Shsssssh…Don’t tell anyone

When one has some money, it is better to keep quiet and don’t let anyone know. The moment words get out that someone has a pile of money, soon the money will be gone, if he is lucky. If not, his life too may be gone with the money. For those people still trying to ask GIC and Temasek to reveal how much they have in their kitties, please don’t. It is not so much about the big funds raiding them or attacking them in the stockmarkets. The things that would happen would be very simple and innocent, and with good intention.

Remember the American financial crisis? No, nobody remembers. They only remember the Global financial crisis. But it is the same thing. It was the American financial crisis that turned global, affecting the world. The main causes, subprime loans, housing price collapsed, CDOs, CDS, toxic notes, leading to the collapse of several major American banks and the rest of the financial world. They would not want to admit or lend the name America, to the worst financial fiasco in modern history.

What happened was that they knew GIC and Temasek got plenty of money and came to talk to them nicely. Citibank, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Barclay etc etc were queuing up at the door, like the Europeans now in China. GIC and Temasek were just too polite to say no. After all they just had too much money and lending some money to them was nice and proper, and good investments if they turned out to be good. The results, probably tens of billions down the drain.

This is the biggest danger in telling people that you have plenty of money. It stimulates people to think of ways to have a share of it.
Domestically the same story was repeated several times. The people have plenty of money in the CPF. This one unfortunately cannot hide. Public knowledge. So when people got so much money in the CPF, they can afford to buy a lot of things. And HDB flats were then sold to them, at market prices, according to their affordability, ie how much they had in their CPF. So a flat can be sold at $100k became $200k, became $300k, and still very affordable viv a vis the CPF savings. The rest is history. The CPF savings were depleted.

Then the medical professions also wanted a share of the money in the CPF kitty before it was emptied. They came out with a Minimum Sum Medisave Scheme, and a chunk was taken from the kitty for this noble cause. Cannot touch except for them or until mati.

Wait wait. The insurance man came and said I also want some. And CPF Life was born. Did anyone say money for gambling chips?

Anymore money left in the CPF kitty? See how dangerous it is to let people know you have money in the kitty? This is grandma’s wisdom.

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Anonymous said...

No problem, Just keep on emptying their retirement money as they accumulate, and continue to sell the daft Singaporeans the concept of working until death and they will listen, and agree, and comply even with reduced salaries and CPF and possibly other benefits greatly reduced as well. Is there any other choice?

We have Trade Union leaders good in selling away worker's 'pantat' to employers, Mainstream medias dispensing selective propagandas exhorting the virtues of working until death and the problem is solved. QED.