Of course it is a thoroughbred!

Who says the horse is sick? Who says it is a workhorse, a farm horse? It is every inch a thoroughbred, and a winner. This is the other side of the coin. I read somewhere that several hundred companies are queuing up to list in the SGX. With all the listing fees, the bottom line of SGX will be extremely healthy.

I think every little company here or in China or anywhere in the world would want to be listed here. It is quite easy to raise several millions or tens of millions when liquidity is plentiful. After collecting the largesse, the viability of the company is a different story. Many unforeseeable events can happen quickly and the business could easily fail.

Nevermind, can always start another new company and a new listing. And there are still plenty of willing investors with plenty of money waiting for new IPOs.

There were horror stories of foreign companies running road, with their top management disappearing into thin air. There were stories of companies being scavenged and only a shell was left. But they were not many enough to turn into a horror serial. It is normal for such things to happen.

SGX is the best run Asian stock exchange and competing with HK as the number two biggest exchange in terms of capitalization. Never mind if it hosted a large number of penny stocks in its main board. There will be more companies from the second board being elevated to the first board to make up for the losses.

And the volume of trades is increasing to the region of billions daily. At $1b trades a day, at 0.3% commission rate, that is a cool $3 million revenue to be spread among the industry players. Divide by a workforce of 6,000 heads, that will give an average of $500 per head daily. It is a very healthy industry.

If they can get all the companies waiting in the pipeline to be listed, the industry should be able to absorb another 1,000 staff with more money to spread around.

It is definitely not a sick horse. Just another side of a story. Look at the volume and volatility over the last few days! This is great time for stock trading with great opportunities to make a pile. Just keep selling, no need to think, and sure to make profits. The banks have lost something like 30% of their values and the major shareholders must be licking their wounds. But for traders, especially big funds and their wonderful high speed computers, they must be making a killing.

For small investors, sell the blue chips, or if not, wait for a while longer, they will soon become penny stocks. Then go in and scoop them up in buckets and wait for another 30 years. Sure to go back to $30. Our stock market is doing excellent and many traders and investors are making plenty of money. Good times are here again.

With the volumes in the billions, SGX must be collecting quite a lot of clearing fees. Broking houses must also be harvesting a lot of commissions. The industry is well and alive, and kicking.


Anonymous said...

Whatever SGX does is not important la.
The important thing is that IT makes money for Sin. Think its' profit will add positively to Sin GDP.

Anonymous said...

IT makes money, big funds with high speed machines make big money. Make money from who?