The endless and futile debate

Yesterday was Jessica Cheam I think. Today Esther Teo added another half page article in the ST on the rising property prices and how to protect Singaporeans from the speculators. Just ask a simple question, what is the main objective of these foreign speculators? To make profit. Period. And where does the profit come from? If they make profits, who is losing their money?

This is like inviting the big and sophisticated funds to play in our stock market with their high speed computers. They are here for one simple reason, profit. And the Singaporeans are paying for their profits.

So, what is the discussion all about? Jessica was suggesting more controls, cannot buy, cannot sell, with more regulations. Esther was trying to say it is ok and it is not ok for the speculators to buy our properties.

My position in protecting Singaporeans is fairly straight forward. Keep public housing to Singaporeans and build as many as long as there are Singaporeans who need the flats. No need to have all the cumbersome and ridiculous rules and regulations. The private property sector can be less regulated, to let those who have the money to speculate to their hearts content. But the primary aim of building for every Singaporean without all the silly restrictions must be observed and practiced. Also be careful about being Singaporeans as tomorrow all the foreigners can become Singaporeans. In fact all the screwed up statistics on citizens and foreigners buying properties are deceiving in this aspect. Quite a number are new citizens, which means foreigners yesterday.

On the other hand, just sell everything as I have suggested earlier. Sell the whole island for money and divide them among the Singaporeans. Then everyone will have all the money and can decide to stay or to go somewhere else. Everything that has a price can be sold. Everything is just a gambling chip. Forget about the angst about nationhood, loyalty, citizens first craps. Commercialise everything and put everything up for sale. The best!


Anonymous said...

My comment was deleted a minute ago.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My apologies, Please try again. I saw your comment but it is gone. I try to capture it when you post again and repost for you if yours disappear again.

Anonymous said...

Today's ST published an article on a foreign investor who failed to purchase a $18.46mil bungalow and had AT LEAST transacted 6 properties last year. Was there a control by our government. Apparently not !!! And this investor said that "he is bullish on the landed home in prime district and had set up a company targeting commercial and residential of under $100mil - a segment large funds and dev. tend to ignore."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok got it up now. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

The wisest suggestion ever made by any Singaporean; to sell the whole country and divide the gain to every Singaporean.

There is a lousy suggestion though and that is build HDB(Dove Cage) for Singaporeans and let Non-Singaporeans buy Non-HDB property. That makes Singaporean cheapskates; Singaporeans First means provide the Singaporeans the best of our country.
This suggestion for majority of Singaporeans to live in dove-cages is as good as making Singaporeans second class and below.

Me says either sell the whole country or keep it all to ourselves.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot,
The best option is to sell out the whole country and split everything.

The private property market is like the private hospital market wher, hopefully, they could use those profits to subsidise public housing and hospitals. That should be palatable. Unfortunately dunno where the profits go to.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why do Singaporeans need "special protection"?

Who the fuck do they think they are to get special dispensation from the govt?

Anonymous said...

Chin Leng;

it is a actually too late. The damage is beyond repair.

Me am just joining the crowd to talk cock, sing song to give meself opportunities to fraternize with some thinking fellow Singaporeans. It is quite a joy to see and meet many like-minded Singaporeans as well as foreigners in Blogoland and at work.

If i may borrow your caption from this Thread, what we are doing in Blogosphere is also endless futile debate.


Anonymous said...

Curse to the party and its drivers that sell out the country. Curse and damn to this party and its drivers that may one day even sell their wives and mothers.


Anonymous said...

No use giving feedback. The MIWs are selective deaf and blind to feedback to curb the unaffordable rising HDB prices since it helps to pay their million dollar salaries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Blogs are good for people to vent their frustration or to let out steam.