Change in editorial policy

I was watching Channel 5 coverage on the SEA Games. Tao Li won 4 gold and going for the 5th. And a games sticker came out at the end of the event. Li Tao first. Is her name Tao Li or Li Tao? Is our shooter Zhang Jin or Jin Zhang? The other shooter was Ong Jun Hong though the TV sticker came out as Jun Hong Ong. Then there were several swimmers, Jia Hao Ng must be Ng Jia Hao. This non standard format of writing of Chinese names also affected the Vietnamese with Nguyen sometimes in front and sometimes behind the names. Actually Singaporean Chinese names were also reported either ways.

If I can be confused, so would other nationalities. As they said, let’s just follow the majority as the majority seems to be always right, or at least it is more practical to do so. In this case we have the western format as the dominant and familiar way, and easier to understand. So with immediate effect the editorial policy of this blog will adopt the western format when names are concerned. The family name or surname will henceforth be written behind the individual’s name. This should standardise everything and no one will be confused anymore. It will make us to be more westernised or international. No more guessing game.

For a start we will have to get use to Kuan Yew Lee, Chok Tong Goh, Boon Wan Khaw, Eng Hen Ng. Luckily still can address our President as Tony Tan unless he prefers people to call him Keng Yam Tan.

That’s it. This is the way forward. Follow the prevailing trend, and the western style. We will set the standard for countries with Chinese to follow suit. I hope the Govt will make it official for Mediacorp and SPH to do the same. In the interim, while the world gets use to this standardisation, just bear with Mr Kuan instead of Mr Lee, Mr Chok instead of Mr Goh....

PS. Let's not confused the world. Or shall I say let's confuse the world more?


Anonymous said...


Problem solved :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good idea. All Singaporeans should take up a convenient western names. Our leaders should start the ball rolling: )

Anonymous said...

PAP MP, Ms Penny Low will have to change her name to match her new salary?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapura Matilah ??

No cannot lah. Sounds like a curse from a jealous UMNO Neanderthal.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just posted something that should make your day or make the day for all Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

The departed are going to be cleared from Bukit Brown(Chinese Cemetry).
Now, they are delineating the living Chinese from their ancestry so that they become full fledge Singaporean Chinese or Chinese Singaporeans. Which is which? Me getting confused, please pardon me.


The said...

To make it more confusing, your name should be written as beanred. After all the French and Malay put their noun before the adjective.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The and everyone. It was the most stupid thing to do when no one bothers to say something to prevent this stupidity from continuing in the media. And imagine the media has a free hand to change people's name with no respect for people's culture.

We must respect ourselves, our own culture and history, and stop defacing them for the convenience or ignorance of foreigners. For those who choose to be silly, let them be.

The proper convention of how people's name is written should be adhered to and respected. I do not want to be rude to anyone. If I did write it wrongly, it is out of ignorance and not stupidity or disrecpect.

No foreigner will respect you if you don't respect yourself or your culture or ancestry.

I would not want to write John Smith as Smith John, thought they are interchangeable. A John Smith is Mr Smith and a Smith John is Mr John.

A Chan Ah Kow is Mr Chan and not Mr Kow.

Anonymous said...

Penny Low can also be written Low Penny.