The Big War coming to Asia

The Americans are winding down their wars in the Middle East and shifting everything, lock, stock and barrel to the Asia Pacific Region. For a start, the western country of Australia that could only see itself as a western nation, would be the first to host more American bases and soldiers. More bases would likely to pop up in Vietnam and the Phillipines. The Americans can now officially be back in Vietnam without having to fight the Vietnamese anymore.

And an article in the ST today by a David Gordon of Los Angeles Times and Washinton Post is claiming that Asian countries are panicking and are willing to pay the Americans to base troops in their country, to protect against an embolden China.

Is it an embolden China or embolden American crony states with the Americans behind them, that Vietnam and the Phillipines are buying more naval craft to fight China, and India is extending her naval activities to the East and South China seas? Whatever, the American war industries will be getting more orders from these silly Asian pests.

The US on itself is rattling its sabre. It told China that it is getting frustrated and impatient with China for having such a huge trade surplus and it is having difficulties coping with the big American debt to China in the hundreds of billions, actually US$1.1 trillion. So what now America, borrow money pay money, or borrow money don’t pay and start a war?

Can you believe it, the debtor is complaining and whining against its main creditor and wanting to start a war with China?


Matilah_Singapura said...

It is not often I agree with Redbean, in this case I do.

It is bad enough that evil Methodist John Howard dragged Aust into 2 wars because of his arse-licking relationship with George W Bush.

And although the Federal Govt loudly is DENYING IT, here is a report in present-day supposedly left-leaning-"pacifist" Aust: US Marine Base for Darwin

They may be denying it now, but in time US forces will be on bases in Aust.

Resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

I like the photo of Hu and Obama in the Today paper. When Obama or any American is farting, just ignore them. Spend the time thinking of where else to export more China made goods.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Obama Kick

Entertainment lah!

Anonymous said...

Maybe me am sick, my apology, i really don't know.
Do wish to have an opportunity to witness a war between giants. All those fights between giants and lesser armed small countries were just no fun.


market2garden said...

Every 5 to 10 years
USA has to find reasons to involve in war.
This is their DNA.
Previously mentioned that this is the way for USA to get rid of obsolete weapons and buy new weapons.

Anonymous said...

USA is struggling to remain as a sole superpower in the world. USA politics are influenced by 2 sectors, i.e. arm manufacturers and finance. Finance has screwed up the whole financial system. The arm sector wants to survive and what can they survive from? War!

That is why the cold war, korean war, vietnam war, iraq war,...even many countries like Pakistan also benefited with the US supply of advanced weapons during cold war period to counter the pro-Soviet India. Those arm suppliers should face prosecution as war crime. This is not possible so long as they American and USA is still a strong country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi market2garden, welcome to the blog.

This warmonger needs war to keep its industries going, and to prevent any other country from challenging its top mafia position.

Obama said he was fed up with the Chinese and demanded the Chinese to play with the rules set by his gang. The Chinese rightly shot back that it would only play by rules if it has a part in writing the rules. This is what the rest of the world should demand from this gangster and his gangs.

As for trade balance and surpluses, please, go and sell to the Chinese what they want, not what they have or can produce cheaply.

See the rubbish of this gangster? They refused to sell and whined about trade deficit? And the trade deficit was chalked up by themselves on a willing buyer and willing seller basis.

The bottom line is that they want to white wash their debt through war. And many silly Asian countries will become gun fodders.

The era of peace in Asia is looking like short lived.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Most Asian governments kow tow to Uncle Sam.. For many reasons, but here are 3 which immediately come to mind:

1 US is their biggest customer and investor

2 US regional presence is believed to keep militant Islamic fascism at bay

3 US regional presence is believed to "encourage" China to "behave well". Most balls-less Asian govts won't admit to the world that they don't trust nor necessarily like China. So they're happy when there a Big White Daddy to "protect them" from the "evil Chinese".

Part of China's problem is that it became too successful too quickly.

Singapore has the same problem: it begins with JELOUSY and then evolves into mistrust, and perhaps even hatred. (UMNO has hated S'pore for DECADES)

For example: it is no secret that the left-leaning progressive liberals of Aust (so-called "intellectuals") hate/ mistrust both S'pore and China because both countries don't conform to their textbook versions of Utopian "demo-crazy" and "hoo-man rights".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a comment of a post deleted by the author. Few day's back, posted were deleted without this comment appearing. Quite fishy. How did they happened?

Anonymous said...

Below is an article by international affairs analyst from Malaysia Chandra Muzaffar

Home / World / Asia-Pacific
ASEAN members may be manipulated by US on South Sea issue
Updated: 2011-11-16 08:58
Comments(16) Print Mail Large Medium Small

KUALA LUMPUR - The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is gearing up for yet another ASEAN summit that is due to kick off in Bali, Indonesia on Thursday.

The summit will be followed by a broader East Asia summit on the weekend, which, along with several other countries including ASEAN's traditional dialogue partners - China, Japan and South Korea, the US is invited to take part for the first time.

The summit comes at a time when the region is embroiled in overlapping territorial dispute in the South China Sea, an issue widely expected to top the agenda of the meetings.

Statements released by the Philippine government on Tuesday made clear that it is garnering support from allies to form a front against China on the territorial row.

International Affairs analyst from Malaysia, Chandra Muzaffar believed ASEAN countries may have been manipulated by the US

"I don't think it is good for ASEAN to be so closely linked to the US because Washington has its own agenda as far as this region is concerned," said Chandra, a professor of Global Studies at the Science University of Malaysia.

"Because of its links with the US, you find a lot of ASEAN countries which are spending a great deal on military hardware, they become more militarized. They try to be provocative because someone is pushing them towards that direction, failing to realize that the issues can be resolved via peaceful dialogues," he added.

ASEAN and China adopted a non-binding code of conduct in 2002 to curb hostile acts in the South China Sea.

In October, US Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta attended the annual ASEAN defense ministerial meeting in Bali, Indonesia as the only non-ASEAN official at the event.

"When you bring in other countries, the idea of ASEAN plus three (China, Japan and South Korea) has lost its cohesiveness. It has now become 10+8. This is the region that will be the pace setter in the future," Chandra said.

"The US wants to have a main say on the security pact in the region and it is driving away some ASEAN countries from China," he added.

He said China had a track record of weathering the storm with ASEAN, citing as an example the Chiangmai initiative.

The initiative was a multilateral currency swap arrangement among the 10-member ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea to manage regional short-term liquidity problems and to facilitate the work of other international financial arrangements and organizations as a rescue plan after the 1997 financial crisis.

"China has tangible ways to stand by ASEAN. In the 1997 financial crisis, China could have devalued the renminbi in economic sense, but the Chinese did not because they were concerned about the economies in the ASEAN countries," Chandra said.

"ASEAN should value independence and sovereignty to avoid becoming a tool for the interest of someone else and their agenda," he added.


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