The worrisome things said by opposition MPs

The opposition MPs are trying to make an impact in Parliament by making recommendations on what could and should be done. The intention is good, but the approach is flawed from the word go. How could they think that they can teach the ruling party how to do their job? How could they think that they are more talented than the super talents and have better solutions? How could the super talents accept their suggestions? Would it make them look bad if they do? See the problem?

And the reactions and replies by the ruling party MPs are quite expected. No need to guess. Every suggestion will be met by opposition or cold water. The more they try to suggest, the more the suggestions will be thrown out. For instance Yaw Shin Leong was asking the govt to place Singaporeans first against foreign talents in employment opportunities.

What he could have done and get a better result is to propose that foreign talents should be treated better than Singaporeans. Propose that more trainings and funds be allocated to train foreign workers and foreign talents. Then let them attack his suggestion by calling him silly and tell him that the govt will not do things to favour foreign talents and workers. And instead they will proudly pronounce that the govt will allocate more funds and resources to put Singaporeans first.

It is all about strategizing to achieve the same objectives. Appear to be pushing right but really wanting to go left. When the reaction from the other side is expected and predictable, then they should just play the game according to how it is being played.

To try to teach the super talents and tell the super talents how to do their jobs is a wrong way to go.


naiew said...

Love the insight!

Anonymous said...

Whether the super talents listen or not, we know they r going to bull dose through their own policies.

But what I am glad to see is that there are some good men and women willing to tell it as it is what the lesser mortals are facing day in and day out.

Change is coming, but msm is still propagating with bias reporting day in and day out.

Get real ! Will they ?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi naiew and Hsq,

Another strategy is to offer praises to all the good things the govt is doing and hopefully they will reciprocate with some praises for the oppo's suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Red bean
If (yes if) you were elected as MP, in pthis case from opp camp,
may I humbly ask -
what should be core parts of 20-minute maiden speech? Based on the fact that all ruling party in the world (not just SG) has resources, numbers and manpower, and SG in particular the ruling party MP outnumbered opp MP.
At least I understoomd LTK' remarks of 力不从心 in the Parliament Debate.

agongkia said...

Haha..You reminded me of the story of the turtle that was caught and manage to escape by begging the fisherman not to throw her into the sea but into the fire instead...
But how many Singaporean will understand your strategy if Mr Yaw will to do that.He may lost votes if he follow your strategy.
You want to sabo them is it?

There are basic problem that can indirectly solve many existing problem.Sad to say,seems that no one is observant enough.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 10:08,
The 20 minutes maiden speech is something that I have not bothered to think about as it is something that would not happen.

Let me answer you and agongkia at the same time. The ruling party MPs will take it as their role to ridicule and attack opposition party MPs and vice versa. Cannot run away from it. The last two sessions already proven so. And it will be that way in all sessions.

It will be more ridiculous if both sides keep patting each other's back and say, good, good.

As for LTK' remarks of 力不从心, the ruling party MPs will often use their superiority in numbers to laugh down the opposition MPs, to intimidate them. I will suggest that opposition MPs bring a tape recorder with a long session of recorded laughters and play it whenever the other MPs are talking nonsense: )

Seriously, though they claimed to be the best talents ever on this island, the evidence is telling. All their policies have as many flaws as those put up by the opposition. What the oppo can do is to present a voice of conscience of the people, to point to areas that can be improved, or areas that have been missed out.

But it will still be seen as an attack and will be rebutted robustly. They will just have to go through the motion, to say what needed to be said.

Anonymous said...

If the opposition MP cannot do it,then remove them with better ones lah.

Xtrocious said...

To anon @10.44am

Then we may only end up with 6 MPs there, all wearing blue...

Anonymous said...

like your sarcasms and suggestion!

Bodoh said...

Turtle asked fisherman to throw him into fire,not sea ...fisherman BBQ the turtle instead

That's why they get away with it because we have too many dumb sinkaporeans

Anonymous said...

Change is coming your head. Change their income to higher yes though.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi all and Bodoh, welcome to the blog.

It is so comforting to hear the govt is going to help the people. why is it that the people always need govt to help them?

Anonymous said...

You tell me who don't need help? The rich want even more help. LoL

brainless said...

I wld rather the oppositions play the tactic of instigating the pap MPs to say things that will piss people off, speak for the sake of rebutting them and a highly defensive attitude. I'm sure it will cause them votes in next GE as their defensive response agst the oppo is precisely wat people dun like to hear. I'm quite impressed by the WPs now especially those (Gerald Giam & Yee - well done!) who got stupid rebuttals from the pap camp.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi brainless, welcome to the blog. You are absolutely right. Just let them do their arrogant rebuttals. I am sure many people could not stand the way it was done nor the logic.

The more they rebutted the more they will alienate themselves from the people.

HareBrain said...

It's like poking ass. You get fart in your face. lol

Anonymous said...

When asses fart in their faces, they think it is a victory haaaa

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Harebrain, welcome to join the company of bodoh and brainless: )

notanotherspinstory said...

Good idea or reverse psychology.
But I think sarcasm or misleading intent is not allowed. This is not a court room.

Opposition say PAP has been doing growth at all costs and short term minded in importing foreigners. PAP says they are seizing the moment.

The trick is not to label your opponent as totally bad. There is always two sides to the issue. All possible lame excuses like the "seizing the moment" one should be pre-empted and blasted to pieces.

Anonymous said...

both sides are not entirely wrong. but both sides are not entirely right either. if they are extremely wrong, they won't be there talking cock in the first place

so it is neither here neither there neither hot neither cold

spit spit spit

Anonymous said...

The opposition members can teach, suggest or advise BUT what if they are casting pearls to swines???

The most difficult people to teach and deal with are those with strong powers; authority and might.
It will be lucky for the folks if those in power do not jeer, threaten, cowed and abuse them.


Ng Eng Hou said...

Whether those MIWs listen or not, the most important thing is the oppositions must be shown to be doing their job, saying/reflecting the concerns of the man-in-the-street. If they choose to make fun of the opposition even if they're saying the right things, for sure, they will reap what they sow.


Anonymous said...


'Another strategy is to offer praises to all the good things the govt is doing and hopefully they will reciprocate with some praises for the oppo's suggestions'

Where did you get this strategy. It is not from Sun Tzu definitely.

Whether the MIW will listen and act on the Oppo good suggestions does not matter. The result will be known come assessment time in the next GE. How the oppo MPs performance will decide how the swing goes.

I bet the MIW will do whatever they can to stop the Oppo. LKY will not rest and see them succeed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ng Eng Hou, welcome to the blog.

The political stage will change over time and what it will be in 2016 will largely depend on the performance of the ruling party and the opposition.

The people will take the cue from them. Also the people must be willing to take a stand for their own interests.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 9:34, if it is not sun tsu's military strategy then it must be redbean's political strategy: )

Anonymous said...

The main issue is WP mainly look at the interest of Singapore citizens.

The ruling PAP has been looking only into the interest of Singapore Inc,which consists of Singapore born citizens,non-Singapore born citizens,permanent residents,and Foreigners who stay in Singaopre.

And that is the ONLY difference!

Anonymous said...

PAP MPs are rather alerted so that they can find the holes to shoot.

Parliament has become much more serious,and that is a good thing for the voters.