When the plundering and looting are over

500 years of plundering and looting are over for the Western nations. Europe and America enjoyed 500 years of prosperity built on slave trades, conquests and looting in the form of war reparations from defeated countries. They robbed the African and Asian states of land and resources as well as enriching themselves from the slave trades.

These excesses were the foundation for the centuries of prosperity, renaissance and cultural refinement and the good life in Europe and America, transforming peasants, bandits and pirates, to gentries and aristocrats. The wealth of plundering has nearly been exhausted and the ingenuities and progress in science and technology alone could not sustain the same level of richness and affluence in both continents. They did not think nor expect that the wealth could go off so fast. They continued to indulge in a lifestyle they were accustomed to from spending future money and borrowing.

Unfortunately it is game over. Without real production and productivity, without generating enough to cover the over consumption, the rich lifestyle is just not sustainable. Now they are in debt, some knee deep, some up to their neck.

And who did Europe turn to for more freebies and financial handouts? The very victims of their conquests and plundering, the emerging countries of Asia particularly China, the country they turned into the Sick Man of Asia. They bankrupted China, robbed away its dignity, pride and confidence as a nation, as a people, to live a better life with equal rights like all human beans.

The Chinese people are angry. China is still a poor developing country. Why should they used their hard earned savings, through toiling in factories and eating less, and getting by with less material comfort, to help the plunderers who consumed more of what they had and wanting to continue the good life? The plunderers had already had a good time on their expenses by robbing their country of its wealth, and dignity, it is time that they had a taste of living a humbler lifestyle, and not badmouthing China and the Chinese as crude and poor peasants with no refinement in manners and social behaviours, and imposing all kinds of trade discriminations.

Let’s see how refine and well manner they will be without the money and power. Let the world see how the bandits and pirates return to their days of plundering and rampage of other weaker nations. Would that be the new reality, a replay of history as what it was in the days of conquest and colonialism?


Anonymous said...

China has the world biggest reserve,China should start to develop its own domestic economy,and forget about the US and Europe markets.
If this is the case,then China would not have to pay to EU to help them,any way it is silly to give them money so that they can buy yr goods like they did to US.
I hope the incoming new leadership can see the wisdom and not listen to those who give typical world bank,IMF advices.

Anonymous said...

China can trade with the rest of the world who can pay. Why trade with bankrupts who pay by sign IOUs?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is happening in the bailouts in America and Europe is rewarding the irresponsible and reckless by making the thrifty and industrious to pay for good times.

And they expect the good times to be forever, paid by the poor peasants and workers of Asia.

Anonymous said...

They are being manipulated by greedy Wall street bankers such as Goldman Sachs,etc

These brilliant bankers are making use of many governments,including that of China,Russia,US and EU.

It is interesting to see how occupy Wall Street develops.

Anonymous said...

Do hold your breath and horses.
China has indeed improved by leaps and bounds economically. However, Western and European Cultures have seeped deep and corroded the Oriental Value of the Chinese all over the World.

Although Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea are less assimilated by alien cultures, the younger generations are less ethnic centric and loyalty to their own country are not as as strong as in the past. However, their affinity to their ethnic culture had suffered irrepairable damages with a propensity to favour Western liberal behaviours. So, while the Asians and S E Asian are making great strides in wealth, their sense of ethnicity had blurred beyond their ability to know who they are,

If there is going to be conflict of interest for the humankind, it shall be between the have and have-nots everywhere from China, US, Europe, Middle East and to a lesser extent; the poor countries. Such is the situation that no one can rule out that the Americans will fight the Americans and the Chinese(in China) will fight the Chinese.

And me thinks it is actually good for all the countries to do cleansing at the same time.


tomlimsw said...

Don't overlook the Patents and Intellectual Property claims that have been generously approved and defended by their Governments !!

Anonymous said...

World economy order is to be changed. Those who know the inside story would understand that the so called international organizations like IMF, WB, WTO or ADB are just an extended imperialism instruments designed by those past powers to continue dominating the world economy. They put up the banner of helping to alleviate poverty for poor developing countries but actually they are benefitting themselves indirectly. They loan you the money to build these and that but who are the builders that get paid? How WTO affect the developing world's industry and farmers? The developing countries should see through all these and stop them. So, a new world economy order should come sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

It is time to invade...oh sorry... to invest and gain control all the important Western companies including the bigger market-capitalised Apple inc. Instead of the the past colonize land, this modern 21st century should colonizing through controlling the influential corporates of those past powers. Once the economy, like industry, commerce, education, etc are controlled or colonized, what can that country do? Colonization is in a new form. Really, 风水轮流转.

Anonymous said...

If you read 'The Ugly Chinaman' by Bo Yang, you will realise that the Chinese have been screwing themselves more than the West has screwed China.

No need to have such great pride in China yet - maybe in 200 years?

so1trg said...

The West have far too much political leverage on the East that its impossible for the East to reliquish the IOUs of the West.
We need another Lehman bros, x10. Something which a bailout cant help.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They first came, robbed, killed and conquered. Then they set up laws to be civilised. No more killing or robbing. Because they had robbed and killed enough. Only they can do it.

The same thing is happening in New York, Wall Street. They are selling toxic products, changed the rules and procedures of stock trading, to benefit themselves. And they are preventing the regulators to pass laws to restrain their looting and robbing. They will do it for as long as they could, like colonialism and imperialism.

Only when time catches up with them, they will forbid other people from doing the same.

The Chinese were ugly. One major contributing factor was poverty. People do all kinds of criminal things and disgraceful things when they are hungry and trying to survive.

I just posted an article on the 60 years of rebuilding a broken China. The new Chinese no longer despise themselves. They are ultra nationalistic, with a new confidence to take on the world. They have stood up on their feet.

In the past, when the country was poor, they were all running out. Now the diaspora are running back to China, so were the foreigners.

The Chinese are allowed to leave their country anytime. But many will return. Many will not leave. When a country is strong and doing well, the people will not feel ashame of their country. There is a new China.

I wonder if the Singaporeans can feel as proud of Singapore as the Chinese of China?

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