Weakness is sexy and inviting

The whole world was raped by the western powers for several centuries. Many were colonized and ruled by the barrel of the gun. China too was raped by the western powers, including Japan. It was almost colonized like the rest of Asia and Africa. And Japan bluntly told China that it was her fault for being weak. It invited aggression upon itself.

Today China is the second most powerful country, militarily and economically. But it is still being bullied by small little countries. It deserved to be bullied because it appears to be weak. It may be a super power, but it fears to use its power. So the littoral countries like Vietnam and the Phillipines always take potshots at China. Many of its fishing boats and fishermen were arrested by these two countries.

Yesterday a Phillipines naval craft rammed into another Chinese fishing boat towing several other smaller boats. And the Phillipines Govt conveniently claimed that it was an accident. So what is China going to do about it? If China continues its weak foreign policies it will only attract these pests to irritate her more often.

Pests need a swapper to swap them off. China must demand an apology and full compensation from the Phillipines. If it fails to do so, the Phillipines will conveniently have more accidents ramming Chinese fishing boats. And it will encourage Vietnam and other little countries to be adventurous. Even Sinkies will think it is okay to slam China.

Now India is going to send its aircraft carrier into the South China Sea to protect its oil drilling adventure in islands that the Chinese claimed to be theirs. The weak front that the Chinese is putting up is inviting more trouble from weak states. It cannot go on adopting this policy. It must stand up and kick asses. That is the only language that pesky states will understand. And only then will they stay clear of irritating China.

There is no other way. A weak foreign policy will only invite more trouble for China. China must learn from its past weakness and must not appear weak to small countries. Like it or not, whether China kick asses or not, the western world is going to brand it as a bully. It might as well live with it and whack the daylight out of these little pests that think they can shit on China’s head.


Anonymous said...

China can afford to send more fishing boats and fishermen for the Philippines to ram and capture. China is over-populated and if the Philippinos want to help feed the Chinese, then must thanx them!

As for India, it is definitely going to be a world giant in no time, whether it fights any of its' neighbours or not. It might replace the US to be number one in a decade's time.

Btw, how do U rate US as no.1 and China as No.2?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

US is number One in many areas and China is very very far behind.

It is number One in military power, owning the most nuclear warheads, the most aircraft carriers, the most ICBMs, the most bombers and fighter aircraft, battleships.

It started the most wars and fighting the most wars.

It holds the record of genocide against the red Indians.

It was the biggest slave owner nations.

It dropped the most napalm and agent orange in Vietnam or any country in the world.

It is the first country to nuclear another country.

It is the biggest debtor nation in the world.

It is the biggest arms exporting country.

It has the most military bases in the world.

The list can go on and China cannot hold a candle to the US in any number one position except maybe population.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are long-sighted people...."Act like pigs to eat the Tigers"!

ed said...

awww. Poor China. 'Bullied by little pests'. Ever heard of Tibet?

And just as China was indeed 'raped' by the west during the 'scramble for concessions' by european powers (not 'western' only, as Russia was part of it as well),let's not forget that the size of china itself is a testament to 'chinese' colonialism and oppression. The 'china' shih huang ti ruled was much smaller than the china of today.

And let's not forget how china funded the sri lankan government in their being able to put down tamil resistence to Sinhalese oppression. I wouldn't pair 'pitiful' or 'poor' with 'China'.

Anonymous said...

India going to be a world giant in no time? To be a military giant needs lots of money for all the hardware and manpower.

Even China at this stage is not considered a military giant by any definition. A decade or two or even more maybe. I said maybe only.

So, how long will it take India? Fifty years? Hundred years? By that time mankind may already be extinct, with all the nuclear mishaps, weather changes, genetically altered food grown for human consumption, farm animals pumped full of growth hormones bred for human consumption as well.

They will tell you all these are harmless. What can we do anyway?

Anonymous said...

India will never be a superpower. History tells you why it cannot. It has been colonized by a small UK for years. India culture is not homogeneous to be united as a great nation. There too many and sizable fragments in its politics and economy. Unless there is one indian "Mao" to change the country so India will never emerge to be a real superpower. Money plays the key role.

Anonymous said...

These Asian minnows in nibbling at Chinese territorial lands and seas are testing the bottom line of Chinese patience and tolerance. They think they can get away with their mischiefs with support from the evil empire US and other like minded trouble makers like India ande Japan. These Asian minnows have played into the hands of the evil empire - US which always instigate and foment choas and strive among Asians and largely against China. China must constantly stay alert and be well prepared for war and to strike hard and deliver a morftal blow to whichever country that dares to infringe on her land and seas.


Anonymous said...

China should stop its silly adventures overseas. Might does not make right.

"The South China Sea is not China's Sea"


Anonymous said...

Indian supremacists should not be making remarks about China. China is poor and filthy but India is worse.

Brag about the 'great Hindu civilization' and weep how it is not being accorded its due respect in your own blog.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the discussion.

I thought of giving a lecture on the evolution of civilisation and statehood but it will send everyone to sleep. Briefly, China is what it is today because of the natural evolution of tribes. Is there a Chinese tribe then? How did they become a country and a people, and a nation?
What we see today of states and nations is a natural progression of how people get together, become one or become separate and different.

The Chinese race is a complex milieu of many different ethnic groups, some more alike, some more different, but mostly mongoloids. The mongols, manchurians, koreans, japanese, vietnamese, are all of the same stock but developing different characteristics because of geography and distance.

There is a big commonality or similarity among the various ethnic groups that ended as the bulk of the Chinese race. Then the mongols and manchurians came in and conquered the Chinese race but got absorbed into the Chinese race. Was Tibet conquered by the Chinese? Tibet, Xinjiang, even Vietnam and Korea were the larger China in the historical past. The latter two managed to break away as independent nations. Tibet could, Yunnan, Kwantung, Szechuan, Xinjiang, Fukien, etc all could become independent countries like Europe. They are the same but also different.

Tibet almost went the way like Vietnam with the help of foreign powers, the French in the latter case. The fact that Tibet is what it is today, is just a natural development of nations and states, in the past, by geography and conquest, not by the Chinese but the Mongols and the Manchus. As statehood takes form, you can't simply breakaway at will.

Chinese colonialism? During the Shih Huang Ti era, there was no such thing as China or Chinese colonialism. They were all different tribes with some similarity. Who is to judge the present state to be right or wrong?

Look at how India, Indonesia and Malaysia became independent states with regional tribes becoming one but still different? Did India or Indonesia colonise the rest of the states/islands and tribes?

Nation states do evolve and change overtime for different reasons and by different methods. Taiwan could become a new state or be reabsorbed into China. Is it a matter of right and wrong? Is Tibet a part of China or an independent state an issue of right and wrong?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is more interesting to look at the Nations of Convenience like India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines. Each could have been many countries but for the convenience of the colonial powers who bundled them together to rule as part of their empires.

The differences among the different ethnic or tribal groups could be vast, culturally, linguistically, or by religion etc etc.

How did they become a nation or would they break up to form more new nations?

Anonymous said...

Because of its huge population and resouces,ther is little doubt that China will display USA in GDP as world No.(1)

But whether PRC can overcome its problems and be actual world no.(1),I have my doubt.

I suspect that the world may move back to cold war when USSR was supposed to be cworld No.(1),whatever it means.

Anonymous said...

India a minnow?
If Pakistan and Bangladesh
had not broken away and
became independent nations,
India would have been the
World's Number One in

Anonymous said...

India was ruled by British.
India speak better English than PRCs.
India has a functioning democratic process.
India will be no.(1) in population in time to come.
India has many successful private enterprises(non-SOEs)
Will india be world no (1)
I do not think they will might it!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is no doubt that India is a superpower. It controls the Indian Ocean and dominates its immediate neighbours.

It will be sending a man to space soon.

Anonymous said...

If India is already a superpower

Then in that category,inclue US,EU,Japan,Russia,China.

At this stage,I think G2 is more appreciate

Anonymous said...

Actually it all boils down to definition, perception or beliefs.

Anonymous said...

India has softwares that can knock off the hardwares(arsenal) of it's enemy hollow.

Anonymous said...

"So, how long will it take India? Fifty years? Hundred years? By that time mankind may already be extinct,". Unquote.

According to a christian, today is the EVE OF DOOMSDAY.

Anonymous said...

"India has softwares that can knock off the hardwares (arsenal) of its enemy hollow"

Goodness me. They should tell the Americans not to waste money on missile shield. The Indians can just knock them off anyway, just like that. So what is the use of having a shield?

Oh, I forgot, the Americans and Indians are such good friends now, so the shield is safe. But, I think the American knows better than to trust a snake.

Anonymous said...

Snake or no snake
America need the support of India to counter the rise of China,and they are natural partner in that respect.

look at their collabaration in development Space solar
system (SSS) which China is heading strongly and already committed huge investment

Anonymous said...

There is a possibility that there could be an Indian(Race) Presidential Candidate in US in the not too distant future. Then relationship between India and US will be even closer, snake or no snake.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, then it's all slithering and hissing in the snake pit, and the world, particularly China, better be very careful.

A gathering of snakes is always a bad omen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the Indian congressman becomes the US President, then India will be propelled into the world's number One superpower by making the US a part of India: )

Anonymous said...


New World Order. The United States of India!

What will happen to our Little India?

Anonymous said...

It will be the United World Of Indians.