The Asean Summit coming to a close in Bali

The American South East Asian Nation (Asean) Summit has come to an end with the leader saying farewell and flying back to North America. But before he left, there was the courtesy photo taking session, a generous gesture for the South East Asian leaders to bring home a photo to show they had been with the Emperor of the Empire. And the host country Indonesia was given the honour of having its president standing on the left of Obama while the Chinese leader sharing the honour on his right.

Who is calling the shot at the Summit is without doubt. And Obama staked his claim to the throne with no reservations. He even despatched his top envoy to Myanmar to test the country’s political and economic reform. Failing the test will have dire consequences and could be booted out by the Empire from Asean.

The menu for the gala dinner for the leaders was all American except for soto ayam madura, to show some appreciation to Indonesia. The Asean Summit was a big success to the Americans to stamp their leadership of the regional group. They set all the agenda for the meeting and stating clearly their intent to show that they are the Number One military power, and will set the rules for arms conflicts as well policing the South China Sea. They are stationing their troops in Australia and, according to Kevin Rudd, it was not meant for China. Who is the target of the American troops’ presence in Australia if not China?

Hail the Emperor of the newly constituted Asean, the American South East Asian Nations regional grouping of countries led by America.


Anonymous said...

R we joining the United States, the 11 member state plus Australia, and make it a 1 billion people and 20 million sq kilometers super state??

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
You are right.

But you are just re-stating what has been a historical fact of human existence throughout history.

Might is right. The emperor with the biggest army gets to write the official version of history.

China's official history is really history through the eyes of Shih Huang Ti. The Chin emperor who conquered all 7 states.

China with its current territory as a "united" territory is a Chin empire propaganda to consolidate the empire after "unifying" the 7 warring states.

A "united" China to end the endless wars under the warring 7 states is also very nice propaganda for the Chin emperor. Never mind the countless millions of "united" Chinese that died building all the grandiose works initiated by Shih Huang Ti.

I'm not saying I want to re-interpret Chinese history.
I'm just saying that there are many ways to think about Chinese history. Thinking differently does not mean dis-loyalty to the Chinese race.

If we took the time to study Chinese history & culture during & before the 7 warring kingdoms, we will find a very rich tapestry of philosophies, religions and cultures. So much was lost when Chin dynasty "standardized" Chinese culture.

Shih Huang Ti succeeded in China where Hitler failed in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, survival of the fittest.

Anonymous said...

How arrogant! Sending his envoy to test Myanmar's political and economic reform.

Want to bet that they will say both are still wanting and they demand a regime change in Myanmar!

Now, why in the world did they not send a top envoy to test the political reform in paradise. It is long overdue.

Hypocrites and a retinue of hypocritical followers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The people get the American-dick-hungry local governments they deserve.

Mat, tongeng sikit lah, kasih butoh Mat Saleh 'tu rogol pantat awak!

Mat...shiok bukan? Mat, hisap kotek Orang Puteh. Rasa siok sendiri bila dia bukkakeh pada muka awak!

Anonymous said...