A good cause to support PAP

It was so rare that I have to support a cause promoted by the PAP in recent years. Now there is really a good cause for all Singaporeans to support the PAP. Why is it good, it affects Singaporeans in general, some directly, some indirectly.

The PAP Youth Wing or Young PAP is going to the Speakers Corner this Saturday to speak up for lowering of transport fares for polytechnic and university students. These students, still not working and have no official income, are paying twice what college students are paying for MRT and SBS fares. They are still not financially independent and many would need support from their parents. Reducing their transport cost will help to alleviate the burden of their parents albeit in a small way. It still counts over the 3 to 4 years when they are studying.

It is good that the Young PAP is pushing for this cause. It is a cause that all Singaporeans regardless of their political inclination can share and support. Though the Young PAP has called for people turning up at Hong Lim to wear white, a symbol of cleanliness, incorruptibility and everything that is good, some have been peeved by this. I say never mind. The WP supporters can go there in their reds, some in blue, some in orange, some in pink, but all with a common goal, to fight for the lowering of fares for these students.

It will be an opportune time for all the parties to unite and tell the people that they can support a righteous and good cause no matter who raises the issue. And that all the parties will not bicker unnecessarily just because someone else and not themselves brought it up. It will show to the people that the politicians and their supporters are growing up.

I hope all the parties, PAP, NSP, SDP, WP, PKMS, SPP, SDA and any other party that I could not remember and mention, could go to Hong Lim Park this Saturday and make enough noise to support this good cause. It will be a moment when all Singaporeans are united, to stand as one.

Would that be nice?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck politics and politicians.

"Political solutions" are no solutions at all.

Want lower prices? Simple...stop printing money and if possible sack Bernanke and close the BIS (Central Bank of the central bankers)

Anonymous said...

They are just copycatting what the WP youth is doing on the street, getting signatures. You think this is original? Then again, if it takes the two parties to come together and fight a common cause, I say is good nonetheless. And the person who should lose his job is Lui Tuck Yew! He's been a deaf frog and doing nothing about the dismal transport woes.

Anonymous said...

Talk stupid again...want other to lose job.alway think you are better then other,wake up lah

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:21, your mum told me you are not very smart and asked me not to be too harsh on you. She is willing to do anything for your sake.

Anonymous said...

Wayangs are getting very popular nowadays. Maybe to replace the 'getais' that is becoming extinct.

Yeah fuck politics and politicians.

I knew that Goh Meng Seng will leave NSP, but is that what we call news? I think it is better for him to call it quits and fade away.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled.

If 40% did not vote Opposition, you think YPAP would care about these sorts of bread & butter issues?

The Party Against People attracts only people who don't like people.

Anonymous said...

Why all the xyz post here? Another TR such low class supporter?

agongkia said...

Everyone grows up except maybe you uncle.
My low IQ seems to tell me that there is a possibility of fare decrease soon and before the announcement,any party who champion for it or speak up may get the credit.
Its my feeling only hor.

Anonymous said...

Wayang besar(Big act by young boys and girls)!!!


Anonymous said...

What the hell is going here on the tiny rock?
Is PAP youth wing part of the PAP? Why do they need to go to this dirty corner to voice out? What is the communication between the party youth wing and the party leadership? Are they talking to each other? Why can't the youth wing feedback the issue to the party leaders and change the policy since they both belong to the same party?

This is not only wayang but it tells a lots about this party and how this party is functioning today. Singaporeans need to wake up and vote wisely.

BTW, university or poly students in many countries (not just first world) are already enjoying concessions on public transport for years. This tiny rock is still far away being a good governance country whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Just remember this.

All Singaporeans have lost friends, family, brothers & sisters.
They left Singapore because of anti-people policies.

By the Party Against People.

Your children could be next.

Remember this in GE 2016.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia, your IQ may be low according to you. But you are the wise one. You have clairvoyance ability to see what is coming.

I bow to thee, the wise one.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The turnout was disappointing. Less than those outings organised by Gilbert and his groups.

And even the students are not supporting. So what is the problem? No problem. It is a non issue. The silent majority do not see it as a problem.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me.

If they do reduce transport fares, don't expect any credit going to the WP, NSP SDP or whatever poon pee pee. The credit will, without hesitation, be awarded to Young PAP, hands down. After 46 years of wayanging, enough is enough. Why be there to suffer the humiliation?

After all, who approved the fare structure for Polytechnic and University students in the first place and who is now asking for a reduction?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Many predict the "demise" of the PAP in the 2016 GE.

I say my 2 hairy, sweaty rambutan lah.

Between next year and for most of the decade, the world will be in severe economic shit and financial apocalypse will be brutal and mercilessly bloody.

Singaporeans will be crying to the PAP for HELP. The PAP will "convince" S'porean that they are the "best govt to deal with crisis -- don't bet on a new, unproven opposition govt".

Guess what? S'poreans will fall for it...hook, line and sinker.

The People will always get the govt they deserve