When a govt discriminates against its own people

Tony Tan talked about an all inclusive society and no one will be left out. Then why are citizens being discriminated by incompetence or bad policies? The citizens who are being barred from buying public flats because of some frivolous reasons, especially earning higher income is a glaring example of bad policies. In the first place, all the young people started with incomes within the HDB ceilings and exceeded only because they could not get a flat earlier. Over the years their incomes are bound to go up. Should not the criteria of income measure be at the time of application when they first started to work?

Then the stupid excuse that they will deprive the lower income buyers from getting a flat, or added to the demand. What kind of bull is that? There is no shortage of land to build public flats. In fact the govt is offering a lot of land to build private properties to be sold to foreigners.
Now, what is the real problem? The truth is that the govt is not building enough or had slowed down the building programme and created the shortage by its own bad policies. It is the artificially created lack of supply that is the problem. So who got blame and who had to suffer for such bad policies or bad planning?

The very own citizens are paying for it. And at the same time there are plenty of flats for new citizens, who are flooding into the market without anyone complaining that they are causing the demand to balloon and resulting in higher market prices. And the affected citizens suffered in silence with the govt refusing to acknowledge its own mistakes. We have many citizens who have done their NS and cannot afford to buy private properties and cannot buy public flats. How can such a situation be allowed to exist in an all inclusive society where no one will be left out?

It is govt logic versus people’s logic, or supertalent logic versus no talent logic. Of course supertalent or govt logic wins, and it is the right logic. This is simply brilliant. Create a supply problem and blame it on the young buyers who happened to earn a little bit more. Just pass the buck to them and force them to buy private. They die their pasar. So wicked.


Anonymous said...

"So wicked'", unquote.

No la, they are not wicked.
They are born without conscience,

or, they fed their conscience to
the dogs for want of wealth.

newhik said...

The problem is that the Gahment is blinded to the lower classes issues as most of the top ranking civil services are elites and had never went through the hassle of applying for flats. Maybe this is a over generalisation, but looking at the background of Lee & Co ( e.g. New president and MPs)most of them don't come across as people who have to apply for BTOs, only to find that their queue numbers are 1000++ for 300 plus odd units.

The second to blame is that although this is what is happening to the ground, feedback is always distorted as positive. The only explanations are

1) PAP MPs ignore the pleas or do not look at the overall trend of the needs of their constituents
2) Grassroots members paints over such issues
3) Singapores are too placid and just take whatevers is coming to them

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi newhik, welcome to the blog.

They do not know how difficult it is for young people to start saving for their first $200k, and they would not hesitate to help the young people to empty their savings and give it to the developers and those property speculators. You know who they are.

And they wonder why young people are having second thoughts on having babies and starting a family. And they pretend to worry that they have no savings for retirement and no money to pay for expensive medical bills.

See how evil they are, forcing them to finish up their savings, and blame them for everything. It is not the govt's fault or bad policies. Not at all.

And they will look at these feedbacks as coming from lunatic fringes. And best, they believe that they are doing the right thing, for the good of the people and country.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is so small, for HDB new flats, they can control the demand and supply, its all within their means. They also can control the selling price. But they are controlling all parameters to reap more $ from us.

Imagine if you are young couple, after paying the house for 30 years, set aside the ever increasing min sum, apportion your CPF in SA and medisave, etc. Confused by all the policies of changing complex formulae.

Not much money, energy and brain power to handle our Gahment leow. So, can you see their strategy.

Also heard from sources, they are trying to replace our population with higher nettworth individuals, or foreign talent, etc.

So, if you're low in $$, bye, bye, u can either die to leave.

Vote for change the next time, if you care for your fellow Singaporeans, before its too late !!


Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese saying in reference to people being push to the wall - even Buddha would be angry. And you know what sort of repercussion for the govt should this happen.

Anonymous said...

1. How many Mentor Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer #1
One. But HE is not going to change (the light bulb).

Answer #2
One. But the light bulb has to repent first.

2. How many Prime Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

One. But Mentor Minister has already declared darkness to be the new standard.

3. How many Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

One. But it requires balls to climb up a ladder to change the light bulb.

4. How many Emeritus Senior Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

One. But he prefers foreign light bulbs. So the local light bulb socket will have to be fixed. Then the foreign light bulb can fit in more comfortably.

5. How many Executive Presidents does it take to change a light bulb?

We don't know. And the President does not want to tell us.

Anonymous said...

6. How many MCYS Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

It depends. Is the light bulb in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

7. How many Environment Ministers does it take to change a light bulb?

None. A light bulb only blows once every 50 years. You don't need an Environment Minister.

8. How many Presidents does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer #2:
None. A President is not allowed to change light bulbs. He does not have executive powers.

Answer #3:
None. A President is only allowed to stop you from changing the light bulb.

Anonymous said...


You hit right on the nail.

Otherwise how can the PAP Govt unlock the value of their asset to increase their coffer. Furthermore they have to fulfil LKY's statement that only the PAP can enhance the value of our HDB asset. They, however, have forgotten that all HDB dwellers can only buy 1 HDB apartment. So we have to the them in crude chinese coloquial "LPPL". You sell your HDB at high price and you have to buy another at high as well. Who is gaining in the end - the PAP Govt.

It's a pity so many heartlanders can be so daft.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere around Sin, me sees condominiums being built, they sprout like plants in Spring. New HDB Flats on the other hand are a rare sight except for the one and two room versions which are also far less than condos.

Then then are the emptied State Lands devoid of their former residents. These 'emptied lands' were formerly very productive with primary products, pig, poultry, eggs, veggies and fruits etc. Now they are productive with mozzies(think Dengue) and actvities that were/are reported in news. Many settlers lost their incomes and knew little why they were resettled.

The amount of condos that are being built seem to me to be more than what the locals can afford to buy. So, why do Singaporeans suffer from shortage of housing? Because they built and are building properties that Singaporeans cannot afford. However, the filthy rich foreigners will have no problem buying them.

Talk about a caring government, only the daft believes.


Anonymous said...

so wicked; so evil; born without conscience ; just puke on them!

Anonymous said...

Cannot blame them if they are born without conscience. It is their ancestors' fault.
However, those evil by themselves to sell their souls have unfortunately blemish their ancestors and their successors.