Opposition to put forward constructive suggestions

‘The Govt has put forward its views, and the idea of a a debate must be that the Opposition puts forward constructive suggestions on how the Govt’s agenda and policies and programmes can be improved. K Shanmugam
Shanmugam was reported in yesterday’s Today paper to acknowledge opposition’s ‘role in finding improvements to govt policies and programmes.’ He also added that all good ideas must be accepted, that all MPs are people’s representatives and representing the people’s views and aspirations.

There was a robust debate in the Parliament’s first sitting. Has any view or suggestion been accepted by the govt? Were they constructive? Or were they not? Given the way they were summarily attacked and dismissed by the ruling party MPs and ministers, it looks like the opposition still has a lot of work to do, to come out with constructive suggestions. So far it seems that they have failed.

And though Shanmugam in the same breath claimed that the PAP did not have a monopoly of wisdom, the fact that nothing from the opposition were seen as constructive suggestions or worthy of wisdom, does it not imply that the monopoly of wisdom is still with the PAP? Yes, they don’t have the monopoly of wisdom, but the opposition has none. Every statement from the opposition will be attacked or rubbished.

Wow, I am going to flatter myself for the way I am arguing against myself. Everything I say is wrong and is also right.


Anonymous said...

The Cabinet Members have been talking to their backbenchers only all these years.
They are not having a dialogue with the electorates.
Discussions in the Parliament is a members only affair for them to talk amongst themselves only. You are invisible to them lah !

Anonymous said...

To offer the most talented people in Sin ideas for free is the most foolish act of any Singaporeans.

All that Singaporeans need to do is to show the talented the follies and holes in their schemings. Let them see the holes they dig for themselves.


Anonymous said...

A moron called YEE YAO ZENG's letter published in TODAY paper(25/10)slammed WP MPs. He wants WP MPs to give 'viable alternative solutions';he said 'little reason to pay MPs about $200k a year to hear them complain'.How many PAP MPs are there receiving this money without even uttering anything useful?I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY !So why target WP MPs? Pay Ministers millions for what- they created the problems then want opposition to give solutions!If want WP MPs to give the solutions, then pay them the ministers salary.PAP ministers & MPs always just belittle & sneer at the opposition for anything said.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would be very happy to be paid in millions and if anyone complains or disagree with my policies, I will be more than happy if they can offer me good alternative solutions...while I continue to enjoy my millions and the fruits of their labour.

I will say, keep complaining, and keep the alternative suggestions coming in. And thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of good suggestions and constructive feedback to resolve all the problems created by ruling party. Yet they are blind and don't bother reading or taking any action. Just busy paying lip service.

Anonymous said...

Parliament in red dot is like a place of worship. The believers go there to say their usual prayers to God, recite stereotype answers and say amen.

Non believers, like the WP, are not really welcomed and whose thoughts and suggestions are liken to those of the devil, that must be exorcised, at each and every Parliament.

Not an exercise in 'monopoly of wisdom'?

Anonymous said...

PAP must know that the Workers Party MPs are not alone in parliament. They have the solid support of the people. To treat the opposition MPs lightly and disrespectfully is arrogance and insulting the citizens who support them. The people are watching how the PAP behave and speak in parliament.


Jonathan said...

Political labels 101:

1) Populist: OUT

2) Welfare: OUT

3) Individualistic: OUT

4) Opposition: OUT

5) Non-PAP: OUT

Anonymous said...

Example PAP's definition of constructiveness

OppParty: MIW must reduce their pay to level of lesser mortals and be more accountable and competent otherwise how can they have the moral authority to govern and lecture the public to be "cheaper, better and faster" ?

PAP MIW: This is not constructive at all but destructive to PAP's mindset of elite's privilege and right !

PAP Lackey: We should raise the pay of MIW further because they are the best, and nothing but the best !

MIW: Wow, that is what I mean by been Constructive ! Honest Well-say and well-deserved words, PAPLackey ! That is what honesty and sincerity is all about !

Anonymous said...

The PAP ministers and MPs are still as arrogant and as self satisfying as ever. Observe their behaviour and attitude towards opposition parliamentarians which shows a lack of respect and proper decorum.The PM reply to Low Thia Khiang and opposition MPs is utterly reprehensible. PAP ministers wrongfully pay themselves millions of dollars in salaries without consulting the people for proper endorsement and yet with tongue in cheek they openly ask the opposition MPs to teach them the alternatives to their bad policies and governance. In reply to the opposition queries he said, "social spending, building more HDB flats and health care for the people cost money and how can they be funded. The government has rich coffers from taxes. The ministers, the president and senior civil servants are grossly overpaid by the hundreds of millions of dollars and the CEOs and directors of Government Linked companies are insanely overpaid too. As an example Liew Mun Leong the CEO of Capital Land was paid 21.5 million dollars in 2007. This is sheer madness. The public demands to know what percentage of each of the government linked companies'earnings goes to pay for CEO and directors salaries and what percentage goes to pay as company's corporate tax. The government can afford to lose hundreds or thousands of billions of dollars of the national reserves in wild ventures in failed American investments. Perhaps losing other people's money and in this case the tax payers' money is perfectly alright. Actually the government can save all the money from all these wrong disbursements and there will not only be enough money to fund the suggestions of the opposition parliamentarians but also ample enough left over for the reserves. So the PAP government should not try to fool the people again.


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