Occupy Wall Street gaining momentum

The power of technology is sweeping through America in a most unexpected way. The home of high tech and innovation has been exploiting technology and developing technology in changing the way of life of human beans everywhere. In many ways, technology has improved the way information and communication has never been before. Lifestyle also changes with Ipad, Iphone technology, thanks to Steve Jobs.

While many improvements in the way of life have been taken for granted in the developed countries, technology saw its biggest impact in the bringing down of dictators in countries that have not really embraced technology in a big way. The falling of several kingpins in northern Africa, now famously known as the Arab Spring is a good example.

Now this Spring is arriving in the streets of America, in most of the major cities, where inequalities and injustice, greed and corruption are taken by horns when Congress refused to act or slept with the perpetrators of greed and corporate crimes. The American people have finally taken onto technology for the good of the ordinary Americans against the crooks in high places, especially Wall Street.

The greed in Wall Street knows no bound and are concealed or blatantly ignored by the congressmen and senators. Only the bringing down of Wall Street can the cancerous growth of greed in America and the financial world be arrested. Europeans and some American regulators are reported to be trying to clamp down on the new scourge in the stock markets, ie, computerized high speed trading. They have seen the ills, and some have been fined heavily. But they are very cautious as the literature and media are still promoting and praising the goodness of such tradings, ignoring or sweeping under the carpets the ills of high speed tradings. The benefits are superficial and actually non existence. The whole scheme is to clean up the market by the application of high technology against the innocent small traders without the advantage of sophisticated computers. The playing field is not level, which is criminal itself. But the big boys are ignoring the inequitable situation, to take advantage of the system against the ordinary guys.

Only when Wall Street is taken to task, taken down, can the stock markets of the world be returned to normalcy. And only the ordinary Americans can do it, with a little help from technology, the very technology that the crooks in Wall Street are using to rip them off. The American people need to bring the issue to their govt, who are just as guilty as the crooks in Wall Street. They are in cahoot, in a white collar crime that are hidden in the name of technology and expediency.

Deep down, everyone of the crooks know that they are cheating the people, the ordinary Americans in main street. They are laughing all the way to the banks, with the loot robbed from the ordinary guys. Bringing down Wall Street will set in motion a wave to bring down all the crooks in the international financial systems across the world.


Anonymous said...

The greedy pigs knows that there are powerful pigs giving them the protection to cheat the human beans.

Let's hope the human beans keep up the pressure on Wall Street, but I am not too optimistic that any Spring will come early.

Anonymous said...

"The American people need to bring the issue to their govt, who are just as guilty as the crooks in Wall Street. They are in cahoot,", unquote.

Hi Redbean Sir;
when the crooks at Wall Street are reported to their accomplices at Washington DC, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NEVER FIND JUSTICE. It will be out of the frying pan into the fire!



Anonymous said...

The Americans have to go the way of Egyptians and Libyans.


Anonymous said...

I have for some years been warning the world that in US both the business institutions and the government have been hijacked by rogues, crooks and scoundrels and that their evil schemes of cheating and swindling operate not only in US but worldwide. But now they are shamelessly putting the blame of their economic and financial debacle on Asians especially on China and to a lesser extent on Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. You will notice that Chinese run all or most of the business in these countries. So the accusation is mischievous because it has an insidious political undertone. Please read my recent article " Why is US causing the world so much trouble?" in the Global column , US is the most irresponsible country in the world..

The only way to cure the US economic and financial dilemma is to line up all the crooks and scoundrels in US before the wall to face the firing squad. Getting rid of these rogues will make the world so much safer.