret weapons China may use and what strategy or strategies China may employ if war is forced on her by the Evil Empire - US and the West. In any case the next big war - the Third World War will be the end of humanity, so why fight?


Anonymous said...

War at this point in time is beneficial to the World, other than time to rid despots and tyrants, it is also time to get those that hoard much of the wealth.

As the human inhabitants are also increasing and destroying Earth, a reduction of the human species will save the Earth for a little longer. This will provide future generations better living. They will also learn that their immediate past ancestors had brought a catastrophe upon themselves for their insatiable wants; greed.

It is time for a world wide cleansing.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi HMT, welcome to the blog.

China is still in the learning curve. They tried in the last world financial crisis and got burnt. So they are very cautious this time round.

What the EU needs to do is to go down on their knees and beg the Greeks to accept the recommendations.

Anonymous said...

It will be wonderful to see some places of sinful indulgence raze to the ground. Better, if the developers are brought to witness the destructions.

There are too many foolish poor people killing each others for nothing.

Those causing hardships are the so-called philanthropists that got their wealths from making excessive profits from the people. And there are those that made their fortunes from vice industries and exploitation of workers. In some countries, the rulers are in cahoot with these 'industrialists' to make themselves as rich if not richer. These are the people that are responsible for most of the woes in your homes and the World.

It is not the poor fellow countrymen that have to compete with You for basic necessities that are causing difficulties to your livelihood.

Go, get the right targets; those opulent places of sinful indulgences.