Sushi any one?

Or would you prefer a half inch thick medium rare Kobe beef, where the cows were fed with beer and given massages under the watchful eyes of their caregivers?

There is now a furore over the dolphins in RWS. And many people are crying foul, for keeping free living dolphins in captivity and putting them under a lot of stress with tough trainings to perform acts to please. And RWS has replied that they are committed to marine conservation and research and the knowledge learnt from the captive dolphins would be used to make life better for the dolphins and marine life. Sound convincing?

I think the Japanese were much better in telling the world that their cullings of tunas and whales were strictly for research as well. And they are killing them by the millions annually. And no one says the Japanese were lying. How’s that compare to the 10 or 20 dolphins in RWS that are kicking and swimming and alive? How’s that compare to the hundreds of dolphins in other parks around the world? Sure some will die naturally, in captivity or in the wild. Nothing beats what Nature makes them to be.

The tunas and whales have an easier time. They need not suffer the pain and stress of training and performing to crowds. They just ended at the dinner table. Oh, training and performing are bad for animals. I will support the banning of all animal shows, including circus and dog shows. The owners and trainers thought it was fun and very clever to make the animals do all those tricks. But the animals were also put through many painful and stressful lessons to learn and practice them.

All animals should be free in their natural environment, not in captivity, not in HDB flats. And also not on the dinner table. Now, what am I ranting about? It is all garbled. I also want to save all the animals and the world. Incidentally, I am half vegetarian. I still eat killed animals on alternate days and cooked vegetables for the other days.


The said...

Thank you Redbean for pointing out the utter hypocrisy of those goodie two shoes. My sentiments exactly.

agongkia said...

I have a friend who also tell me not to support those dolphin shows but I remember he used to tell me he likes to go for tiger show.
What is the difference between a dolphin show and a tiger show?Why is there discrimination?

The said...

agongkia - Thai girl shows do not involve "cruelty" to animals. No animals were harmed in the shows. Where did you (not your friend - come on, don't be shy) for your tiger shows - Machinta or Queen Bee?

agongkia said...

I am not so sure but eager to learn here.But they say they make the tiger open coca cola and shaft in ping pong balls..are these act not cruel?Why is one enjoying.
But Machinta and Queen Bee sounds familiar.Hehe..

notanotherspinstory said...

All these criticism of RWS is pure hypocrisy. How different is a zoo from keeping dolphins in captivity?
So those critics should never ever visit a zoo.

Anonymous said...

Where is Queen Bee? Is it at Queens Street.
Those animals in the zoo, circus and aquariums are the luckiest beings in the World. Food, shelter all provided plus vets to attend to them.
If only, i can be one of them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I saw a picture of a pregnant zebra flat on the ground, in South Africa. Beside her was a bunch of hyenas. They tore her unborn foal from her tummy, while she was alive, eyes starring into nothing, in a state of shock. They tore her apart too, later, to fill their stomachs.

Life in the wild. There are good and bad on both sides of the divide.

The said...

Anon @ 1.31PM, Queen Bee and Machinta were in Johore - closed down many many years ago. So, you have to be near retiring age to frequent those places.

agongkia - yes - saw them opening bottle caps with their thingamajig. They were able to inset big brush and do calligraphy - of course, I was there only to admire their calligraphy. Some can even insert a string of razor blades - shudder, shudder. And some can shoot darts at balloons. Seen them all.

Re opening bottle caps, I was always under the impression that they somehow hide the opener somewhere, otherwise one shudders to think what she can do to your thingy.

agongkia said...

Wow ..perfect description.I envy you.Not many can have a chance to watch calligraphy in this way.
Should propose to RWS to consider having such shows and leave the dolphin alone.
Let the tiger shoot ping pong balls and let those who enjoy to go after it and reward them with free access to the casino for a day,or a night stay.
I think this will make many happy..
Free the dolphin,bring in the tigers.hehe..