East Asian stability at risk if US trashes its defence budget

The above is the title of Ng E Jay’s article in his blog. And I would like to say that I completely disagree with him. Come on E Jay, you are thinking like an American now.

‘Cuts to the US military budget on the magnitude projected if the Supercommitte’s political impasse fails to be resolved would inevitably results in a significant scaling down of US military commitments worldwide, include an enormous downsizing of its global naval capabilities. This would invariably lead to increased geopolitical tensions in the ASEAN region and beyond.’ Ng E Jay

‘US military commitments worldwide’ is an American terminology to mean conducting wars worldwide. East Asia and the world would be much safer than it is today. There will be little dictators trying to throw their weights around but these will be limited to local skirmishes and small warfare. Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi will still be running the shows. There will be no big scale wars like in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Libya. Don’t forget the Korean and Vietnam Wars. There will be smaller civil wars which dictators could easily suppress without the US and Nato interfering by supplying more arms and weapons.

And small pesky countries would not dare to agitate or provoke bigger countries to risk a war on themself. China, the non belligerent country that has been painted as the trigger happy one, will be even friendlier when no pests dare to irritate her.

The trigger happy Americans are able to conduct wars everywhere exactly because they have the money to do so. Without the military budget, the world would be much more peaceful and safer. The South Koreans would not dare to rattle their sabers daily at the North Koreans. Any Singaporean who thinks that the North Koreans are going to attack Singapore should go get admitted to IMH.

The pesky countries of Asean would not dare capture Chinese sailors or make nonsensical claims against Chinese territories or ever raring to go to war with China. There will be a new balance of power and a new status quo. Peace will have a better chance when little pests know that they cannot stir trouble and think they can get away with it.

An aggressive evil power is the temptation for small countries to destabilize the region, with the evil power nudging them from behind. Fear not, for the evil power is behind them. It is a good thing if the defence budget of the US is slashed drastically. Then calm and peace shall return. They would not have the money to start wars everywhere.

All the wars are started by the Americans. Make no mistake about it. Remove the blinkers to see the truth. They create the tension, the instability, the suspicion, and then invited themselves in to be the policeman, the peacemaker, the leader. And of course, to sell more weapons.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I disagree with both of you because you both don't 'get it'.

Every cuntry has a role to play, for example:

1 Thailand 's role is to supply the throngs of the world's horny men cheap booze and pussy

2 Malaysia's role is to provide Bumi's with a purpose and sense of value, must since most of them are as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

3 Singapore 's role is to make other cuntrys develop inferiority complexes and just give up.

4 Australia 's role is to prove to the world that you can still get sex and be wealthy even though you are grossly obese and have alcohol and drug dependencies.

American role is clear. It tells the world that American Morality is far superior, and which therefore means Americans are far superior. Since others are inferior, they should be exercised by awesome military surgery.

However if your cuntry surrenders to its inferiority and chooses to improve, they can be absorbed into an alliance with America, and so long as the govt sells out the people to the US and constantly allows the US Govt officials the right of sodomy.

In that way, America becomes like a Big White Daddy Protector, and and American culture will influence the young:

1 The light skinned locals will attempt to emulate white Americans - attending Ivy Leagues and slanging in the most annoying ways imaginable.

2 The darker skinned locals will attempt to emulate Latinos or American Black's. This is even funnier. The kids will strive to look and talk like gangster rappers, and many of the women will try to look like Jennifer Love.

All the way with the USA. When they come, first they bring not only guns, and but culture and 24/7/365 CONSUMERISM.

Welcome Yankee!!

Anonymous said...

Read this report to know what the evil empire is doing besides creating the Taliban of Afghanistan. Of course, do not forget Korean war and vietnam war.


India, Vietnam and Philippines should wake up.

Anonymous said...

They are the provocateurs, the instigators, they plant false flags, they pay greedy natives to sabotage the country, to strike, to demo, to riot, to loot, they support terrorists, dissidents, they create tensions, they provoke and kill,...

After creating so many troubles, fears, instability, tension,...

They come knocking, and say we can help you. We are your saviour. We will get rid of your problems for you.

Once they get pass the door, they say, 'We are staying.'

Anonymous said...

Every Asian (and African) should read history of last 2 centuries to understand what the West, Japan and US have done to them.

If you really analyze the modern time of today, you will not be surprised to find these past western power (including Japan) and US are trying to do. In particular, US politics is actually controlled by 2 sectors, i.e. arm and finance sector, and NOT by its people though it claims to be a democratic country. Close exam on US political system will reveal it is far away from a real democratic system like those modern nordic countries. This explains near future conflicts in Asia are likely stirs by US.

Besides Arab Spring or similar movement, the most important key movement is 3rd world countries unity to reject a world that is dominant by US. US has been controlling UN for years, like using UN name to create wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc, it is time to stop this evil empire.

Anonymous said...

Dumb Asians, dumb Arabs, dumb Africans, dumb Singaporeans, still believing that the Americans are the good guys.

My god, when are these stupid Asians going to start to think, to see through the superficial layer of cosmetics? They believe everything the Americans said.

Anonymous said...

The people in 3rd world countries should wake up and reject US. Do they know what US is doing in west pacific? US is a east pacific country and how big is pacific ocean? Why Asian countries need such a distance country to be involved in local stuff? Asian countries should ask themselves if US presence is really peace for the region. Why other Asian countries fear a strong China and yet not fear a distance strong bully? Ask yourselves who is selling arms for defense.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry, the unthinking Asians will always be ruled by the more intelligent caucasians.

Anonymous said...

I just read the report:

I found that USA is really an evil empire. Reflections on the past history for last few centuries have revealed that the same tactic is used again and again to destabilize other regions so that they can profit from selling weapons and providing aids to influence the regions to their advantage.

It will be interesting to read also a book by Raj Patel, Stuffed and Starved: the hidden battle for the world food system. You will know more the real story behind those US Aids, e.g. food aids, and assistance provided by those international organization created by the west and USA. These organizations are actually carriers to continue their imperialism of the past centuries. these organizations put up the mission to reduce poverty of poor countries but the real intention is to benefit the creators' countries, public and private organizations.

After reading Raj Patel's book, do you really think WTO is actually doing good for a poor country? Do you think IMF actually benefits who? There is no free lunch in this world. Third world countries ought to wake up. Where is the spirit of Bandung Conference in the past?

Anonymous said...

For those who would like to read this report:


Anonymous said...

To those who live in this era to fail to see the evilness of the United States, there is only one word to describe them.
They are blind.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The war will be fought by Asians against Asians, like the North Koreans against South Koreans, the North Vietnamese against South Vietnamese, this time likely China against India, Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan, and maybe a couple of Asean countries.

And who is the biggest beneficiary of it all? No prize for your answer. The American mainland will be safe from another war. Absolutely brilliant strategy, applicable only to cheat stupid Asians.

Anonymous said...

The underlying mindset of this joker is that the Asians, especially China, will start wars with its neighbours. And there is a need to have a compulsive US military presence in the whole world to ensure stability.

What a twit! When the Americans are the source of all the instability and wars.

Anonymous said...

See how happy and quickly the Aussies are willing to let the Americans station troops in their country? They will always be part of the western empire.

Indonesia, better watch your backside.

Lost4ever said...

Perhaps someone should do another 9/11 to distract the Yankees again, so that Asia can have 9 to 10 years of peace and development...

Until last March, b4 the Korean Boat incident, East Asia was quite peaceful since the plane collision between the Chinese fighter and the US spy in 2001.

However, since then April 2010, a Japanese PM was forced step down by the US; Vietnam, the Philippines and India have started some small fires in the South China Sea, Thailand has killed 13 Chinese sailors on the upper reaches of the Mekong River, Japan and South Korea has captured some Chinese fisherman in the East China Sea & Yellow Sea, even Mongolia is inviting NATO.

So if these are the results of the US returning to Asia, there is only clear to all who is the EVIL empire, and who are the little side kicks to stir the SOUP.

Welcome to the Super Warring States of the 21st century, a blown up version of what happened in China 2000+ years ago, except it is global now. Do not be surprise when we are caught in the actions of the big players and become victims of collateral damage.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Lost, there was also an incident of demonstration against Chinese construction in Myanmar. Think got some death if I remember.

All happening around the same time when Hilary was flirting all over the places.

Anonymous said...

"East Asian stability at risk if US trashes its defence budget"

That is a belief that the West wants everybody, particularly Asians to believe and all because of the perceived China threat, undoubtedly hyped up by the West. Of course white Australia will support that notion, whether true or not. Poodles are poodles.

Their ultimate objective is to prevent China from rising further, economically and militarily, so China is always going to be the scapegoat and the reason for all the US bases in the Pacific.

In the past the main objective was the containment of the Soviet Union. Not that the Soviet Union is now a lame duck. It still is a military power to be reckoned with, though not as worrisome to the US as it was in its heydays.

Most Asian countries are like bamboos, bending with the wind. Not that they do not know what they are doing, but just acting their part in the greater scheme of things, that they themselves are unable to change. And so they bend, whichever direction the wind blows stronger, until....

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton seems to have aged a decade since becoming US Secretary of State. The flirting is no joke.

The said...

/// Lost4ever said...
Welcome to the Super Warring States of the 21st century, a blown up version of what happened in China 2000+ years ago, except it is global now. ///

Yes, Lost4ever - looks like history is repeating itself. Except this time, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, instead of being played out among the 3 power blocs that emerged from the remnants of the Han dynasty, it will be played out by the US, China and Russia. Or should it be the US, China and India?

And it will be anything but romantic.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I still find it fascinating that there are still people, in the 21 century who actually still believe in "evil".

Better still, they count on "evil" as basis for an argument.

Fucking hell.

Anonymous said...

Some traits are perpetual.

Anonymous said...

Without medicine, the traits will surface as always.