Why need to help first timers?

Why the need to help first timers buy a HDB flat? Why the need to help newly weds to buy their first flat? What is the problem? Why is housing such a complex problem?

When the big fire flattened Bukit Ho Swee, it was a serious problem. Thousands of families were homeless. That was compounded by the thousands living in cubicles, squatters, attap and zinc huts across the whole island. It was a huge problem. But it was solved quite easily. And the only thing that the govt needed to do was to build and build and build until everyone had his flat. Nothing complicated at all. Big problem simple solution.

Then someone screamed that there was a huge stock of unsold flats. And some statisticians started banging the computers and claimed that so many billions of dollars were stuck because of unsold flats. So it was a big problem. Really? Or was it a big mistake?
It was a big mistake alright, but not because of over building. When one joker was panicking that so much money were tied down and furiously trying to get rid of the unsold flats, another joker was happily bringing plane loads of new migrants into the country. And they all needed housing. Obviously the two jokers were not on talking terms and it ended up in a hilarious situation when all the unsold flats were gone in no time, and now a bigger shortage problem.

And this shortage seems so complex that even our super talents could not resolve it and needed many years to hope of unwinding the mess. Could anyone believe that the housing problem today is worst than in the Bukit Ho Swee days?

The problem is so complex, very true. It is like travelling to town from Yishun. It was quite a straight forward thing. People used to walk or cycle to get to town, or to take a bus. Today it is a very complex problem. They need to computate which is the shortest route, the fastest route, the cheapest route. They have to check the number of ERPs, their operating hours and how much each will cost. They need to weigh whether it is better to take a bus or a train, or drive. They need to time when to leave the house, how late to stay in the office.

Why is life so complicated and so complex? Still didn’t get it? Just add more rules and regulations, add more obstacles and fees to get from point A to point B. And bring in more people into the island to keep the GDP growing. Then we have a very serious and complex problem that needs very talented super talents to try to unwind the mess. And because the problem is so messy, so complicated, you need to pay the super talents higher salaries to work on them.

In the times of Bukit Ho Swee, working class couple getting married only need to rent a room. Today, there are a thousand and one regulations and conditions before they can buy a HDB flat. And they are expected to wait for 3 or 4 years for a flat. And some can buy, some cannot buy, some dunno can or cannot buy. It sure is a very complex issue. It is like creating a maze and then help the people to navigate through it and claim credit. Why don’t they just remove the maze? KNN.


Anonymous said...

The govt should do away with all the crap rules and regulations, simplify them and make sure that all Singaporeans have the right to buy HDB flats and the type of flats they need not what the govt dictated them to buy. The income must not be used as an excuse to deprive Singaporeans from buying smaller flats that they want or to deprive them from buying at all.

A simpler approach, every Singaporean will have two bites of the cherry. First time probably a smaller flat and the second time maybe to upgrade.

After exercising these two options, they can only buy from resale. Those who squander their chances and ended in trouble should be allowed to live in rental flats. Human nature is such that some will mess up their lives intentionally or unintentionally and should still be allowed to have a roof over their heads.

Singles can also buy if they can a sibling or a partner to share a flat. The two bites of a cherry will still be counted against their chances.

PRs can only buy from resale market.

Stop all the stupid and arbitrary rules that are discriminatory.

Anonymous said...

Why is life so complicated and so complex? Still didn’t get it? Just add more rules and regulations, add more obstacles and fees to get from point A to point B. And bring in more people into the island to keep the GDP growing.

That is why Bhutan is not the Shangri-la, but Singapore. The job of the government is to make our life complicated so that we dont have the time to think and go fishing. An idle mind is a devil workshop lah.

Anonymous said...

Someone quick develop a software on how to travel from A to B in the fastest time or the cheapest route, by passing all the ERPs. Then embed this into a GPS in a car. Sure sell.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously the two jokers were not on talking terms", unquote.

My Fren; You have written the Hard Truth and nothing but the HARD TRUTH except for the afore-mentioned quote.
The Two MUST HAVE WORKED IN CAHOOT, no buyer? Resettled the settlers in the villages. It MUST HAVE BEEN WORKED OUT THAT BUILDING SUBSIDIZED FLATS MAKE MONEY liked any property developer. IT WAS FOLLOWED BY HUDC AND MORE BIGGER FLATS, but sadly don't know why, Singaporeans became stingy and cannot afford them. The cost of living must have sapped and sucked them dry as Sin rolled out more glorious economic statistics by the day; reason why me says DON'T KNOW WHY. My mind is still boggle and baffle by such anachronism of great economic achievement to falling affordability. Maybe me lacks the Talent of the Leadership, must be lah.

Singaporeans are VERY AFRAID OF ASKING HELPS FROM THE LEADERS NOWADAYS. They only beg that conscience returns to the leaders so that they(people) do not suffer from exploitation, bully, manipulation and mental torture.

Yes, if the Sin Leaders continue to rule without conscience, the people will have to live with frustration, fear and disappointment.


Anonymous said...

If the joker did not create so much shit, Khaw no need to go cleaning shit. But that could be the strategy, one joker shits, one joker cleans, or one black face, one white face.

notanotherspinstory said...

The house is on fire and they keep pouring oil on it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, since the Stop At Two by Lee Kuan Yew came into force more than two and a half decades ago, growth in population have been falling since.
Do we have so many Singaporeans getting married and buying up all the flats built by HDB?


Anonymous said...

The maths is wrong!

How can families monthly earning less than S$1,500 be served by same organisation with monthly income of S$12,000?

HDB must be a genius in maths!