The fakes look better

This statement is often made by owners of fake branded goods. The real McCoys often have little glitches that came with hand crafted goods. And the fakes look so good and cheap, machine made, printed from a computer, like fake degrees.

Buying fakes and hiring fakes are two different things altogether. I was reading a post in 3in1kopitiam where one guy was relating his experience of a friend hiring a FT with fake qualifications. The friend ended up in financial woes as the insurance company refused to honour its obligation because the FT professional was a fake.

Just wondering how many fakes are there in the market. And they look real damn good than the real stuff, the Sinkies from NUS, NTU and SMU. The Sinkies somehow don’t look too impressive or suave as the fakes, and cost more as they are genuine stuff.


Anonymous said...

How many of our scholars are working under fakes and got scolded by fakes everyday?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I consider all degrees fake unless they are in the hard sciences, medicine, law, accounting and engineering.

On the subject of degree mills and S'pore, here is the problem:

Singapore employment culture is so FIXATED on PAPER QUALIFICATIONS to the point where this 'automatic non-thinking' incentivises dishonest behavior. In fact pay levels depend on paper qualifications. Employers are so kiasu and stupid that they're easily conned.

If you can get a fake degree and con the employer, I think you deserve a job be because you have proven yourself to be resourceful, motivated, and have big balls....all great qualities for any professional position.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a way you are right on this. The fake degree holders who are able to con our super talents and be their bosses must be smarter than the dumb ass super talents for being unable to see through the fakes.

It needs talents to con super talents or the graduates from our top world class universities.