Of farting or alternative solution

Farting is a very easy and effortless thing to do. Everyone can do it and it does not cost anything. Looking for alternative solution to a national problem is a different matter altogether. A ministry may come out with a policy or decision to solve a problem, like the ERP. I am very sure the policy or decision does not come out like farting. It must have gone through many thinking heads, many discussions and reviews before the minister finally put his signature on it.

How many super talents would have been involved in the making of a policy or a solution? How many man hours would be needed to work on it. And the minister is not working for free either. The cost of a policy or decision is quite substantial. A consultant that is engaged to solve a problem too will charge his price based on the number of hours put in, the expertise needed and all other necessary costs involved.

Good solutions are costly, not like free fart. Anyone who asked for a free solution while he is getting paid to come out with a solution is going to get nothing more, nothing less, except farting. Why should anyone offer free solution to another who is paid handsomely to do the job but not doing it, and put in great effort, man hours and expenses for a serious alternative solution? Unless of course the person is farting, which does not require much effort and of not much value.

Anyone got any suggestions?


Anonymous said...


Anyone paid handsomely should come out with the solution instead of just farting.

Otherwise, why do we need costly talents like MIW to collect the millions without doing the thinking? Might as well ask Ah Meng's successor to become the PM. Cheaper, faster and better.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Open the gateway for Freedom of Information Act (like Europe& US), then policies will be crowd source. I believe 10 heads are better than 1 head in PAP. Then the level playing field is open. They cannot be the designers of bad policies and not be accountable to its people who are the sufferers or recipients.

Lies, Lies and More Statistics Lies.

Take the PR application rate. TCH recently released the numbers and MSM gives the impression that 68K have been rejected so they have controlled the inflow of FT. BS! What's the number of applicants? Maybe there were thrice as much of applicants that's why more are rejected...but the %? What's approved? Half truth or half lies? How do you expect any credible opposition worth his/her salt to come up with solutions without any data to back your ass!?


Anonymous said...

Fart is ground noise. Shit is intellectual waste.
They shit,we fart. Shit fart shit fart shit shit fart fart.

It is a symphony of Singapore orchestra.

Kaffein said...

I wonder where we get the term 'air-head'. Oh well...